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Important Information from the Chief of COVID, Jan. 26, 2022

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Host: On Wednesday, January 26, 2022, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai received important information from the chief of COVID, and She urgently called to share it with some of the Supreme Master Television team members. She also requested this message to be sent out to the world, with the hope to awaken and save as many souls as possible.

I am not really sure whether I should tell all this, but I’ll tell anyway. In case somebody still has ears to hear and wakes up soon. […] I watched the news. […] Then afterward, I could not meditate. And I could not rest. And then I “emailed” the COVID chief and talked to him. I asked him to: “Please come. We have to have a conversation.” Because […] on the news […] I saw a male nurse – he looked very nice. (Yes, Master.) A very kind person, and still very young. Not old, may be 50-something. […] And very kind.

“Media report from WFLA News Channel 8 Jan. 25, 2022 Melanie Michael (f): When COVID hit hard, Jeff Sales knew the risks of working in a hospital. But he also knew nurses were needed. The former Army medic was deeply passionate about saving lives through service. Two days ago, it was his own life that needed saving, but it was too late. Jeff Sales was just 47 years old. The married father of four worked nonstop, 12 hours a day in the COVID unit at Blake Medical Center in Bradenton. He would even work two and three extra shifts to take care of those suffering while taking care of himself and his heart condition. He would remind his son often: saving the world starts with saving one person at a time.

Son of Jeff Sales(m): Because he’s the best man I will ever know. And if I can take half of that, I’d be the man I wanted to be.

Melanie Michael (f): His dad was born to serve and would do just that until his very last breath.”

Like, according to one of his colleagues, one time she caught him holding the hands of one new patient before she went to have an operation. And she was very scared. So, this female nurse knew that this male nurse had a thousand other things to do. But still, she caught him sitting there with a new patient, holding her hand – (Wow.) comforting the patient. (Yes, Master.) So, this female nurse, she said to herself, “Oh, that’s the kind of nurse that I want to be.” And guess what? He died from COVID. (Oh, no.) Just after testing positive, twelve hours later, he died just like that, in the same hospital that he worked. (Oh, gosh.) And such a kind person. […]

It was a very busy day, even. And he still took time to sit there and talk to her, (Wow.) comfort her. So, I was kind of upset and angry. I called the chief of COVID and talked to him. I said, “Why did you have to kill such a kind person?” […] So, the COVID chief said, “Because loving kindness wouldn’t save people from COVID.” (Oh.) Look at that. (Wow.) Oh, it’s shaken me after all this conversation with him. It’s not enough, that’s what it is. (Wow.) Loving kindness, it belongs to the emotional domain. (OK. Oh, yes.) Just like intelligence or knowing worldly things or even some spiritual answers, they belong to the intellectual, mental domain. (Oh, right.) This is Astral Level. Emotion is from the Astral Level. […] (Wow.)

I thought they would spare a loving, kind person. […] I thought if people are kind, loving, they’ll be OK. But he told me… this is his quote: “Because loving kindness wouldn’t save people from COVID.”!!! And I put three exclamation marks after that myself. (Wow.) […] My God, you would think loving kindness would protect people. (Yes, yes. Yes, one would, Master.) But that is only one aspect of human quality. That’s the astral emotion. (Oh. Yes. OK.) It’s not like belonging to spiritual high elevation. (Yes, Master.) […]

He said, “But he’s working for his living. It’s his job.” (Oh.) Well, of course, it is true like that. But there are many people, many persons who do their job but not kindly like that. (Right.) Even they are paid. (Yes, Master.) He’s different, this guy. He’s really kind. (Yes.) And he didn’t mind going extra miles to help. (Yes, Master. Yes.) Still, I was so upset. I was very upset. And continued. So, I said to him… I was kind of stern to him… polite, but stern.

