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In today’s news, Germany supports vulnerable people in Syria, South Africa limits cigarette and alcohol sales, Thai capital opens urban green space, company upcycles coffee waste into firelogs in United Kingdom, homeless man rescues teenager from drowning in United States, Polish dairy company goes 100% vegan, and researchers develop formula to calculate a more accurate age of a dog in human years.

Germany, a Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion and a Shining World Caring Leadership Award laureate, provides vital humanitarian relief to Syria.

The government of Germany has donated €130 million to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to be used to provide monthly food aid to 4.8 million people, including those displaced by conflict, across 14 governorates of Syria. This assistance is especially important as the global Covid-19 pandemic has caused food prices to rise even more, with an increase of 209% in a year as of June 2020. Speaking of the donation, the Country Director of WFP in Syria, Corinne Fleischer, said, “WFP is grateful for Germany’s ongoing support to help vulnerable families to improve their nutrition and rebuild their lives.” Our heartfelt gratitude, Germany, and God bless you. May the lovely people of Syria soon greet bright tomorrows, in the tender comfort of Heaven!

South Africa, a Shining World Leadership Award for Animal Protection recipient, reinstalls alcohol ban in the wake of COVID-19 surge.

South African President His Excellency Cyril Ramaphosa has reinstated the ban on selling alcohol to reduce the number of trauma patients caused by alcohol consumption, so hospitals have a greater ability to treat people with COVID-19. South Africa had a strict lockdown in April and May of this year, with cigarette and alcohol sales prohibited. However, after the lockdowns were eased in early June, the nation saw a huge spike in new COVID-19 cases. In the recent regulations, South Africans have also been placed under a stay-at-home curfew from 9 pm to 4 am, and the wearing of masks in public is now mandatory. Our respectful appreciation and praises, Your Excellency Cyril Ramaphosa and South African government, for implementing sterner measures for the protection of your kind citizens. In the loving guidance of Heaven, we pray that our world soon becomes a much safer place as we adopt the compassionate vegan lifestyle for the sake of us all.

Up next, Thai capital opens urban green space. We thank ceramics engineers, who develop new nonmetallic, durable materials for a wide range of uses, from artificial bones to space shuttle parts. We’ll be right back, with more refreshing news on Supreme Master Television.

Hallo nice friends, I’m Abilo the vegan Green Acouchi. You are never too old to be vegan. Try a plant-based diet, and see how good you will feel. Do you want your wooden outdoor furniture to last as long as possible? Use some non-toxic epoxy, and apply it smoothly along the furniture’s surfaces that come into contact with the ground. Please use it as directed on the bottle. Let the epoxy completely dry, creating a weather-resistant seal that protects these furniture parts outside. Love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. Thank you for watching. And now, the weather around the world.

Thai sky park built on existing urban infrastructure.

The Phra Pok Klao Sky Park was built on an abandoned elevated train track in Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok. Launched as the world’s first ever sky park above water, it is part of an initiative to promote more green spaces in urban cities to not only boost mental well-being, but to mitigate climate-change impacts. Measuring 280 meters by 8 meters, the park will connect neighborhoods across the Chao Phraya river, making it easier for residents to adopt eco-friendly methods of travel by foot or bike. Additionally, the park will serve as a much-needed public space for exercise, as well as a model for urban renovation of unused land. Our smiling applause, Thailand, for your fantastic new park! In the radiance of Buddha, may your wonderful space be enjoyed by many as we herald a vegan era in which all precious beings flourish in good health.

United Kingdom company makes fuel from coffee grounds.

Bio-Bean’s plant in Cambridgeshire, England, UK, founded in 2013, is currently turning used coffee beans into home fire logs and pellets that can be burned in industrial applications such as for boilers, heating greenhouses, drying cereal crops and more. The coffee fuel burns 20% hotter than wood and for 20% longer, while emitting less particulate matter. Carbon emissions are also saved. Bio-Bean says that in comparison to putting the grounds in a landfill, the recycling of them lowers emissions by 80%. Within the next five years, the company plans to expand their business into northwestern Europe. Such a marvelous idea, Bio-Bean. May your expansion through Europe be successful as your circular business creates another link in the chain of sustainability, in God’s grace.

Homeless hero saves teenager from drowning.

When Bobby Mitchell heard shouting at night from a nearby creek in Medford, Oregon, United States, he scaled a wall and jumped in to pull out a drowning teenager. He then called emergency services and the nonprofit Compassion Highway Project (CHP), which provides food and resources to individuals living without homes. After emergency services examined the young man, who has autism, they took him to CHP’s office to get dry clothes and food while waiting for his father to come. CHP posted on social media, “So thankful for Bob for hearing this young man and saving his life tonight! Love ya Bob!” Mr. Mitchell stated, “I’d do it again for anyone else if I had to.” We are so happy to hear of the precious youth’s rescue, and also send our gratefulness and love, courageous Bobby Mitchell. God bless you! Many thanks also Compassion Highway Project and emergency services for your exemplary community teamwork. In Divine goodness, may we always come together to help sisters and brothers in need.

