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Vegan for World Peace – Interview with the Reverend Rabbi Donn Gross (vegan), Part 1 of 2

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Before his unforeseen spiritual awakening, Reverend Rabbi Donn Gross was a vegetarian businessman who had no idea that he would someday become a religious leader. However, a series of unfortunate personal events turned his life toward God. Although he started with minimal cooking knowledge, Heaven marvelously gifted the Rabbi with excellent gourmet skills for his “Meals to Heal” – a community-focused vegan catering service. Amazing viewers, on today’s program, the Reverend Rabbi Donn Gross will explore the relationships between veganism, spiritual teachings, and compassion for animal-people.

“When you take that large database, and then you come up with conclusions, and you see time after time, study after study, that people have healed themselves, cancers have gone away, and I'm a voracious reader and consumer of health videos, but even more important than that, I run a plant-based meal service ‘Meals to Heal’ catering. And I have seen people's cholesterol levels go down. People who are close to being diabetic are now healthy; I've seen all sorts of medical miracles happening.”

“Think of the beauty and the genius of the Supreme Creator, and the poetry that the spices that make our food taste good actually heal our bodies. The poetry and the symmetry is beautiful. But if you just look outside at the direct correlation between the food that we eat and our physical health, you really don't need any greater scientific study.”

“We know today that there is tremendous cruelty, tremendous unspeakable cruelty, and we're not only talking about the slaughter. We're talking about from the moment animals are born (that) some of the cruelty starts to be enacted upon them. And so, from a spiritual standpoint, you're taking part in this cruelty. It's very fearful, based on that story that God acts toward us, how we act towards all of creation.”

Meat is forbidden in all religions, including Judaism. The Reverend Rabbi Don Gross will demonstrate several examples from his extensive knowledge of Judaic scripture. The Reverend Rabbi Don Gross goes on to highlight the origin and misconception of animal-people sacrifices in spiritual doctrines.
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