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Интензивната медитация на Върховния Учител Чинг Хай защитава света, част 4 от 5

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I said, “The difference between extra bodies and the normal Ihôs Kư Godses in physical realm is the extra (bodies) are more powerful. (Wow!) Spiritually in direct command by M and Ultimate Master.”

This one on the 8th… I wrote some of the colors here. Like, the yellow color, meaning if they are leaders, they are zealous persons. They don’t hesitate to go to war, just to get a piece of land. (Yes, Master.) Sometimes I gave a Peace Award or Compassion Award to some person. I see some good spot in him and want to encourage that, but then later they also change. They did not focus on their compassionate or good nature. (Yes, Master.) At that time, they deserved it, but later they don’t. But never mind. It’s OK. They are influenced by maya and by their subordinates, by people around them. And that’s the problem, that’s why we say, “You have to choose your friends carefully.” (Yes.) (Yes.) But people are blind. They don’t know who is who actually. They don’t see the color of the person, they don’t see the aura, they don’t see anything that indicates anything inside. So, they cannot know. (Yes, Master.)

And then, by the way, they are too near that person, and then their energy will become mixed and then they are too much with that person, and they become that person, or at least half of that bad person. Then they change. That’s very difficult to avoid in this world. Just like one of the great philosophers of China, he said that the society is a big dyeing tub. You know, dyeing color tub? (Yes, Master.) That means they can dye together, similar color, any time.

That’s why sometimes you go out, you see some person, you feel very uncomfortable and you didn’t even know that person before. (Yes.) Or you feel good with them. Or you feel good with the animals because you feel loving energy. Even though the animals don’t talk to you, you cannot even telepathically communicate, but you feel the love and so you like the animals more than you like many humans. (Yes, Master.)

What is that I’m saying here? OK. “8th, Sunday, November. Thinking of the poor skunk, how he has to walk far here to get fed. But I’m not sure where he lives. He is good. He knows and can come daily, same place to eat and drink. At least that.” And I complain with Heaven, “Here, there’s suffering, one way or another. I want all this to end. Make a paradise on Earth, OK?” That’s what I’m talking, when I’m talking to Them sometimes. (Yes, Master.)

And on the 7th of November, I said, “It’s getting colder now and wet, poor skunk, almost crawling way…” Because he has very short legs. And he has to meander inside of the bushes and all that, at night. I don’t know how he finds his way. I feel sorry for him. “Almost by crawling way of movement, because he has short feet. In tall grass, or weeds, all just to find food, almost teary, thinking of him. Saw him only twice.”

“First, the whole body but only sideways. He went in the bush. Second time, he was few meters away in the dark, only his eyes glow in the night, shimmering, shining at me, with such pureness, while telling me the message for my safety. Love him so much. Wish him well. But feel sorry for his lot. Oh God, all the creatures on… Earth suffer, one way or another. No escape. When will this all end? Make paradise on Earth quick. OK?” That’s what I said.

Another again. “6th November.” It’s all about the skunk here. “Feeding skunk, he likes (vegan) dog food, but small pellet, not big ones. Well, he would eat if no choice, but he prefer…” “but leave the big ones for next day if he doesn’t have it.” If he doesn’t have small pellets. So, I feed him small instead, so that he has fresh daily, and water fresh every day. I wash his bowls. I put it outside but I wash it every day, so that it’s clean for him. I put it outside but under some cover so it won’t get wet or get dirty.

Here, Heaven told me again that President Trump won. Many times They told me but I keep telling you, only once is enough.

And another one; “Be happy, Your disciples love You 100%. (That’s true, Master.) All love You.”

Another one. “Don’t be sad. Peace will reign.” (Oh!) That’s what I said, several times. But I told you this before.

Another one. “Be happy, Your former disciples returned to you, 40,000 of them. 40,000 plus!!!” (Wow.) Three exclamation marks. (Wow.) Etc., etc., etc.

It’s funny. Some say my dogs owe me something, like US$181. This and that owe me. And I owe some of them. Owe food only. Because from a former life they loan me some food, I didn’t have the chance to give in return. See your Master sometimes was so poor, had no food, had to (Oh.) borrow some food. You remember some joke about Nasruddin. The Master Mullah Nasruddin, (Yes, Master.) He sometimes has to borrow food. And sometimes He has to go to the neighbor’s garden to take some food. He makes fun of himself. And the neighbor went out and caught Him, and said, “What are You doing here?” He said, “Don’t know.” So, they checked His bag and they saw some of the food in there, maybe carrots or fruits or something. And he said, “So, how come these fruits and vegetables are in Your bag when You said You do nothing and don’t know?” He said, “I also wonder how they got in there.” Some Masters have been born poor, like Kabir, for example. He even had to borrow some food. Not for Himself but for the people who came to seek His advice, spiritually. (Yes, Master.) Remember that He almost sold his wife for food. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) It did not happen, but He was willing to do it and she was willing to comply with it. You know, right? (Yes, Master.) The story I told you.

