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Истинското значение на монашеството, част 3 от 9

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Because of this, you should keep your faith, OK? (OK.) I didn’t deceive you. I never did. There’s no reason to deceive you. Faith is the mother of all Dharma virtues. That’s it. So, keep your faith. No matter how people insult or hurt me, you just have faith, OK?

Anything else? (Also, there is a vegan restaurant called Miao Hui Lian, meaning Wonder-Wisdom-Lotus. Their boss also runs vegan restaurants. Now, his wish is to launch chain outlets throughout the country. He provides free meals to the cleaners every day, in Changchun City. To the cleaners sweeping the streets, he provides free meals every day. He also serves free meals to meat-eating people, to let them know that we vegans can be very healthy. Recently, our fellow initiates also participated in this activity. After getting in touch with Master’s teachings, he was deeply touched. He has practiced the Pure Land Buddhism for a very long time. Now he thinks that he’s been wasting his time and has begun to learn our method. He intends to do this. He vowed to persist in doing this work until the whole Chinese population becomes vegan.) Wow! (That’s it.) Wow! (His restaurants are always crowded.) That’s a grand vow. (Always a long line of customers.)

Good, good. Thank him. It doesn’t matter whether he follows me or not. Doing charity work, not killing, observing the vegan diet, believing in God or Buddha are good enough. Thank you. (It’s true.) Thank him, and tell him that I strongly support him. Anything else?

(There’s a request from North Korea. He said he wanted to invite Master to hold a painting exhibition in North Korea.) Then you can organize it. I can’t do it. (I told them about Master’s works.) Can Taiwanese (Formosan) people go over there? (They can go.) Good. Then you contact the people in charge of exhibitions. OK? (OK. Thank You, Master.) I don’t manage my paintings. After I finished painting, I don’t know where they put them. (OK, thank You.) Contact and report to them what you want to do. (OK.) If I say OK, they will find a way to do it. (OK, thank You, Master. Thank You. That’s all.) Was it a fellow initiate or someone else in North Korea? Who’s the one requesting? The person inviting us belongs to the government of North Korea. Why did he request my paintings? (It’s because they asked me, “What kind of organization is your group?” I said we practice spiritually for liberation, and we do charity work and protect animals, etc. He asked me what Master taught us, so I said Master taught us how to attain liberation. Also, we only say and listen to good things, and ignore things that are not good. We endeavor to serve humankind. I also introduced some of Master’s designs to them. He asked, “Is there anything else?” I said our Master can paint. There are Celestial Jewelry clothes, fans, and lamps, etc. I introduced it to them and they were very happy.)

You mean artworks? (Yes, all artworks.) OK. It’s OK. (Thank You, Master.) You are welcome. Anything else? Thank you, and thank everyone. Tell them that I’m very grateful for all their support in doing this work. Thank them. OK, thank you. The next question.

(She wants to report an experience. Several days ago, when I was doing cleaning work at New Land Ashram, I was surprised to find that the Heritage Museum looks exactly the same as what I saw in my dream, more than 10 years ago when I was initiated. Only, that the house was white and transparent in my dream. The ornaments and the staircase at the front were exactly the same. Also, there was a monk in there, who was very transparent and dignified. He was watering the flowers in the stairwell. I really wanted to go inside at that time. The museum looked very beautiful. Thank You, Master.)

Is this her question? (An experience.) An experience. Of course, the inner world is similar to our world, only more beautiful. More beautiful. That means, according to our inner spiritual level, physical aspects will also change. For example, when an ordinary person looks at a tree, there’s nothing special, just a tree. But a spiritual practitioner may see a tree radiating light. Or a tree… For instance, a sister said that she saw trees at Hsihu Ashram bending to form something like a door for me to pass through. Other fellow initiates and other people were unable to see this. She also saw a tree that offers protection, a Dharma guard. For example like that. She said that all the trees were radiating light. The flowers were also different. Likewise, if our inner spiritual level is higher, things we see will be more beautiful. The reason that the world is not pretty, is because our spiritual practice is not good.

Next one, please. (Next question. Dear beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai, I am a doctor of Chinese medicine in China. I’d like to report a miraculous response. This October, my mother suffered from a severe cardio-vascular condition. I prayed for Master’s help to deliver my mother to Heaven. In less than a minute, my mother passed away smoothly to Heaven, without the slightest pain, but with a smiling face. All the medical staff were extremely amazed. Again, I thank our greatest Master. Thank You, Master.)

What’s the surprise about? What’s the reason? (No pain, and she quickly went to Heaven.) Understand. OK, you are welcome. I am also happy for you. Your mom departed in bliss and peace. We’re bound to leave sooner or later. It’s a great blessing to be able to depart in peace. That’s already very good. Even a little pain before departure is just to eliminate the final karma. But, it’s good that your mom departed smoothly with bliss. Your mom is going to be fine. Your spiritual practice is good and sincere, so of course, your mom will be fine. Any other questions? No. Good. Then sit down and take a rest.

Because you can’t see me, it’s better that I stand up. I’ll try my best, cautiously. You see, she is a doctor, yet she couldn’t help her mother, nor could anyone else. When her time was up, that was her destiny; even medicine couldn’t save her. Even Hua Tuo or Bian Que couldn’t do anything. One time, (Cao Cao.) Cao Cao was ill. Something was wrong with his brain. He summoned Hua Tuo, or was it Bian Que? I forgot. I was only seven when I read this. Now I’ve forgotten. Hua Tuo said that he needed to perform surgery on his brain to save him. Cao Cao couldn’t believe it. He was really ahead of his time. There was no such surgery back then. Yet he knew how to do it. So amazing. But, you see, Cao Cao had a bad destiny, so he couldn’t benefit from even the best doctor in the world.

