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Tell the elementary school teacher not to disturb you anymore. But you should also show your appreciation for him. Talk to him within to thank him. If he is still around, then talk to him in person. Offer something to him and thank him. Tell him that you’re learning from Master Ching Hai now. Ask him to help you practice smoothly instead of disturbing you. Thank you.

Next. (I once followed a male Tantric master to practice. Now, this master is hindering me from meditating on the Light and Sound. I’ll have dreams whenever I meditate and wake up with bodily discomfort. I have headaches and bloodshot eyes. When I get up at midnight to meditate, I’ll study Master’s teachings first, and wash my face, but all are futile. Master, please enlighten me.)

Tell that Tantric master that you are very grateful to him for imparting to you some teachings, but now you’re following me. Tell him it would be the best for him to follow me too. If he won’t, then to let you be free. Thank him, but now you have graduated. For instance, previously you were in elementary school. Now, you’ve graduated and are in high school. Tell the elementary school teacher not to disturb you anymore. But you should also show your appreciation for him. Talk to him within to thank him. If he is still around, then talk to him in person. Offer something to him and thank him. Tell him that you’re learning from Master Ching Hai now. Ask him to help you practice smoothly instead of disturbing you. Thank you.

(Dear Master, since three years ago, a fellow initiate has been hurting me with black magic. Thankfully, I have Master’s blessing power and protection, I meditate for five hours or more everyday and recite the five Holy Names, so that I can practice smoothly, until today. However, my spiritual practice and daily life is still severely affected. Master, what should I do?) Why does he harm you with magic power? Any reason? Have you offended him? (He can do anything. He used black magic to send something to bite me. It was as if my whole body was bitten by ants.) I understand. (Also, there seems to be something creeping all over me. That always happens when I meditate.)

Why does he do this? How have you offended him? (No, I don’t know him.) If you don’t know him, how do you know that he is using black magic? (In a chat group of fellow initiates on the Internet, he was selling some blood tonics. He was from Pingchang District of Shenyang City. At first, about 10 to 20 initiates bought this blood tonic from him. Later, they stopped buying because some of them didn’t feel good after taking it. At first, it was effective. Later, after they stopped buying from him, I noticed that he was stalking me. At first, he sent something to keep banging my head, which is getting more and more serious. Recently, my tendon is often twisted. I don’t know how he did it. He did something to my tendon anyway. In addition, he also pricked my acupunctural points. My whole body feels terrible. I can’t meditate anymore. He just wants to disturb me. Also, the windows at home will generate cracking noises whenever I meditate. Initiates meditating with me can also hear it. And lots of birds came into my room. Electrical appliances in my home broke down without reason, though they were of high quality and newly purchased. My computer often breaks down too. I often can’t even send messages using my cell phone, and sometimes my cell phone just freezes. It is the same with my computer. I’m quite sure he’s been using all kinds of evil magic.)

Could you have eaten something allergenic? Go and have yourself checked by a doctor. Computers and TVs often break down. It happens to me too. Investigate the real cause. Don’t wrongly accuse bad people. Find out the real causes. Don’t be so superstitious, OK? (OK.) Find out the cause. Have you been playing Supreme Master TV? (Yes. Two computers take turns to play it around the clock.) Then he wouldn’t dare to disturb you. He couldn’t. You need to have a physical exam. Perhaps you have some allergy problems, OK? Also, computers and TVs sometimes break down because some parts are loose or broken. Or because they are too old. My TV set is new and yet it sometimes doesn’t work because some connections are loose. After I check it, then it’s OK. Later, it becomes loose again, because the electric cords are too hard sometimes. You put them this way, later they would become loose by themselves. Have them checked, OK? Get help from professionals. (Thank You, Master.)

(Next question. Hallo, Master. In recent years, when I go to public places or to the hospital, I feel like I’m being disturbed by invisible beings. I recite the Five Holy Names and the Gift continuously. Still sometimes...) In the hospital? (Yes.) Do you work in the hospital? OK, speak. (I recite the Five Holy Names and the Gift. Still sometimes I can’t avoid being disturbed by them. Is there any other way to avoid being disturbed, Master?)

What kind of disturbance? In what way? How do you know that they are disturbing you. (It’s like this; whenever I am in a public place, or when I have to work in a medical ward, or I am in contact with lots of medical staff or patients, I will have many symptoms, such as a cold sweat, not sure if I am hot or cold. Sometimes, I’d even have conditions such as diarrhea, vomiting, and bloating.) Is it very frequent? (Several times a year. The latest one was in mid-November 2019, but I was not in contact with patients this time.)

  1. Don’t always wrongly accuse the invisible beings, please. My God. Don’t randomly accuse people without any proof. Sometimes our body is tired. We sweat perhaps because the room is too hot, or because you had just been running or something. Or sometimes the body… For example, for females, before the period comes every month, you may have fever, or your stomach may feel uncomfortable, or you may feel pain, etc. Don’t blame everything on invisible beings. I don’t see any. Why should they harass you?

(Sometimes, when I go to public places, I’d also feel very uncomfortable. When I notice it, I would leave the place and then I’d feel much better.) Feeling uncomfortable in crowded places. (Right.) I know, but what can you do? Stay in your house alone all the time? (I always recite the Five Holy Names. When it’s very serious, I’ll play Master’s Buddhist chanting on my cell phone in my pocket. This helps ease the situation a little, but not completely.) Play Supreme Master TV, the Buddhist chanting, and my lectures. (Yes, I play them often, even in my office.)

OK, then it’s fine. Sometimes, our body changes, or it’s because of our own karma. (OK.) Sometimes, it’s your own karma. Don’t accuse others randomly without any proof. (Thank You, Master.) If you accuse him, he’ll come to sue you. Let me tell you. (Thank You, Master. I dare not do it again.) Yes, groundless accusations. In my place here, my own disciples, they didn’t work properly, yet, I couldn’t accuse them, let alone for something that you can’t see and have no proof. I had concrete evidence, and still I couldn’t complain; not to mention something you can’t see. It’s nonsense, blaming everything on invisible beings or someone else.

Complain only when you have proof, OK? You can’t accuse others without solid proof. They are my disciples here, with very solid evidence, and still I couldn’t complain. Of course, I told them. However, I felt that it was the karma of sentient beings and the world. I also couldn’t blame them. But since they acted as the maya’s tool to such an extent, they definitely will incur karma, and should be dealt with according to the law of karma. I am not angry with them. As their Master, I have the obligation to teach them and tell them frankly. But in my heart, I don’t blame them. It’s just that it had to be handled according to the law of karma.

I had to tell them frankly that it was wrong. Even if it was the maya’s trick, still, they were working for the maya. Working for the maya is against our positive power, against Buddha Power. If they’re against us, they belong to another group. Then they need to bear the consequences, when they are dealt with according to the law of karma. If you turn right, you will go to the right. If you turn left, you will go to the left. If you drive south, you will go to the south. If you drive north, you will go to the north. I have taught you properly. You should follow my teachings and act accordingly. Be careful with what you do. Always take good care of yourselves, and be careful.

Besides, he was a professional plumber and electrician. There’s no excuse for me to help him. For example like that. We can only complain when we have proof. Without any proof, it’s just delusions. When we get old, our body will naturally become different. It will change. Or, when women are in menstruation, they may have symptoms such as fever, headache, bodily pain, vomiting, and so on. Or you are not aware that you’re pregnant, so you feel sick and then blame the invisible beings. Please! Spiritual practitioners shouldn’t be so superstitious. Only when I’m really sure, do I dare say it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t dare say, or falsely accuse others. Invisible beings are no different.

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