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Любяща Тихите Сълзи: Мюзикълът, част 5 от многочастна поредица

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“I found my refuge in You. And You have promised everlasting happiness. This I believe. Indeed, I do! Oh Master, hasten make it true. For I’m dying in this prison of the Prince of darkness. Beloved Master, You mean more than God to me! You can move heaven and earth. You can change demons into Angels of Love. Magician of the greatest worth, why didn’t You change this restless monkey mind of mine?! Beloved Master, You mean more than God to me! Thy touch turns stone into gold, And turns all demons into loving angels. Pray mighty Master, touch my soul and turn it into Thine own! f You don’t love me, I can love no one. I know, I know it! You long have told me: ‘All beings are God’s creatures.’ Beloved Master, You mean more than God to me!”

“Hallo Buddha, why do You cry? In Your stone heart how much desire? Why do Your tears stream down the sea? Why give Your Love to the pebble? Oh Buddha, oh Buddha, why did You leave Nirvana? What is here to search for? Endless pain or sorrow? Oh Buddha, oh Buddha, hurry now, leave Samsara! Back to where no sorrow, only joy eternal, only love, no border. Hallo Buddha, why do you smile? And your stone heart is full of light! Why do your arms embrace the world? Why does your love shine forever? Oh Buddha, oh Buddha.”

“I just loved the theatre, the stage design, the set, the colors, the music, and everything. This is the most fun I’ve had in a long time. Made my night. Made my year!”

“I’m Sunny Hilden, and I am a singer/songwriter, and I write positive songs. I’ve written for Ray Charles, Sting, David Archuleta, Disney. And that’s why, when I saw the ads for this all over the city, which was fantastic, I just kept seeing this. And I looked into it, and it just looked so beautifully positive. I thought I have to buy a ticket and go. And it just was so wonderful! And all the love that poured out, it got me teary-eyed.”
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