I said, “Then what would save people from COVID?” So, he told me. I wrote here “CV chief.” CV means COVID chief. […] “Disciples of Supreme Master Ching Hai.”! (Wow.) I put an exclamation mark. (Wow.) I read to you the way it is, (Yes, Master. Wow.) with commas, and periods and all. I said, “Thanks for your respect. But some of them, my so-called disciples, also got COVID still. Why?” So, the COVID chief said, “Because they are not worthy.” Wow! […]

I continued to grill him. I was upset. So I said, “What categorized them as not worthy?” […] So CV chief […] said, “Not seriously practicing.” (Oh!) So, I asked him, “Like which way?” CV chief said, […] “Not diligently meditate, not respect Your teaching, not peace with Your worthy disciples.” (Wow!) Maybe they quarrel with some of the elder, senior disciples who are better, (Right.) (Wow.) who know better and probably point out some of their shortcomings or tell them to be better than that, and they probably get mad at them. It’s always the same. People are not grateful when you teach them anything because their ego hurts. (Yes.) […] And I said, “Thanks, for your info. I will try to convey this to them. (Oh.) So sad anyway.” (Oh. Yes, Master.) And then a pause, and then […]

I said, “Oh, what became of that nurse?” I mean, where has he gone? (Yes.) What has become of his soul? So the CV chief told me, […] “Die, went to Zero Sick Astral World.” You know what that is? (No, Master.) Meaning he went to a world which has no sickness at all. (Oh. Oh, right.) Probably because of his good karma. (Yes, Master.) And then he died there because he got infected. So, he was rewarded… […] Went to Zero Sick Astral World. […] And then, M asked, “Will he have a chance to live forever there? Or upgrade some else?” Meaning, somewhere else. […] So the CV chief told me, “Return soon.” Exactly the words he said. (Yes.) “Return soon, year 2094.” (Oh.) 72 years later, right? (Yes.) That’s connected with other things later on. You will see soon. […]

So, I said, “Thanks so much for your time, chief. Kind of you.” Meaning, very kind of you. (Yes, Master.) “Please, can we talk a little bit more?” I get a little bit softer now. […] My tone is softer. […] So, CV chief said, “Yes.” I asked, “How about people who turn vegan, will they be spared of COVID suffering also?” […] So, CV chief said, “For disciples only.” (Oh. Wow.) I was kind of not pleased, so I told him, in a little bit higher tone, “But many, many are not disciples, and they won’t be disciples. (Yes, Master.) Many are not my disciples, but they are not infected. Why?” So, CV chief said, “Because their time not come yet.” (Oh. Wow.) […]

By the way, the new news, I asked him about Thích Nhất Hạnh. “He died at a ripe age and peacefully, (Right.) he’s not my disciple. How you explain that?” […] So the COVID chief told me, “Because he is a former worthy saint,” meaning he was a worthy saint. When he was alive. (Yes, Master.) That’s what he meant. But these were his exact words. Because he is a “former worthy saint.” (Oh.) […] I asked him, “So worthy saints will be spared by COVID?” CV chief said, “Right.” (Wow.) […]

And then I pressed him, “Can you tell me this time when COVID-19 will end and the world will go back to normal?” So, the chief of COVID said to me… Oh my God, should I tell? […] Let me check again. (Yes. OK, Master.) Because last time he didn’t want to tell me. (Yes.) This time, because I was kind of upset. (Yes, Master.) One moment. But I have to tell humans, no matter what. They don’t have to believe me. And if it turns out the opposite, even better. So, I’ll tell you. (OK, Master. Thank You, Master.) For the world to take care, to be careful. (Yes, Master.) The COVID-19 chief told me, “Year 2099, […] November 4.” (Wow. That’s a long way. So long.)

So, I was thankful for his details. I said, “Thank you. Thank you, many thanks, chief.” (Woah, that’s a long way Oh my God.) Last time he didn’t want to tell me. This time he told me all in detail. I said, “You’ve got to tell me because some worldly people, they don’t understand anything. (Yes.) Maybe we have to tell them, maybe they will wake up.” Some people are good, they just don’t know and are influenced by bad people. And by the demons who abound. […] (Yes, Master.) And they influence them.

