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In a joyful celebration held on October 25, 1993, in Hawaii, USA, the then-mayor of the city and county of Honolulu, the Honorable Frank F. Fasi, proclaimed October 25th as “Supreme Master Ching Hai Day” and presented Master with the International Peace Commendation Award, Honorary Citizenship, Certificate of Merit, and a bronze bust of Her likeness that is permanently displayed in a Honolulu public park. He noted Her enormous contributions to philanthropic and humanitarian causes around our world and referred to Her as “an angel of mercy for humanity.” 
Throughout the years, Supreme Master Ching Hai has generously provided financial assistance across the globe. Master said that each time She makes a contribution, She wishes that She could give more. She always humbly attributes all Her charitable deeds to God. Master mostly performs charitable acts anonymously, while providing assistance to the most neglected and vulnerable. Master’s selfless care, unconditional sacrifice, and steadfast nobility are true examples of the all-encompassing love of God. Her constant connection with the Higher Realms is also apparent in Her abundant creative talents and deep appreciation of artists. Master has often emphasized the important role that artists play, by declaring the International Artist Day, in order to honor the inspired beings who bring so much beauty and love to our world. 
To benefit more sentient beings, Supreme Master Ching Hai created Supreme Master Television, in order to broadcast constructive programming, and inspire the world to embrace Her Vision of a peaceful planet. As many viewers have expressed, Supreme Master Television is a gift from God, bringing about wondrous and miraculous changes to the world. 
The ever-compassionate and merciful Supreme Master Ching Hai cares and protects all beings with Her indiscriminate and selfless love. It is Her longtime wish and sincere hope that the whole world will soon embrace veganism and obtain peace. Supreme Master Ching Hai’s deep, unconditional love is felt by all sentient beings. It is Her unconditional love that made Her descend to Earth in order to help this world; it is Her unconditional love that causes Her to return life after life, in order to liberate countless souls. 
In the benevolent spirit of Supreme Master Ching Hai Day, let us return to our original compassionate nature and live in harmony with all beings, humans and non-human alike, just as God intended. Most Beloved Master, we send to You our eternal gratitude for all Your all-embracing love and sacrifice. May You continue to shine in Your ever-youthful beauty with safety, good health, and contentment, as together we usher in a brilliant vegan era on Earth. Happy Supreme Master Ching Hai Day!
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