Sometimes I’m scolding Heavens and Earth. You don’t have to know. I said to them many other things. I cannot tell you now. (Yes, Master.)

Sometimes I wrote something like the zealous demons are pushing my dogs to hurt me, like push me. They push him to push me. So sometimes I fell down and broke stuff or broke my finger. Stuff like that. (Oh.) And it’s a main, key finger even. (Oh.) You know, the thumb. The right thumb. (Yes, Master.) It’s very important, no? I don’t have time to think about it. It’s just now that you asked me to read things for you in the diary, so I saw it and I remember the thumb. And other times I even hurt my head. One time it hurt so severely (Wow.) that I had to take rest for a long time, because of the brain concussion. (Oh, my God.) (Oh.) One time. I had to take medicine and rest and all that. And I cannot go out in the sun without the sunglasses and hat. (Oh.) It healed quickly, (Oh, Master.) thank God. (Thank God.) Sometimes I can help myself, sometimes I have to ask the Gods to help me. But it takes time to heal. Even it’s fast, but still takes time. If I remember not to use it, then it heals quicker.

Keep telling me about peace and all that. And I said to Them, “Every second, humans suffer because of sickness, pandemic, wars, and all kinds of other calamities, and situations. Animals are still tortured for food.” I’m just talking to Them. (Yes, Master.) When we have conference, and that’s my complaint. (Yes, Master.) This was on the Friday, October 23.

“Tuesday, October 20, De, the bird, came in the garden, when I called her she run toward me.” Oh, I told you this already before, so I don’t go back again. “He still remembers old friend. Pleasant surprise to see him,” he came several times later on also, “but have to stay away from him, because my life is a prison, I don’t want him to be fettered as well, because of my love. (Oh.) My heart sank to kind of avoid him. And love from afar better for him.” I say “her” here because he behaves like a sissy girl toward me. At that time, he behaves like a girl, so I say “her” here. “Loving from afar is better for her.” I mean him. “Not to be too humans-friendly. She… he realized that when I stopped coming toward him.” And now I say “him” now. “He stopped in his tracks also.” (Yes.) Means he stopped. He’s not running toward me and I am not running toward him. (Yes.) “He stopped in his tracks too. He realized that… he knows that… I told him don’t come too near.”

“I talked telepathically. Oh! Telepathy works! We are friends. Anyway, always love you. Recited the Gift for him. (Oh.) (Wow.) We will be together forever. Love you forever!” (Wow!) That is my conversation with birds. People have books about conversations with God, I have conversations with animals only. Of course I also have conversations with God and Godses and…. What is this here?

I said, “The difference between extra bodies and the normal Ihôs Kư Godses in physical realm is the extra (bodies) are more powerful. (Wow!) Spiritually in direct command by M and Ultimate Master.” (Wow!) I just wrote it for myself. Again “Be happy” and blah, blah, blah.

Here, They told me that I have to send whom and whom away for some reason. Don’t want to tell you. That’s the request also of my dog. Otherwise, she will keep biting all the things that she has around. She doesn’t play with toys. It’s not like she needs toys. She bites holes in the sofa, and blanket and stuff like that and pees everywhere until I did what she asked.

Because she said, really bad, bad, bad, low level, that and that person. So I said, “OK, but don’t keep biting the sofa, I cannot keep buying them. I have to order, you know?” But she still pees in the house when she wants to say or tell me something. Because I ignore her all the time, I say, “Man, just let it be.”

And then Ihôs Kư Protector also told me the same thing. I said, “Listen, the Godses will tell me, you don’t have to pee or bite everything in the house like that.” So the God told me also, so I said, “OK, I did. And hope…” my dog, named so and so… “will leave me in peace. And hope that person will leave me in peace, also, because such a very ugly energy. So low and so, not clean energy.” I don’t want to say the bad word, so I say “not clean.”

Because sometimes that person, if a person is very bad, and he or she has a crush on you, physically, or like, not just affectionately, but physically, (Yes, Master.) like sexually, then that energy might weave a ring around you and that will make you feel very uncomfortable. Suffocating, it feels like dragged down. (Yes, Master.)

Especially, if they are low level and they have some spiritual power together because of the connection of the initiation. Because some people don’t grow up. Just stay in the low level and this kind of physical desire. I told you sometimes, some of my disciples are from hell, and still remain like hell level. More or less, just a little bit above. (Yes, Master.)

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