So, I asked him further, “At that time, how many percent left?” Meaning, how many percent of humans. But I just wrote it for myself, so I didn’t write it that grammatically well. […] “And can we start again?” After […] 77 years. Imagine that. […] “And till then, will be death, sickness, destruction, new and more lethal dangerous variants, correct?” So, the CV chief said, “Yes. (Oh, wow.) 9% left.” (9%. Oh, wow.) (Wow.) He said, “Only 9% left until that time.” (Oh, wow.) Like 77 years later. […]

So, I asked him, “Vaccine doesn’t help?” The CV chief said, “No. Zero.” Oh, God. (Oh, wow.) […]

But I kept telling you before, we can’t just rely on vaccines and all that. We have to rely on God. (Yes, Master.) (Yes.) God’s Grace. And we have to better ourselves. (Yes, Master.) To be worthy of that, to be worthy of forgiveness. I keep telling you that. No? (Yes, Master.) […] I knew more or less like this before, but to be told concretely, black and white like that, it also made me shiver, made me tremble, inside. (Yes, Master.)

So, after a pause, I asked him again, “But we need people to make this world function. Can world people survive with so minimal abled, talented workforce?” The CV chief said, “Do not love those people. Evil-doers, they are.” (Wow. Oh. Oh my. Gosh.) I’m not sure if he told me do not love people, evil-doers, or he told me that they don’t love people, evil-doers. We were in conversation; I didn’t ask him. […] I was told one time also before, “Do not love evil people.” Because I was praying for people, for some people. (Yes, Master.) And I was told by Heaven, “Do not love evils.” That’s what They told me. And this time is the second time. It’s from a different person. (Wow.) One second.

I guess they just meant like Jesus said, “Let the dead bury the dead.” (Ah, yes. Right. Yes, Master.) So, we are all transparent. We cannot pretend, we cannot have a façade of good moral guys, and then, think that we are safe. Heavens see everything. Even the negative force, they see everything. (Woah. Right. Yes.) (Yes, Master.) These negative forces, they are also commanded by Heaven to do this. (Oh.) They are just doing their duty. (Understand.) So, I can’t even be mad at them. (Yes, Master.) It is all human-made. (Yes, Master.) Made on planet Earth. (Yes.) […]

Because, I thought he told me, “Don’t love evil-doer people.” So I said, “It’s not always so clear from the outside look, from their appearance and their outer actions.” We were arguing. “So where will their souls go?” […] COVID chief said, “Hell.” (!!!) (Oh.) One word. I put three exclamation marks in parenthesis. And then I pressed him further, “For how long?” So, the CV chief said, “Long, long, long time.” (Wow.)

I asked again, “But even if they repent and turn vegan? No use?” So, CV chief told me, “No.” (Oh my God.) (Wow.) I guess it’s too late, that’s why. Last time he told me, “Too late, already.” Right? (Yes.) Remember? (Yes, Master.) […] And then I protested. I said, “But I promised if they turn vegan, repentant, I will help them go Heaven. […] Is that not supposed to happen now?” So, CV chief said to me, “Oh, well, yes, if sincere.” That’s his words, “Yes, if sincere.” (Wow.) So, you see, the point is people have to repent, turn vegan and truly, sincerely, humbly repent, sincerely repent, as urgent as you need air to breathe. (Yes. Yes, Master.) As sincere as that. (Right.) Then they will be helped. Then they will be allowed to be helped. (Yes, Master. Yes.) And I can interfere with Heaven. That’s what it means. (Right.) […]

So, I asked him, “Some people recover well. Why?” The CVC, meaning COVID-19 chief, said to me, “Because they repent and pray for forgiveness.” (Oh!) Must have been sincere then. (Yes.) […] If they have been praying before and have the habit, and then at this time it’s desperate, in a desperate situation, they probably were very sincere. (Yes.) And then they recover well. But that’s not guaranteed forever. They should continue that way if they want to live and if they want to go back to Heaven instead of going to hell. […] “Because they repent and pray for forgiveness.” That’s all he said. (Yes.)

Now I asked again, “So if these 91% repent, pray for forgiveness, soon will pandemic be over?” So, COVID chief told me, “Yes, but must be truly sincere. Best turn vegan, too.” (Wow.) That’s what he said. “But can’t see that will happen soon.” (Oh.) […] Meaning he can’t see that people would repent so sincerely and turn vegan like that. […] Oh, who knows? Maybe we put this on the air. Maybe people will think about it. Hey? (Yes, Master.) (Wow.)

