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Dr. Anita Krajnc (vegan) and the Animal Save Movement, Part 1 of 3

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Today, we have the honor of meeting Dr. Krajnc, the Canadian co-founder of Toronto Pig Save and the worldwide Animal Save Movement. Anita is a former political science professor at Queen’s University in the province of Ontario, Canada, who has studied how social movements move forward through public education. She is also a vegan. “Toronto Pig Save started doing 3 vigils a week in July 2011, and what we did was we would bear witness to the pigs on a traffic island when the trucks would stop. It’s such a powerful thing to meet the animals before they go to the slaughterhouse and to see their faces and look into their eyes. We called it bearing witness.” One of the devoted volunteers at Toronto Pig Save was the late Regan Russell. A former model, she had been advocating for animal rights since 1977. In late 2019, a bill was introduced in Ontario’s legislature making it illegal to interact with animals while they are being transported and expose the violence against animals in slaughterhouses and farms. Anita, Regan, and many other animal rights activists vehemently opposed the bill. It was passed into law on June 17, 2020. Two days later, it was a very hot day, and Regan and the other activists were giving water to the pigs on the trucks. Regan stood for several minutes in the road in front of the slaughterhouse to stop a truck so that the pigs could get water. The truck accelerated unexpectedly. Regan was killed. Vigils were held all over the world for Regan Russell. This beautiful soul’s compassion and her belief in justice and peace for all animals will always be remembered. We thank Dr. Anita Krajnc and her fellow animal advocates for their courage, and hope we can all work together to make the Earth a kinder and more beautiful place. Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Gratefully present Dr. Anita Krajnc with the Shining World Compassion Award, with a humble, loving gift of US$15,000 towards your noble organizations, Toronto Pig Save and the Animal Save Movement. Lots of love, praises and prayers for your safety and success, in God’s mercy.”
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