Coming up, Polish family dairy company goes 100% vegan. We’re going to watch some elegant tango, a UNESCO-recognized Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity originating from Argentina and Uruguay. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more energizing news. Welcome back to Noteworthy News - Generous News for a Bounteous World.

Polish family dairy company becomes fully plant-based.

Jogurty Magda has become the fully vegan brand Magda Roślinna (“Plant-based Magda”). The transition of the business was initiated by mother of two, owner and CEO Magda Kubit, who explained, “I care about my family, so I deliberately choose what is healthy and precious.” The change follows the successful launch of the company’s coconut milk-based vegan yogurt, Planton, in 2017, which was selected by Polish consumers in 2018 as the top vegan yogurt. In 2019, the company introduced a coconut milk-based vegan sour cream and currently plans to expand its distribution of its products. A standing ovation and God’s blessings, Magda Kubit and Magda Roślinna. May your business flourish as the loving Polish people adopt the win-win vegan diet, in Heaven’s delight.

Scientists develop formula to calculate a more accurate age of a dog in human years.

Researchers from the University of California San Diego in the United States have created a formula that considers a canine’s age based on molecular changes to genes that affect their functioning. Traditionally, a dogs’ age was multiplied by seven to determine the corresponding human age; however, the new method produced a graph that is more precise. The formula highlights that dogs mature quickly, but then the aging process slows significantly after a few years. For instance, a one-year-old dog can be compared to a 30-year-old person. How fascinating, researchers from the University of California San Diego. In Celestial wisdom, may this finding lead to a deeper understanding of our adored canine companions as they continue blessing our lives with their enormous love.

Take a walk on the funny side of life with the joke of the day called “The Smartest Dog.”

Two dog caregivers, Mitch and Salma, are discussing whose pet is smarter.

“My dog is so smart, that every morning she goes to the store and buys me a vegan sesame seed bagel with vegan cream cheese, then stops off at a coffee shop and picks me up a vegan mocha latte, and then comes home and turns on the cable sports channel, all before I get out of bed.”

“I know that.”

“How do you know?”

“My dog told me.”

And now we have a heartline from Xiao-Ning in Taiwan, also known as Formosa:

I’d like to share with the dearest and noblest Master and everyone my experiences about the New Land Ashram and S.M. Celestial Jewelry. One time, in my meditation, I went to the New Land Ashram and saw buildings, beautiful flowers and sceneries. There were also many light spots, big and small, appearing in the sky and slowly moving toward the ashram. The light spots became bigger and bigger as one of them suddenly turned even bigger and flew toward me and stopped in the sky above me. It was so clear, and I recognized that it’s the S.M. Celestial Jewelry Master designed called “United.” I was wondering why it was flying in the sky. At that very moment, the lower part of “United” opened and from the slit appeared very bright light, and many even brighter light spots were growing more and more radiant, with great energy pouring in and blessing the whole ashram. Upon returning to my physical body, the light still remained in my eyes, and I could see the surroundings after a while. Soon after that, from the latest clip on Supreme Master TV, I saw the familiar scene that I saw in my samadhi, which turned out to be our divine New Land Ashram! I was very touched since I had never been to the New Land Ashram before. There are still a lot of things to learn. I sincerely repent for my shortcomings in many aspects and feel that any arrangement is best for us. Even though I was not meditating at the New Land Ashram, I still could feel that strong and powerful energy pouring into the divine New Land Ashram, how much more so for those initiates attending the retreats there! How fortunate we are to be blessed and protected by the high energy! A living Enlightened Master is very loving and powerful. Master’s boundless Grace allows people to get initiation and in touch with the highest method of spiritual practice, elevating our soul and being liberated from the suffering cycle of birth and death. This is a very precious gift that we all have to cherish dearly. With love for Master and the Supreme Master TV team, Xiao-Ning from Taiwan (Formosa)

Inspiring Xiao-Ning, Thank you for sharing your precious and beautiful meditation experience with us. We are touched by your sincerity and love for our Beloved Master. May you continue to be blessed by Master’s boundless Grace. Wishing Buddha’s eternal light to you and the kind-hearted people of Taiwan (Formosa), Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has some words for you: “Benevolent Xiao-Ning, thank you for your supportive lines. “United” signifies that all beings and the Universe are truly one. Please keep meditating to realize your higher self, and may you and all beings in friendly Taiwan (Formosa) know only blissful harmony, in Celestial Love.”

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Thank you for your company on Noteworthy News May the eternal love of the Providence embrace your heart and soul.

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