So, I said to him, […] “We’ll pray that the people wake up. Sorry, humans so ignorant. Thanks so much. Please help us also if you can. God Bless. So long, in God’s Love.” (Wow.) And he turned to go, and then I said, “Oh, but one last question, please.” I asked him, “I have Protectors all around. How you get to contact me? How you can get to me so easily?” He turned around and told me, “Love You.” (Oh! Wow.) That’s all he said, and then he left. (Oh. Wow.) That was the best note of all the conversation. (Oh. Wow.) That is that.

So, people in the world, they have to truly repent. They have to sincerely repent like they need air to live. (Yes.) So urgent as if they need air to live, like when you get COVID, and you cannot breathe. (Yes.) At that time, air is the most important to them. So, praying like that, praying like it’s your last prayer ever, like you will never have a chance to pray again. (Yes.) Pray like all your life and everything else that you treasure depends on it. (Yes, Master.) Pray as if you are drowning and you need air, and turn vegan and repent, of course.

So, he said, summary is: repent, pray for forgiveness, and turn vegan. Three things. Which is not really a lot. I can’t blame him. (Yes. Yes, Master.) He just gives us information, actually. […] So, we came to this kind of common, quiet agreement that if people still repent sincerely and pray for forgiveness and turn vegan, then there is still hope. (Yes.) That’s the only thing that they can hope for, because vaccination doesn’t help anyway. (Right. Yes.) So, no need to press them, no need to mandate them. (Yes.) They also know it themselves, so I am not scared anymore to sound anti-vaccine. It’s not like that. (Yes, Master.)

I said to you, all of you before, “It’s up to you.” I mean, to people, “Up to you.” (Yes. Yes, Master.) When they asked me about some fetal tissue in it, in the vaccine, whether or not they should take it, I said, “Up to you.” (Yes.) But my message is: whether or not you choose vaccination or a booster, whatever you choose, that you are convinced will help you, then, it doesn’t matter. Whatever you choose, a vaccine or not, please pray to God. Please ask humbly for forgiveness in true, sincere repentance. And please turn vegan. That’s all.

In all sincerity, repent, pray for forgiveness, and turn vegan. It’s not difficult at all, is it? (No, Master.) It’s not a big demand. Right? (No, Master.) It’s not a demand even, it is to help yourself. If you keep swallowing poison, then you will die. No? (Yes, Master.) You’ll get sick. (Yes, Master.) […] Our body is a car that needs different fuel. (Right.) We have to put in fresh, living energy from vegetables and fruits, (Yes.) and grains. Not the dead corpses and filthy energy, and rotten pieces of bloody dead meat that’s full of antibiotics, full of fear and horror in there, also. (Yes, Master.)

This kind of energy, before they die, they torture them. They know all that. And they even torture them physically as well. (Yes, Master.) All their life is torture. So, all that is embedded in their meat, and if you eat it, you can’t have peace. (Yes, Master.) You can’t feel happy, not truly happy. (Yes, Master.) And, of course, you get sick. That is not for humans to consume. So many antibiotics and mercury and what not in all the fish-people, and salmonella accidentally, whatever, wherever. Nowadays, so much sickness already, not to talk about COVID. (Yes, Master.)

“Excerpt from The Real Truth About Health Conference Sept. 29, 2019 Maryn Mckenna(f): A lot of people don't know this, but most meat animals raised on the planet get doses of antibiotics on most of the days of their lives.”

“Media Report from NewsChannel 5 Apr. 7, 2015 Reporter(f): What's added to beef, pork, and poultry has the attention of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and hospitals all over the US.

Dr. Amy Collins(f): Eighty percent of the antibiotics used in this country are used in animal agriculture. That's 30 million pounds (~1,360 metric tons) of antibiotics used every year to treat animals that aren’t even sick.

Reporter(f): Antibiotics are fed to livestock to prevent disease and promote growth.

Dr. Amy Collins(f): This practice of giving them low dose antibiotics in their food on a daily basis is the perfect opportunity to breed antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Reporter(f): These antibiotic-resistant bacteria from meats can be passed on to you and me, making once treatable conditions more problematic.

Tom Wagstaff: There's many patients who are difficult to treat because they have resistance to antibiotics.

Reporter(f): Government tests of raw supermarket meat found antibiotic-resistant bacteria in 81% of ground turkey, 69% of pork chops, 55% of ground beef and 39% of chicken.”

