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Vegan for World Peace – Interview with the Reverend Rabbi Donn Gross (vegan), Part 2 of 2

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Peaceful viewers, in today’s episode, the Reverend Rabbi Donn Gross will share various spiritual topics ranging from animal-people, ego, and vegan business to music.

“So, we know from history that animals were people's helpers, they worked the fields, they transported, they were people's lawnmowers and cars, and they did everything. But in the Jewish law, the animals rest on the Sabbath, you're not allowed to have your animal plow the field, even animals rested on the Sabbath. When you sat down to eat, you had to, according to Jewish law, feed your animal first. You're not allowed to give torture to an animal.”

“When you had an animal that was threshing the grain, you weren't allowed to muzzle it because it wants to eat from the floor. To deny an animal from its natural tendencies is forbidden. Meaning you have to be mindful of an animal, you're not allowed to abuse it.”

“We know from the story of Rabbi Judah, that we must have compassion for them because they're God's creations and all of God's creations need our compassion.”

“From another standpoint, we are not only a spiritual congregation, we're interested in spiritual and physical health, because the two are important, the two go together. That's what we are. We're a body and a spirit. So if you don't take care of one, the other's going to suffer. So the beautiful thing about a plant-based diet is that it is spiritually pure, it is physically pure, and it helps to cultivate both (spiritual and physical) health.”

“Many people believe that veganism is some new left-wing type of idea, whereas it really is very, very ancient and goes way back 3,000 years into Jewish culture. So my hope is that people understand that it is very consistent, it is most consistent today. And if somebody truly wants to be Kosher(eating only foods that comply with certain Jewish dietary standards), then they must, they have no choice, but to eat a plant-based diet.

I think that going vegan is a win, win, win. It's good for the environment. It's good for animals. It's good for your health. And all of that feeds into: Its good spiritually.”
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