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Story Sharing: We should respect every sentient being because they could be the transformation of Bodhisattvas to help us

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Hallo, Dearest Master, I am grateful for Your loving teachings. I remember You said we should respect every sentient being because they could be the transformation of Bodhisattvas. That reminds me of two incidents I encountered.

One time, I was walking to my workplace. Suddenly, a grandma in her 80s or 90s appeared. Her face was glowing with light, and she asked me, “Do you know where this building is?” After I told her, she said, “Thank you. You are really nice.” After I walked a few steps, I thought I’d better take her there. But when I turned and looked back, I couldn’t find her. That street was big and straight. How could the grandma suddenly disappear? I was very surprised and felt the grandma I met was not a “human.”

At another time, when I had just been initiated not long before, and when the world was in a period of crisis, once I suddenly heard a voice telling me to do a retreat. I put down all the worldly things and started a retreat. Those weeks were really magical. There were often flies in the room. Normally, they would not bother me, but when I was not concentrating, they would come and bite my wisdom eye so that I could concentrate again. I am grateful for their help during that period of time. Later, even when I was not in a retreat, I generally could concentrate, and I could feel the great power of the wisdom eye.

Thank You, Master. I am very fortunate. When I heard about the Quan Yin Method, I was very hesitant, but the inner voice told me that the only way to make myself become better is to practice with You.

In these 10 years, I am grateful for everything because I really became better both inside and outside. All these changes make me feel really safe and realize the meaning of “If I know the Tao in the morning, I am happy to die in the evening.”

I am really fortunate, and I also sincerely hope that all sentient beings in the world and the Universe can be so lucky too. I want to embrace You and thank You sincerely for Your sacrifices and great Love, which has awakened countless beings. I wish for You to be forever in good health and happiness and enjoy the Blessings from all Godses in the whole Universe. I am also grateful to the Supreme Master Television team. Thank you for your selfless dedication, which has helped the world. Ping-Rong from China

Grateful Ping-Rong, We are delighted to hear about your experiences and growth in spiritual practice. Indeed the world and those we encounter are not always as they seem. We are often blessed by Divine helpers who manifest physically to aid us at pivotal moments. May the Buddhas continue to guide you and benevolent China towards enlightenment.

Master has some words of encouragement for you: “Steadfast Ping-Rong, it always makes me so happy when a practitioner acknowledges the Divine help all around them and practices diligently to progress spiritually. When we are able to hear and follow the inner voice of our Divine Self, our life becomes a miraculous experience. We are so blessed and supported on this path by many invisible and visible helpers whose only wish is for our liberation and enlightenment. It is good that you recognize this. Continue my love, as more and more experiences and Blessings await you! Gratitude and humility open Heaven’s doors to greater assistance and enlightenment for all sincere practitioners. May Heavens assist you and grand China in finding eternal bliss.”
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