“Excerpt from The Real Truth About Health Conference Sept. 29, 2019 Maryn Mckenna(f): Antibiotic resistance is considered by the World Health Organization and the major national health agencies around the world as one of the most profound threats to human health in this century.”

“Excerpt from TED Talk Mar.18, 2015 Maryn Mckenna(f): Fifty-thousand people a year die of infections which no drugs can help. The worldwide toll right now is 700,000 deaths a year.”

“Mic the Vegan YouTube Channel Sept. 3, 2015: Researchers are saying that in a few decades it will kill more people than cancer.”

“Media Report from Consumer Reports Sept. 23, 2014 Reporter(f): Some seafood contains high levels of a form of mercury, called methylmercury.”

“The Doctor’s Farmacy Podcast Apr. 5, 2021 Dr. Mark Hyman(m): We find so many people have not only high blood levels of mercury, but high total body levels. Forty percent of the people who came to the Ultrawellness Center had high levels of mercury that interfere with their biology.

Dr. Elizabeth Boham(f): Even the World Health Organization recognizes that mercury is one of the top 10 chemicals of major public health concern.

Dr. Mark Hyman(m): Mercury is the second most dangerous toxin on the planet after plutonium. It's the most potent neurotoxin out there. It's an immunotoxin, meaning it can cause autoimmune diseases and all kinds of other issues.”

All right, any questions, love? (Yes, Master.) Tell me. (When Master’s saying “sincerely repent,” people in the world may not know what they are repenting for. Is it for eating meat or what else?) For anything they did that is against the law of the universe, against the Bible, against the Buddha’s teaching, against Jainism teaching, against Hinduism, against Muslim. All the Masters’ teachings tell you to live a peaceful life, a non-violent life, and treat others as if you treat yourself.

So, anything you do against that, you have to repent. They have to repent for being a part of the murder en masse of the innocent animal-people, or even killing babies, their own. Or even making war with other countries or making war with neighbors or within the family. Anything they know is wrong, they repent. Anything they don’t know is wrong. They have to pray to God to also forgive them for what they don’t know that they’re doing wrong. Just repent what’s all wrong and turn vegan. Ask for forgiveness. That’s all they have to do. (Yes, Master.)

Sincerely repent, for all the wrongdoing. Knowing or not knowing, deliberately or unintentionally. Everything that is not right, they have to repent. Even smaller details, like quarreling with neighbors or with family, killing insect-people. Anything they think of, and anything they cannot think of. Please just ask God to forgive, because they do not know. Just repent everything that they did wrong, that they thought wrong, that they have spoken wrong. Actually, just know that they are no good. Have to repent. If we are all good, the world wouldn’t have become what it is right now. That’s obvious, no? (Yes, Master.) And on top of that, they continue warring with each other, and with neighbor’s country, and oppressing the smaller nation. Killing their own babies, in millions. My God. It’s like a war, on-going war. (Yes, Master.)

And competing with the pandemic. Humans are also a big pandemic, on-going pandemic, continuing pandemic, up to now. (Yes, Master.) They do what they can. They have to find it in their hearts to be sincere and humble. To pray for forgiveness, and turn vegan to back up their repentance. To prove that they truly repent and want to become a better human being. (Yes, Master.) Any negative thought that is not virtuous, not noble, not kind, not nice, all that, it also needs to be repented.

(That sounds like after everyone repents, Master, they would have to keep the perfect way to live [Lifestyle.] from then on.) Of course. Of course. That’s what repent means. (Yes.) And ask for forgiveness. If you do it again, then what for you repent and what for you ask for forgiveness? You can’t be forgiven forever. I mean people have to turn around and continue that benevolent way of life, (Yes, Master.) and be morally aware. (Yes.) Just read the Bible. Very simple, the Ten Commandments. Read Buddhist sutras, also the Five or Ten Commandments. Five is the shortest, but it also comprises together the Ten Commandments. […]

