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The Original Self is the Light. The Original Self is the inner Sound. That’s your Original Self. No face, no eyes. It’s just brightness and free-spirited (Inner Heavenly music.) You are just that.

(Next question. Thank You Master for sending maya to the eternal hell. Master, when will the rest of the negative power on the Earth be completely erased?)

When we all die, then it will be fine. Negative power is still in ourselves. It exists in humans and animals. It is locked in some before they are born. Both good and bad. So, take it easy. It has already decreased a lot. No additional power and pressure has been added on. For example, you are in a big lake, and you keep swimming. You have strength, of course, but you will get tired. If the water in the lake suddenly disappears, you won’t be excessively tired. You don’t have to swim and spend more energy in order to get out. Now the lake is dry. You can walk ashore freely, understand?

(Second question. Does Earth then become the real Heaven?)

I don’t know. When it comes, we will know. Why worry? I have already told you that I can’t tell fortunes. I don’t want to tell fortunes. You are already old, what are you afraid of? When your son grows up, he will tell you, if you are still alive.

(Next question. I want to report an experience to Master. When the retreat started several days ago, Master came out to sit on the stage to give a lecture. I felt a bright light above my head and it made a blue opening. I want to ask Master if it means that my heavenly door is open?)

Oh, it sounds like it. Did you go through it? OK, never mind. Having an experience is already great. Why bother asking questions, whether the heavenly door is open or not? It is open when you are initiated. This is one kind of experience. If you see a door, then go out to see what’s going on outside. Anything more? OK, read others.

(Dear Master, in 2017, I meditated on a mountain in Qinghai province, China. The nine-month retreat was the happiest time of my life. Master continuously uplifts me. I had a special experience that I don’t quite understand. One night, I woke up at midnight, and I felt that I had become like air. So peaceful and tranquil. But everything in this world feels unrelated to me. I can’t even quite remember that there’s still “me.” I want to ask Master if this is the Original Self? Thank You, Master.)

Is it? No, it’s just one kind of experience. Don’t grab on to it, OK? There are still many experiences that can’t be seen so soon. The Original Self is the Light. The Original Self is the inner Sound. That’s your Original Self. No face, no eyes. It’s just brightness and free-spirited (Inner Heavenly music.) You are just that. Next one.

(Master, during Light meditation, I saw a small and bright light spot. But I saw other scenes at the same time. Should I focus on the light spot? Or should I do Light meditation normally, without focusing too much? Thank You, Master.)

A bright, blue spot? How small? How small was it? (The little light spot was brighter, but tiny.) How tiny was it? (How big?) Like this? (It gradually zoomed out and became smaller. It’s big when it’s near.) (It became smaller when it was farther, and became bigger when it was closer.) Right, right! You focus on that, OK? At the center. (Thank You, Master.) Just focus on the center. For as long as you can. It will open up (Yes.) and then you can go through. There are higher realms beyond.

(Last evening, I went to the Celestial Jewelry group to purchase Master’s latest jewelry design – the Elixir series bracelet. Without me asking, a sister came over to help me, so that I was able to make the purchase in the quickest way. I was very surprised, and as soon as I received the jewelry, that sister disappeared. Thank You, Master.)

What are you laughing at? Why? (The manifestation body of Master helped her.) No. That sister really helped her. Good. You should thank her. (Because I had been thinking of buying that jewelry all the time, Master quickly sent this sister to me. She appeared very suddenly and then disappeared suddenly too.) I understand, OK. (Thank You, Master.) You are welcome. Have you got it? Oh! Beautiful.

(I love the Celestial Jewelry designed by Master, and I always wear it at work. People around me are very happy. I feel this is all due to Master’s love and blessing power, which are spread out through us who are wearing it. I am extremely grateful to Master.) Some people see light emanating from people who are wearing the jewelry. (It’s really true. Many people feel “Wow!” because they are dazzled.) OK. (Thank You. There is another benefit in purchasing the Celestial Jewelry, which is to help us save money to do what we want to do the most. Thus, we won’t squander money. Thank You, Master.) You are welcome. The Celestial Jewelry is helpful somehow.

(Dear Master, originally, my husband didn’t want me to come. Later, my son said, “Dad, please let mom go.” Master, my son has completely changed. He supported me to come to the retreat this time. I am grateful to Master’s blessing that has uplifted their souls. Thank You, Master.)

You are welcome. Congratulations. Who told you to have a husband and son, and then be controlled by them. Even your son controls you. That’s what men do, always controlling the women near them. Strange! It’s always out of love that they come; too much love. Thank you.

(On October 1st this year, I came to join the special event that Master held for the artist friends. After the event, I was dragging my luggage alone and was planning to take the bus, and then transfer to a train to go to the airport in Kaohsiung. Suddenly, a fellow initiate drove by and the initiate turned around, specifically for me, to give me a ride to the airport. Thank You, Master, for this arrangement. Also, when coming to this retreat, it was already eight in the evening when I arrived near the New Land, and I also got lost. Just at the time when I didn’t know what to do, a car drove by. I said hallo to him and told him that I was a disciple of Supreme Master Ching Hai. He then agreed to drive me to New Land, so that I could finish my arrival registration smoothly. Thank You, Master.)

You are welcome. This is common. This is a common thing. When I get lost, I would also seek help from the neighbors, and they would show me the way home. They do it willingly and it is very typical. If I drive home alone, I’d definitely get lost, even in here.

(I was being disturbed by invisible beings before the initiation. Thanks to Master’s blessing, the situation has been improving as I practice along. Yet, I also feel very bad when I see them suffering a lot. Master, please help liberate the invisible beings near me from the sea of suffering. Thank You, Master, for Your blessing.)

They are your enemies or debtors. As you practice more, they will naturally be liberated. They may be your enemies, or relatives and friends. They are urging you to practice harder. Next one, please. Today, a lot of men are asking questions. That’s good. Usually, it seems you have no questions. Go on.

(Master, sometimes I feel that a negative power is asking me to do something that I don’t want to do. Last year, a spiritual practitioner told me there’s a dark spirit like a bear on me. I met him when meditating on a mountain. Master, please enlighten me.)

How do I enlighten you? He loves you and you should be happy. Just tell him to leave. If you don’t like him, just tell him: “Please! Let me practice spiritually.”

(Master, can You please check whether he has left me or not?) I don’t see anything. How would they dare to come here to let me see them? If you still see him after you go home, that means he has not left. You tell him: “Let me be free. Master will help you. Stop harassing me. Otherwise, your karma will become worse.” Tell him in this way, OK? Do you see anyone near him? How would this type of invisible being dare to make trouble in our place here? When they can see that we have lots of strong women here, they wouldn’t even dare to look from afar, let alone come here to make trouble. If he comes here, we will take care of him.

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