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Between Master and Disciples

Every Peaceful Plan Will Be Done, Part 1 of 6, Apr. 14, 2013

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(Hallo, Master. Master, we would like to know, for how many more years is the planet saved now due to the grace of Heaven and Master’s deep meditation?) That was on the 28th of January, and it’s… “planet’s extended life,” I wrote it here, “62,352,043 years.” Rest assured that the planet will stay much longer, hundreds of millions of years and I have made an arrangement with Heaven that the planet Earth stays as long as she wants. That was today, that was today, the covenant, yes, covenant.

(Master, is the entire humankind’s survival still at risk if everybody does not become vegan?) Those who are not vegan, but good at heart and don’t really want to kill animals or humans or anything… They’re just habitually eating it and not knowing anything different because it’s their life like that. Those are less at risk than those who consume it with, and knowing the suffering and enjoying the suffering of others and have also other violent tendencies and have also other violent tendencies inside or outside. But nevertheless, we still have to pay for everything we take from this world. Because we came with nothing, and if we destroy anything or partake in the destruction of anything, of any living beings of any kind, then we will have to pay more or less, sooner or later. And because the animals suffer, their cries touch Heaven, understand? They’re also pleading for peace and benevolence. And their cries have made a vibration throughout the whole universe. The people who kill them, or partake in this killing, or enjoying all this kind of suffering, have to pay some of either their life or their health, or their children’s, or some kind of payment. And also especially, the worst is spiritual deduction.

(Master, we’re so grateful and happy that the planet is saved for millions of years. But then, Master, why do we need to continue to pray for World Vegan, World Peace?) Oh, that’s good, because you need to have compassion. That is good for your compassion. You don’t have to, but we should, okay?

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