But it’s all similar. I mean, if you keep the Five Commandments from Buddhism, that should be OK. And you have to truly be vigilant. Otherwise, the mind always wanders or tells you to do this, do that. And the negative power is surrounding, always whispering in your ear, tempting you to do wrong. You always have to keep God in your heart. You don’t have to be my disciple. This is what the COVID chief told me – that my disciples are spared, everyone else, not. It’s not me who said that. Imagine if I have to take on the whole world as my disciples. It’s not what I really wish for. I don’t know if I will survive if all people become my disciples. (Yes, Master.) So, it’s not like I want to advertise for myself. (Right, Master.) […]

It’s of course very difficult for the people to understand what they have to repent. (Yes.) But just turn vegan first, and then things will become more clear. (That’s right, Master. Yes, Master.) You just naturally become more loving, more kind, more understanding about things. (Yes, Master.) And more benevolent toward all others, more understanding and have sympathy with their suffering. (Yes.) That’s what it is. […] You just become more sensitive. (Yes.) And then you will regain more of your real taste for freedom, for compassion, for enlightenment, for spiritual longing, for God longing, for Heaven yearning. All that will come if you turn vegan at least, first. And then pray to God to guide you further. […]

It’s just for the people. Truly, for the world to understand, then, to wake up. (Yes, Master.) Just try your best to sincerely say, “Whatever I did wrong, please, I sincerely repent, and whatever I know is wrong, I won’t do it again. Just forgive me.” And turn vegan. (Yes, Master.) Ask God for help. God will help, if you sincerely ask. (Yes, Master.) Even, we humans, when we’re lost on the road or we cannot do some heavy task or something, we ask another human, and he or she would help. How would God not help, if you sincerely and desperately need? (That’s right. Yes, Master.) I just worry that we are not sincere. So, please, sincerely repent, sincerely pray for forgiveness and be a sincere vegan.

Sincere repentance, sincere prayer for forgiveness, sincere vegan. Three things. Even the COVID chief would give you some allowance so that you can get help, to rescue yourself from hell, so that you don’t have to go to hell. And you don’t even have to be reborn as a human again to suffer. If you repent, be vegan, pray for forgiveness sincerely and remember my name, even if you don’t ask for initiation or be my disciple, I still can help you. That’s all I can say to the world’s people out there. More I cannot do. They have to also help themselves. (Yes, Master.) […]

So the nurse is allowed to be reborn again in 72 years. At that time, the world is clearing out already. No more sickness and he’ll be fine. Doesn’t have to work so hard anymore, or sacrifice too much anymore. (Right.) But that’s all he can have. He’s allowed to be in Heaven for 72 years only because he was so good, so kind, went above his duty. (Yes.) Just he was not vegan, so he can’t be in Heaven forever. So, kindness and love, affection, sympathy towards others is not enough. It’s not a sufficient condition to guarantee you Heaven forever. But that’s very good already. (Yes, Master.) 72 years in Heaven. […]

In 2099, the world will have no more COVID. Right? (Yes, Master.) So, he will be born a little earlier then, but at the end already. (Yes.) (Yes.) It’s winding down, the COVID. Wow, 77 years long. It’s almost a century, man. (Yes.) We won’t be there anymore. We just try to save people now, not wait until that time when 91% are all gone. (Yes.) I told you, even though I knew that, but to be confirmed by this sort of reliable information entity, it’s really a shock to me also. […]

Any more questions? […] (Well, up to that 2099, Master, will the climate change disasters effect still increase?) […] I did not ask about that. I was just talking with the COVID chief. I didn’t talk about the weather. I did not think about the weather at that time, but of course, what do you think? (Yes, Master.) If you don’t die by COVID, then you will die by other things. Weather change, extreme heat, all that kind of stuff. (Yes, Master.) […]

Life is so, so very impermanent. Everybody thinks they will live here forever and they’re hoarding things, or they’re warring, and stealing, and threatening each other with might and… Instead of using money for their citizens, they use it to develop more and more lethal weapons just to kill other citizens. You have to develop to the point that other countries’ citizens are just like yours. (Yes, Master.) You have to look upon them just like your citizens. Think of their suffering and their hardship if you make war. So, you have to protect them and spare them from all that suffering.

