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Shelter Friend - Ukraine: Bravely Shielding Abandoned Animal-people

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Today, we would like to inspire you with the story of a wonderful animal-people rescuer who has been running the charitable organization “Shelter Friend - Ukraine” since 2010. Our hearts are deeply touched by the magnanimous acts of Marina Dilly, who is also known as Maryna Bolokovets, one of the co-founders of Shelter Friend - Ukraine.

She sent her children to Poland after the Russian invasion but refused to leave her nation so that she could continue operating the non-profit’s shelter and rescuing all the lost, confused and hurt animal-persons left behind in the chaos of the heart-wrenching war. As of July 2022, Ms. Dilly and her team have looked after around 10,000 animal-folk since the war began in February. Her facility currently houses 400 dog- and 200 cat-individuals.

Marina noted in an interview with the British news site Daily Mail Online, “There are just four of us looking after the animals, but we are not leaving. We will stay here with the animals.” She funds the charity’s operations through thoughtful contributions from donors, with nearly all funds coming from abroad.

What is her dream for the future? In an interview with The Mirror, Ms. Dilly said, “I will take my kids home and find homes for the hundreds of animals in need in my shelter. Then, I will fulfill my dream to build kennels with heating at my shelter for many animals to come as I planned last year.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Thankfully present Shelter Friend – Ukraine the Shining World Compassion Award, plus a humble US$30,000 contribution for any animal-people medical need in your steadfast brave and caring endeavors to safeguard, comfort, and bring love to stray and abandoned dog and cat-folk in Ukraine, in God’s tender Mercy. May the Providence soon bring peace and serenity to you, all your fellow Ukrainian co-citizens and the wonderful animal-individuals of your nation.”
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