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Heartline - We are enjoying such a happy paradise home thanks to Master's Love and Blessing

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Most Revered and Beloved Master, All day long, we are playing Supreme Master TV at home. Behind our house is an orchard. Yet, in meditation, what I see is a vast Ocean of Love. In the sky above is a colorful dragon, and around the corners of the walls are Heavenly knights and guards. There is strong, brilliant light emanating from the sky, shielding our entire homestead.

At the doorway, we have posted the slogans, “Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet” and “Pray for World Vegan, World Peace.” In meditation, I saw that the slogans are being guarded by tortoises as big as a house, blocking out demons and ghosts. Several millipedes entered the backyard and appeared in huge human forms to say thank you.

Accompanied by two Quan Yin Messengers, the radiant form of Master appeared in our house to give us a discourse. The transcendental form of Master also came out from the television to give us blessed food and walked out from the framed photo on the wall to teach us.

We are keeping a budgerigar at home, who often transforms into a lovely child playing in the house, and sometimes a huge parrot flying around the house. The chihuahua in our home also transforms into a gigantic dog, standing valiantly on the roof to protect the whole family.

We put bird food on the terrace, and many sparrows and wild pigeons, wearing steel helmets and holding umbrellas, come to say good morning. Early each morning, they come and say, “Good morning, sister!” One day I forgot to put the bird food, and they complained: “No food today!”

We are grateful to Master for bestowing such a happy paradise home on us. As the Earth is going through a period of purification and catastrophe, I beseech all humans to become vegans and treat all living beings with kindness. Then they can also create a happy paradise home. We are grateful for Master’s Love and Blessing. We love You. Ke-Hsin from Taiwan (Formosa)

Fortunate Ke-Hsin, Thank you for relating your spiritual experiences and splendid visions. We pray that those hearing these accounts may awaken to the Heavenly nature of animals and the nobility of higher ways of living.

Master enjoyed reading about your happy paradise home: “Dearest Ke-Hsin, thank you for writing. It is always a pleasure to read of initiates’ elevated meditation experiences and awareness of the Divine in daily life. In realizing the scope of Heavens’ protection and power, we can know hope in these turbulent times – hope for the animals, the planet, and humanity. Much Love and Buddha bless you and the amazing Taiwanese (Formosan) people.”
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