We’re suffering enough already. (Yes, Master.) From all sides, all kinds of unknown disease. And even more are coming! (Gosh.) Even they know it already anyway because they predict that more variants will come, and they will totally reject vaccination. So, what’s the use now? (Yes.) Wasting a lot of money to develop it and to produce it and then it’s useless. (Yes.) If we don’t have merit and humility to have Heaven’s protection, then nothing works. (Yes, Master.) Even the best doctor cannot cure you. […]

The following message is from Supreme Master Ching Hai to Her disciples.

Dearest beloved all initiates, even if you don’t practice what I have imparted to you during the time of initiation, please listen. The pandemic is just one part. Many humans, or the majority of humans will not survive. The end will come, sooner, even. How soon, also depends on Humans’ behavior, repentance, and U-turn or not. But you, my so-called Initiates, disciples, please, take good care of yourself. Please make sure all your food is pure vegan. If it’s not, if you are not sure, if in doubt, better don’t eat it. You don’t even have to purchase any of these plant-based meats, or any other things that are the replacements of animal-people products. You just eat vegetables. Any vegetables you can find and any vegetables that are available to you in your region. They have plenty of nutrition, protein, and anything you need for your wellness already.

Just pray before you eat. Offer the meals to all the saints and sages of the past, present, and future. And eat with all gratefulness and joy in your heart. Gratefulness and joyfulness in your heart, that you have still something to nourish your body. Do not eat anything that is not vegan. And pray as if you are dying, pray as if you need air to live, pray as if you’re drowning. Meditate as much as you can, more than two and a half hours, if you can make it.

Pray in your heart, meditate with all diligence. Please. This is all I can tell you. Not much more I can. The Hour, the end, might come sooner than you expect, than anyone expects. Even if you are my disciples, you must be diligent, practice well, and if you can, tell all your relatives and friends to be vegan and to pray for their survival, if they even listen. This is for you only, because the world out there doesn’t listen to me much.

My heart is aching for all of them. But if they have chosen to go with the negative side, then there’s not much more I can do for them. I meditate well, diligently, I do my work to spread the Saints’ teachings and God’s Blessing through television, but I also pray for them, for everyone. Nevertheless, you, my so-called disciples, please, be diligent. Not just to help yourself, but maybe to lend some of your little blessing to help those around you. The end may come sooner than you think. Very soon. Too soon. Please, heed my words. Even if in all these decades, you might have taken my teachings for granted, please, practice it now. Please meditate.

The end will come too soon, sooner, too soon, if humans do not change to be more benevolent, to be vegan and to repent all their misdeeds. Whether or not they know or not know, they should repent and change. Especially change to the benevolent way of life, to a vegan diet way of life. But maybe they won’t change. Not many. Then the end will come sooner. Too soon. Too soon. Please, take care of yourself. Take good care of yourself spiritually. Meditate, be a pure vegan, and pray, please.

You see, it’s not only the pandemic. The pandemic part is to chase, to trace, to hunt all the bad humans until the last one. But only if they even survive other like disasters that would come from the sky, comets, for example, and other disasters that are going to destroy humans and the world. So the pandemic isn’t the only thing that you should worry about. That’s all I can say to you. The end could come very sudden. No one has time to prepare, if they don’t change. And any survivor at all of all these other manmade or Heaven-made disasters will be traced, will be hunted down, till the last one.

No one will escape this time. They promised to spare you, my so-called disciples, but you must be good, you must be really good humans, good practitioners. Even if all these years, you did not, there’s still time, still time to make up for it. Please repent well. Repent sincerely with all your heart, and redo, redo it. I mean, begin again, and fast. Otherwise, you will not be counted as my so-called disciples. Please, please. I love you. God loves you. Please, take good care of yourself. Thank you.

Host: Most Compassionate Master, no words of gratitude would be ever enough to convey our profound appreciation for Your Most precious presence in our world, and all Your hard work to rescue it. We deeply pray for humanity to take heed of Master’s loving guidance for our own survival, as we all acknowledge the dire situation of our planet. And in becoming vegan today, humans will take a leap forward for our future, accepting God’s extended Hand of Forgiveness. May Beloved Master be always well and safe, in the mighty Protection of all Heavens.

To hear more of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s explanation about the threats to our world, including a mysterious syndrome transmittable through an invisible energy, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples on Wednesday, March 16, 2022, for the full broadcast of this conference.

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