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Remember to keep your wisdom eye open by meditation. (Yes, Master.) Don’t forget. (Yes.) Don’t forget the Holy Names and don’t forget the Gift I gave you. (Yes, Master.) Must recite them both to keep yourself safe. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) Because we are never really safe in this world. Don’t take it for granted.

Who? What? What? OK. OK, OK. I’m just writing about some people that I have encountered in a former life who have done what and what to me, and came back again, and became disciples. And still so much trouble. It’s better to be away. And also, this so-and-so is a former zealous secret enemy who… Who, what is that? Who make a coup, like usurp the throne. (Yes.) And then took my throne, formerly in Japan. (Oh.) (Wow.) So, now he keeps one of my queens there, as in prison before. Four lifetimes he did that. My queen before, at that time, and in another four lifetimes, has been jailed by this person. The one that I just mentioned. And now he’s also keeping her there, but in the form of a man. They stay together with others. All men. (Wow.) But this person now is like not a man, real man, is like a trans. (Oh.) And then he keeps my queen there, too. It’s similar like the old time, except this is not like a real prison.

Somehow, they are like drawn to each other, because at that time, he also kind of fancied the queen but the queen doesn’t return the affection. And then he treated her well. So, at least there is some kind of not so bad hatred between them. So, somehow the previous lifetime queen has to still stay with this person. I guess just to pay a little affection, the debt of affection. (Wow.) Even though they are not like a couple or anything. But they have affection. And that person is a trans, so… the queen that became a him now, is treating him very well now there, as well.

You understood what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) Kind of blurred and complicated. It’s many lifetimes here. In Japan even. Imagine. Sometimes it just flashes back through my mind. Uninvited. (Yes, Master.) Because sometimes the connection of the initiation, so some disciples have some problem, or some question there, so it flashed through my mind as well. (Yes, Master.)

I was asking Heaven to make sure. This is Their answer about… I asked how come, normally if I do retreat, many of the beings will appear in front of me, in the size of my little finger. (Yes.) To say “Thank You” and smiling, and pay respect to me. (Yes, Master.) How come this time no one showed up in my vision, during retreat and meditation? And so, They said, “Because they are all liberated from lower existence.” (Oh.) (Wow!) That’s from OU (Original Universe) (Oh.) Protectors, Ihôs Kư Protectors. Also, liberated from hell, too. Means maybe they are not worthy enough to be in the Fourth Level, but they are liberated from hell, some of them. Some of them cannot go directly to the Fourth Level, but they became other beings again, to pay the rest of the debt, because they came up too quickly, the debts are not yet all clear. OK? (Yes, Master.) But at least they don’t suffer in hell. (Yes, Master.) That’s what I knew, I thought, but I just wanted to make sure.

So, I said, “Soo happy!!!!!!!!!” Many, many exclamation marks. And then, “Thanks, Almighty, Ultimate Master, Cosmic Benevolent Beings, and all who helps from Divine Realms.” I’m thanking Them. (Yes, Master.) I’m not crediting it to myself, therefore I thank Them all. Thanks God Almighty, Ultimate Master, Cosmic Benevolent Beings, etc., etc. Whoever helps. Here I wrote about how many percentage of spiritual value of each place that I’m interested in to go. I cannot tell you. (Yes, Master.)

I wrote something here. I think some of the… recipe about the orange cupcakes that I made for you. (Oh.) I’m not sure if I wrote completely because… And then, in between my hand was so flour-laden, sticky flour, so I did not write it all. But it doesn’t matter, I would remember.

And here, it’s said to me, “Be happy, You are free from karma.” Oh, Thank You very much. They don’t know about the world, and my disciples, and my new disciples yet. Maybe I’m free at that time but not all the time. (Yes, Master.) Always new disciples, and newly born world beings, and animals. And then I said, “But I still suffer because of others. What’s the use anyway?” I answer Them. And, “Saturday, October 3rd. Sudden fever and chill. Prayer for Trump and wife.”

“Friday, October 2.” Where next? “Will bake cakes for Supreme Master TV team.” Cupcakes. So on, so on, “because third year Supreme Master TV anniversary.” I would not remember it, but I received some card reminding me that it’s a third anniversary or maybe I saw on Supreme Master TV when you advertised it, (Yes, Master) like people sending congratulation cards. So, I remember, “Oh. Oh, it’s the third year anniversary.”

I asked one of the spiders that they should move away. Because she was in my way, so I asked her, “Why don’t you move? I tell you to move, you must move. Now.” So she said to me, “I not move not because not yield” means, “not because not obey,” “but because peace disturb.” Means her peace disturbed. I said, “What disturbed you?” She said, “The zealous ghosts send bad energy to paralyze me.” I said, “OK, OK, then I let you be, bless you.” And I helped her to untangle from that. This is nothing much for you, is it?

I have to do many other things now. I cannot read anymore, my eyes are blurred. (Oh.) (Thank You, Master.) Because sometimes I wrote very small, due to the page’s space. If I have to wear the glasses now? I don’t know if anything interesting. I have to wear the glasses. I have to go and find the glasses. Because of the conference, I had to move the cupboard where I put things away so that I have space to sit here. I have to go there to look for my glasses. (Yes, Master.) Where is it? Where is my glasses? I lost it somewhere. I cannot find it. I don’t know. I don’t remember where I put my glasses, my eye glass, I cannot find it so I cannot read anymore now. (Yes, Master.) (Understand, Master.) Maybe next time. (Yes, Master, thank You, Master.) Thank you, my love.

