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We should consult an expert when we are unsure how to aid any animal-person friend who is ill or dying.

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Hallo, Dear Master and viewers of the Supreme Master TV,

I’d like to share my experience that happened more than 30 years ago. When I was still a student, my family adopted a cockatiel- person named Camay. Camay fell ill sometime later, with her body wasting away and eyes becoming swollen. One day, seeing Camay lying in the cage on the verge of death, I couldn’t bear to see her suffering and applied ointment on her eyes, hoping it’d somehow ease her condition. I finished the application regardless of Camay’s struggling in my hands. Regretfully, she died that same evening, which made me feel very guilty for possibly causing her death. During my sleep that night, Camay came to my dream, blaming me angrily for having caused her death, which she had reported to the Yama King. Following that, she pecked my spine fiercely with her pointed beak, which caused me to wake up in pain immediately.

Waking up, I couldn’t understand why Camay hated me that much since I did it out of goodwill. After practicing spiritually with Master, I came to realize that I did harm Camay. Had I not disturbed her and let her die peacefully, Camay could have gone to a higher realm. However, my ignorance had tortured Camay in her dying moment, so that her anguish stopped her soul from going to a higher realm and even made her fall into hell.

Realizing that, I sincerely apologized to her in the heart, hoping to make up for my mistake through my spiritual practice. Additionally, I’m also shocked to realize that even helping animal-people out of kindness could still incur retribution, if our help causes them to die painfully, more so if we hunt them purposely, abuse them, and even eat them. How tremendous the retribution will be!

Each time I think about it, I feel very grateful to Master for enabling me to walk on the noble path of veganism and extend my love to all creatures. I also hope that all people in the world can be aware of the truth and change to a vegan lifestyle. Do not ever be driven by a desire for meat and incur for yourself boundless bad karma.

May Master of Infinite Compassion, and the Supreme Master TV team be healthy, happy, and work successfully. Respectfully, Yao-Heng from Taiwan (Formosa)

Remorseful Yao-Heng, We appreciate your story and the valuable lesson you learned. Thank you for sharing it with us and the viewers. When we truly repent and learn from our mistakes, we can become ever more compassionate and loving citizens of our world and better benefactors to our animal-people co-inhabitants. May Heaven bless you, and the understanding Taiwanese (Formosan) people. In Universal peace, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has this reply for you: “Dear Yao-Heng, bird-people are our friends. They are very delicate and if we are ignorant of how to care for them, they very easily can be harmed. I am sorry to hear what happened regarding Camay’s end. This incident can serve as a reminder that we should consult an expert when we are unsure how to aid any animal-person friend who is ill or dying. May Divine Love comfort Camay, you, and the kind people of Taiwan (Formosa).” 

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