Между Учителя и учениците

Интензивната медитация на Върховния Учител Чинг Хай защитава света, част 3 от 5

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So, I said, “Yes, yes, thank You, Ultimate Gracious Master, Ihôs Kư Protectors, but just please help the poor and the helpless animals. Help the poor humans, and the helpless animals, please, please. End their horrible suffering. Thank You for hearing my plea.”

Any other things that you’re curious about? Or anything that you can think of about what I told you or more questions. Anything? (Master, is there anything more in Your diary that You can share?) I go and get it. I just put it away. One moment. Where did I put it? Wait there. OK? (Yes, Master. Sure.) I have some of the predictions from Heavens, but as you know, I cannot reveal (Yes, Master.) until the time comes. And you either know it or I can tell you. Many things I cannot tell you. See which ones I can tell. Oh, so many I cannot tell. There’s many other things, like, I was very worried about my safety sometimes. (Yes, Master.) Because of many things I do, and many things I said. (Yes, Master.) Also in political issues and all that. (Yes.)

I’m still shut in. (Yes, Master.) And don’t go out at all, except maybe ten meters away to feed some wild animal. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) Feed the skunk. The skunk, he loves (vegan) dog food. So somebody has to send the (vegan) dog food. I give other food also, like bread. I don’t know what a skunk eats, but he only chooses (vegan) dog food. In the beginning he ate the bread, because I didn’t give anything else. He ate it and he ate other… Some snacks. I mean, when I know its harmless to him, I give. Like dry (vegan) protein pellets and stuff like that. (Yes.) In the beginning he ate them, but later when I gave (vegan) dog food together with them, he just ate the (vegan) dog food. He chew, chew a little bit of the bread but he left it there. So I just gave him (vegan) dog food. It’s so funny and he’s so beautiful. He must be the prince of his race. (Oh!) (Wow.) They all have this kind of royal system. (Oh.) They don’t have a president elected, by people like Americans or anywhere else.

They have king and queen, and princess and prince. The fish is also like that. (Oh.) (Wow!) Any sea or river beings, they all have this system. And the same with the land animals. (Yes, Master.) So sometimes they look different than the rest of the normal skunks, or swans or fishes, because they’re princes and princesses or kings. (Wow.) (Wow.) Mostly you don’t catch the kings or the queens of the fish species, for example. But maybe princess and prince, because when they’re younger, they’re adventurous. They just run away from the palace just to look around. (Yes, Master.) And then they might be caught in nets. (Oh.) That’s why some of them look very special. I saw some photos in my iPhone news that and this that caught this kind of special fish or something like that. And I feel so sorry. I pray for them. And I bless them from the screen so that they will no longer suffer, and liberate their soul.

Also, like the skunk, I saw him twice, I mean close up. So beautiful, white stripe he has. And then he came on time in the evening to eat. Sometimes, I’m too busy, I forgot, and I felt so sorry. But I make sure now, I tape the note everywhere (Yes.) to remind myself not to forget. I put it on my computer, says, “Skunk food, water.” I put it on the door, so when I open the door curtain, I see it. Let me see …Sometimes they tell me, “Don’t worry. We will protect You.”

I don’t know why I talk about the skunk. Oh, I said because I’m not going anywhere outside that I should fear anything. (Yes, Master.) Because during retreat, you are not supposed to go anywhere. (Yes, Master.) You should stay in your protected area. So that the angels and all the Protecting Godses, They do Their duty. (Yes, Master.) If you move outside of your environment, it will be more difficult for Them. (Oh.) Because the energy outside of your environment is different. Like if you go on a highway, the energy is always different, because there are other cars, other people. Houses. (Yes, Master.) It will be difficult because during retreat, I’m very sensitive to everything. (Yes, Master.) Like a baby without much protection for the skin, and for the body. (Yes, Master.) A new born is tender and very sensitive. (Yes, Master.) So, if I keep going, moving outside, then the energy outside might be able to make trouble more than usual. That’s why people cannot go near and all that. (Yes Master.) It’s getting better now, because I don’t need much, so nobody goes near anymore. (Yes, Master.)

So, I said, “Yes, yes, thank You, Ultimate Gracious Master, Ihôs Kư Protectors, but just please help the poor and the helpless animals. Help the poor humans, and the helpless animals, please, please. End their horrible suffering. Thank You for hearing my plea.”

OK, and this one I said, “November 20. Miss dogs again. I miss my dogs so much at all times.” Sometimes… sometimes what? “Sometimes plus, sometimes more.” I couldn’t read my writing. “So much work in and out. Incredible. So this is how to pass a human’s life? No escape?” I mean, my human life. And then…

As I told you, whatever I predict, it might go wrong. The negative will make trouble, to delay or to nullify it. Got that? (Understand, Master.) They concentrate all their power for that purpose. (Oh.) Just for that. (Wow.) You see? They can do that. (Yes, Master.) I mean, neglecting everything else just to concentrate on that first, until it’s delayed or nullified and then they go do other things. So I cannot keep telling you. (Understand, Master.)