You know, every time I have to edit your shows about cooking, I would really like to take you out to eat. But it is OK, it’s safer to eat at home. (Yes, Master.) Even though maybe we don’t have many good things like in restaurants, but it’s safer. (Yes, Master.) What’s the use of going out, eat, and you never know what will affect you and then you have to suffer long in the hospital and all that and delay our work. (Yes, Master.) So, have a little sacrifice. If you call that a sacrifice.

I told you I want to do many things for you and I even said to your sister, I said I want… Because sometimes I’m fed up with the world. They change too slow and they behave so wickedly, brutally to each other and to the animals. (Yes, Master.) So I was fed up, sometimes I’m really fed up. I’m so tired. There are some results. Of course, there are more vegans now, more vegan food, more vegan people. But still I feel it’s too slow for my patience. (Yes.) And then sometimes I work so hard, so burdensome and so tired physically, mentally as well. Even though I’m tough, my soul is tough, but I drive my body crazily. (Oh.) So sometimes it’s so tired and down. And I thought, “I take all my Supreme Master TV workers, inhouse, to the Himalayas where I lived before. My favorite place, and then we can just order samosas. That’s the best samosa I have ever eaten.”

I don’t know because maybe at that time I was always short of food. I didn’t have enough nutrition, so I loved those samosas so much. Therefore, they tasted good. I was hungry always. I didn’t have a lot of money. I had to stretch it so I can stay long. I was thinking I would stay long in India. I didn’t have much anyway because I had some, but I offered it to some Master and monks. And then I didn’t have a lot at that time so I had to stretch my money. So I was very skinny, couldn’t afford two samosas in one day.

The samosa is so small, this size. Very small like this, like this round finger I make, that big. But nowadays, in India, also outside India, restaurants they make very big samosas, about this big. (Yes, Master.) But in that area, they make it about this big. So one is never enough for me. I could eat the whole basket that she made there. The old woman, she made fantastic samosas. Even though it’s not hot anymore, she put it in the basket and she sells just that much. It’s not like immediately from the oil frying pot, no. She fried them already at home and she brought it outside on the street corner and sold them.

It’s no longer hot, but it tastes delicious; it’s just like Heaven. Now I still feel mouth-watering about it. I guess the best ingredients for anything is hunger and shortage of supply. Because at that time, I didn’t have food that you have right now. Not so much protein and taste and varieties every day like that. (Yes, Master.) Even though maybe some of you think it’s not good enough, but it’s very good already. (Yes, Master.) Because you have variety, you have enough protein, you have fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, every day. (Yes, Master.) And soup and all that. So be happy. Be grateful.

Every day thank God. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) There’s not one day gone by that I’m not grateful for something. I’m grateful to the Sun every time I see the Sun. (Oh.) I said, “Hallo,” and the Sun became blue for me (Oh!) (Wow!) so that I can look into it. (Oh.) They like that. They like me to look straight into them. So they became like purplish-blue. More blue than purple. So I can look straight into it every time.

That’s very nice of them. They are so happy. I thank them because without the Sun, this planet and all of us cannot exist here, (Yes, Master.) humans, animals, trees, plants, nothing. (Yes, Master.) And make the world look glorious and beautiful. (Yes, Master.) And make people happy. Cheer them up. Bring them good mood. Bring good harvests. Bring friendliness to people and comfort people’s hearts, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Yes, Master.) Many people are depressed. (Yes.)

OK guys, all right, I think we are done. (Thank You, Master.) Thank you. If you have questions again, you put it in that box and then if I know about it, we will have a conference and I will answer you. (Thank You, Master.) So that we stay connected outside, not just inside. So that you don’t feel too lonely in your group.

You have a group there, you see, you live together in a bubble, so you are safe. (Yes.) The one who should feel lonely or complain is me. I live alone here. (Yes, Master.) I do everything alone. That’s why sometimes when I have a conference with you, it takes me some time to prepare this and that. (Yes, Master.) Even though it’s a simple preparation, but it takes me time. (Yes, Master.) I think I’m a superwoman, I told you already. (Yes, You are.) (You are, Master.) And now that I can use a computer, I feel like wow, I’m a real superhuman.

I wish all of you well. (Thank You, Master.) And remember to pray for the world and for whatever justice in this world. OK? (Yes, Master.) For humans and animals and then for yourself, of course so that you continue to be strong to shoulder this work together with me. (Yes, Master.) Always thank God Almighty and thank all the help from the Divinity, from the Godses, from the Cosmic Benevolent Beings, etc. (Yes, Master.) We cannot do without Them. (Yes.) Even though it’s Master Power, Universal Power, but we need tools. (Yes, Master.) Just like you are the best driver in town, but you need a car. (Yes.) What’s the use of being the best driver without a car? (Yes.)

OK, my love. (Thank You, Master.) God bless. (God bless, Master.) Be happy. Be happy, be blessed. (Thank You, Master.) (Thank You.) Be beautiful, inside out. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) Love you. (Love You, Master.) Kiss, kiss on the cheeks (Thank You.) and on the wisdom eye. (Thank You, Master.) Remember to keep your wisdom eye open by meditation. (Yes, Master.) Don’t forget. (Yes.) Don’t forget the Holy Names and don’t forget the Gift I gave you. (Yes, Master.) Must recite them both to keep yourself safe. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) Because we are never really safe in this world. Don’t take it for granted. (Yes, Master.) OK, ciao, love you. (Love You, Master.)

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