We are spiritual practitioners, so we are able to help ourselves. Of course, we should go to see a doctor when we are sick. But if the doctor can’t save us, then it’s our destiny. It’s strange! Why can’t I open it? Ah, I got it! This is similar to the Quan Yin Method. It opens only when you’ve pressed the right button. It also has such a button. I can’t open it in this way. But when I press it, you see, it is opened. Same with the Quan Yin Method and spiritual practitioners; it wouldn’t open if you knocked on the wrong door. Of course, we need to see a doctor, but that also depends on our destiny and the level of our spiritual practice.

Yesterday, I told you before, that the Heavens have warned me two or three times already. They said, “If You go out, Your reputation will be ruined.” It’s not something that you can see. Sometimes it’s not so public, like I’m insulted or slandered by outsiders in newspapers. The first day They said, “Your reputation will be ruined if You go out today.” The second day They said, “If You go out, Your Worth will go down and be lost.” I said, “I’m not afraid of that. I am not here for people’s respect or worship. In fact, they don’t have to believe me.” That’s it and that’s the way it should be. Everyone loves to see me, so I will come out to see them. I just carry on with my work each day. I don’t care what will happen in the future. It’s not that you’re going to see people coming over here, beating and scolding Master. It’s not like that. The consequence won’t happen so soon.

Sometimes, after Master’s Worth has been reduced, disciples would do strange things to cause harm or disobey instructions. Or the working staff next to Master would do the opposite. They seem to become disrespectful on the inside and not obedient anymore. That’s all there is. Not necessarily publicized, like some fake news on TV or newspaper. That’s why I told you yesterday to keep your faith. For instance, if a world champion drowns in a stormy sea, it doesn’t mean that he’s not worthy of being a champion. It’s due to the circumstance. So just keep your faith, then you’ll be OK. Because Master never taught anyone to do anything bad, did I? At least it is so.

And believing Master is of your own free will. I did not say that you have to believe me, or what. No. Is it so? (Yes.) I’d rather you didn’t come, to be honest. Then I wouldn’t have to work. Wouldn’t it be nice to sleep when I’m tired and eat when I’m hungry? That’s what a monk’s life is supposed to be like. And I wouldn’t have to wear these kind of clothes for people to criticize. Why would I wear these if I am alone? Why would I need to make money? I could go to any temple. There are many temples in Taiwan (Formosa). If I shaved my head again and wore monk’s clothes, any temple I go to would accept me. Taiwanese (Formosan) temples are very simple. I’d be happy to sweep the floor over there. I would have food to eat.

Why do I have to wear these clothes and to sell clothes? Also design a whole bunch of things. Why do I have to greet people and trouble many people? And owe a lot of favors to the working staff. Because of this, you should keep your faith, OK? (OK.) I didn’t deceive you. I never did. There’s no reason to deceive you. Faith is the mother of all Dharma virtues. That’s it. So, keep your faith. No matter how people insult or hurt me, you just have faith, OK? (OK! Master, we will always have faith in You.) Good. Thank you.

You see, like the sister, she is a traditional Chinese medicine doctor. She saved many lives. But when her mother was ill, she was helpless. Not that she didn’t try, she did her best. It’s not that she didn’t know how to save her mother. It was the time for her mother to cleanse some of her karma, so in the end, she could go to Heaven. OK. Understand? (Understand.) Even the best swimmer in the world cannot be left in a stormy sea to swim forever and to never get tired, understand? (Understand.) He will be harmed.

Buddha also got hurt by others when He came down to this world. It’s not because He had no psychic power or magical power. He had them all. He just reacted when He should and endured when He had to. Another example like Lord Mahavira, I’ve told you a lot of stories about Him. He could save His disciples. When His disciple was burned by fire, He emanated His cool, kind and peaceful energy to put out the fire. He could also save others like that. How could He not save Himself? He had to endure. That’s how He was predestined to save the world. So, don’t lose your faith. Having faith is the best. I don’t know of anything better in the world. (There’s Not.) Or anyone who can teach you better. But if there is, you tell me. If someone is better than Master, you tell me. I will also learn from him. If you haven’t found one yet, just follow Master. Understand? (Understand.) Thank you. Thank you. It’s safer this way. She asks for nothing.

If you want to give relief, you can do it yourselves. She’d do it along with you. She doesn’t request you to give relief. She never demanded you to donate your hard-earned money. She never forced you to come over here to see Her, etc. Some of the initiates have no money, and I even paid for their plane tickets and other fees to let them come here. Some countries are poor. And I’ve known the initiates for a long time. They are very sincere and have strong faith. I haven’t seen them for a long time, and I can’t go over there. For example, there are three initiates from Costa Rica. Master paid for their plane tickets, because I know they don’t have the money. They really wanted to see me. They have very good experiences, excellent experiences. They’re very good and have strong faith. Every time I went to see them, they were exactly the same. But I am rarely able to go to those countries, because I’m busy here. Here is more convenient for you Asians. If I go to America, or to Central and South America, it won’t be convenient for you. It’s not easy to get a visa and not convenient to get around.

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