Again...what’s that? OK, never mind about that. I cannot read sometimes what I wrote. Because I have to write in a hurry before the vision fades, or before my mind forgets. The mind cannot always hold the vision or the message too long. (Yes, Master.) Because the energy is different. When it comes into this world, the energy changes. (Yes, Master.) It could be distorted, so I have to write fast, so sometimes I can’t read.

“Tuesday, November 10,” I think I can read, no? “You all said,” I’m talking to Heaven, in the conference. Just like I conference with you right now. (Oh!) And then I just wrote just something. I don’t write the whole thing because They are talking, we are talking, we are discussing about this and that and other. (Yes, Master.) So, at the end I say, “You all said to me that ‘Be happy. People love You.’ I don’t care if nobody loves me. With tears I beg you all, love animals instead. Don’t eat them, torture them no more, let them be.” Also some souls are talking to me also. You see what I’m saying? (Oh, yes, Master.) I said, “Don’t love me. Love all animals. Rescue them. Help them.” That’s what I mean.

And I wrote about how many flying angels are around people. Not everybody. I don’t have time for everybody. (Yes, Master.) Those that are concerning some topic that we have been discussing before? Understand? (Yes, Master.) I cannot write the whole world.

Some, they have no angels. But they have this kind of yellow color. Not aura. Just color. Aura for me is shining, bright, like sunlight. (Yes, Master.) Like the light. But the color is the color only but not bright. (Yes, Master.) Aura is bright. But some people don’t have aura, they have just color around them, like different colors, like red, blue, green. Different shades of green, different shades of red, different shades of pink, different shades of blue, it means different things. (Yes, Master.) We don’t have time for that now. Maybe some other day. (Yes, Master.) It’s not interesting anyway. Suffice to tell you that some people have the kind of color that bespeaks inside of them, like they are so ambitious, they are zealous, they are not peaceful. Like red around a person, that means war. (Wow.)

Some of my dogs they’re scared of some people. Suddenly they run away as far as they can, up the hill. And I say, “What’s wrong now? Why, why?” They say, “We have to hide away from these two.” I said, “Why’s that?” I haven’t seen the two men yet, they saw already. They tell me I should also run. I said, “Never mind, I am not scared.” I asked them, “You tell me what you saw.” I know but I asked them what they see because I want to know what they saw. So they told me, “Oh, red color all over them, and also fire burning between their legs, and on their stomachs.” (Oh.) Because inside, your energy, it will manifest outside like that. (Oh.) That is something dangerous. (Yes, Master.) Like that person could harm you, like molesting you if he, she has a chance. Sometimes it’s very scary to live in this world. Even dogs, they’re scared. (Wow.)

Some of my dogs they’re clairvoyant. All of them can see, it’s just some are more clairvoyant by different topics and issues than others. (Yes, Master.) Some can see farther distance. Like, they even know about President Trump. (Wow.) One of them knows. Not everybody knows. Not all the dogs know about it. Other dogs know other things. But the smallest one, she knows many things. (Wow.) Even she doesn’t see the person, but she sees it in my mental projection. (Yes, Master.) Like, when I talk about President Trump, then his image will appear (Oh. Yes.) (Wow.) in my energy field and the dog can see that and she can answer me accordingly. Or anybody. OK? (Yes, Master.) But I don’t have time to look into that all the time. Only what is necessary. (Yes, Master.) But my dogs know everything.

And they love me more than any human is capable of. More than any of you. Sorry. It’s not to belittle you or anything. You are not capable of that much love. (Yes, Master.) Because humans have brains which are distracted by so many things. (Yes.) (Yes.) Dogs, they have just concentration on the essential things. They don’t concentrate on many other things, like making money or getting famous, or wearing better clothes, or what to eat next. (Yes, Master.) They mostly are present now. Only now. (Yes, Master.) Things that happened ten minutes ago, they forgot already. So, they can keep themselves pure and focused with God energy or whatever that is necessary. That’s why they know so many things. More than we do.

They are very psychic and very powerful. More than many of us. More than many humans, (Yes, Master.) because they are so concentrated and so pure, and so clean in their mind. Not so much garbage like humans have. (Yes, Master.) OK, so now you know. That’s why they are able to love more intensely than many humans, than all humans. Really like that. That’s why people love dogs so much, or cats, or animals. Because they’re so focused, so pure and uncomplicated. (Yes, Master.) Unhindered. (Yes.) Undiluted in their concentration and focus on the good side, on positive energy. (Yes, Master.) They are more connected with Heaven than humans, except the spiritual practitioner. (Yes, Master.)

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