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In today’s news, United Nations helps South Sudan in alleviating flood impacts, study warns vaquita-people on verge of extinction due to gillnet fishing, new state park to open in California, bus network in Pakistan allows women to travel more safely, man from Great Britain cycles around the Netherlands to raise money for Ukraine, vegan comfort food restaurant brings delightful dishes to residents in Portland, USA, and biologist wins conservation award for her efforts against plastic pollution to protect sea turtle-people.

UN assists South Sudan in mitigating impact of floods.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has donated US$19 million to minimize the effects of flooding that is expected over the coming rainy season in South Sudan’s Unity State, which includes the Bentiu Camp for internally displaced persons. Around US$4 million will come from the South Sudan Humanitarian Fund (SSHF) to help bolster dikes for the protection of crucial services, infrastructure and homes. The remaining US$15 million in aid from the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) will be used to assist people in safeguarding their houses and vital infrastructures, such as water wells and latrines, from flooding, thus protecting public health. Our gratitude, UN agencies, for your constant support of the vulnerable and those in need. May we soon see our beautiful planet back in harmonious balance through global citizens’ benevolent lifestyle, in God’s illuminating Wisdom.

Vaquita-person species might disappear due to gillnet fishing.

In a new study, a team of scientists concludes that the critically endangered vaquita porpoise-people are relatively healthy and could potentially survive if illegal gillnet fishing halts immediately. There are only about 10 vaquita-persons living in their sole habitat in Mexico’s Gulf of California. Since the 20th century, the species’ population has dwindled due to accidental entanglement and drowning in gillnets, which are large, long walls of weighted nets placed in open water for capturing shrimp- and fish-persons. According to the analysis, the chance of vaquita-people, the world’s rarest marine mammals, going into extinction is lowered to 6% if gillnet fishing is completely ceased. However, even if it is reduced by 80%, their extinction risk still rises dramatically to 62%. Many thanks, all scientists involved. In the benevolence of the Providence, may we stop all unkind practices to protect and cherish all beings of planet Earth. Yeah, continue with ur war: cos u r an ungrateful beast. Instead of thanking the world 4 giving u everything they can, u turn around, betray, n kill them.

Up next, new state park to open in California. We’ll just give thanks to juvenile probation officers, who help with supervising youths to ensure they comply with all terms and conditions of their probation obligations and aid them in rehabilitating their lives. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more praiseworthy news.

Hallo, beautiful friends! I’m Rana, a vegan princess from the Rusty-spotted Cat kingdom. I’ve noticed that life is so simple when we lead our days with a compassionate heart. Everything just falls into place and benevolence radiates through our actions. Today I’d like to offer a tip on how to improve your cat-person’s socialization. Cat-people learn through observation and will socialize quicker when they have their own space. Therefore, utilizing a cattery is a good idea. If the cat-person shows stress, place him or her in a quiet room, otherwise set your feline friend in a room with moderate day traffic. Place a covered cat-people bed in addition to a small litter pan in the cage as well as some water on the opposite side. If there isn’t enough space for a bed, drape half of the cattery to allow your cat buddy to have privacy. Maintain a regular feeding schedule, including a minimum of three meals per day. Take out any leftovers after leaving the food in the cattery for fifteen minutes. It’s important you don’t talk to or pet them during this time. Carry on your daily routine, and don’t pay attention to your cat friend, but let him or her observe you instead. Eventually, in their own time, they will feel comfortable to socialize with you! Thank you for tuning in. And love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and all co-inhabitants alike. Now, the weather around our beautiful globe.

After 13 years, California, USA, to open its first new state park.

California’s government recently announced it will receive a ten-square-kilometer piece of land, that will be converted into a park, and will become the 280th such green space in the state. It was donated by conservation group River Partners, who together with its collaborators have contributed approximately US$46 million to rehabilitate the site during the last decade. Native trees, grass, brush and milkweed for monarch butterfly-people are among the flora being planted. The new park is located in the San Joaquin Valley, which currently lacks such spaces, and the state government has a plan to spend US$5 million to construct picnic areas, trails, restrooms and more. California is a recipient of Shining World Leadership Awards for Environmental Protection, Compassion, Justice, and Good Governor, and a laureate of four Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, a Shining World Leadership Award for Protection, Shining World Super Loving Care Leadership Award, and two Shining World Leadership Awards for Loving Care. Kudos, government of California and River Partners, for your precious green efforts. May we continue restoring the beautiful natural world for both human and animal-people generations to come, in the goodwill of Heaven.

Pakistan bus network allows women to travel more safely.

Bus Rapid Transit in Peshawar Pakistan, launched in 2020, is an affordable, reliable and safe way for women to travel throughout the city, with female passengers increasing from only 2% of all public transport users in 2020 to about 30% in 2022. The fleet of diesel-electric hybrid buses has 25% of seats reserved for women. The new system has brought significant changes, such as hiring more female employees, well-designed and well-lit stations manned by more security personnel, as well as the presence of CCTV cameras, all of which make female passengers feel more welcome and at ease to travel on the public buses. The World Bank estimates that this move will increase Pakistani women’s access to work and education. Pakistan is a laureate of Shining World Leadership Awards for Good Governance and Justice. Thank you, Bus Rapid Transit, for your great service to your co-citizens. May your success inspire more providers to bring more positive changes to provide better service to all, in Allah’s gracious Light.

British man cycles around Netherlands to raise funds for charity helping Ukraine.

University of Manchester employee Joe Stafford from the United Kingdom recently cycled 1,400 kilometers in the Netherlands, on the Ronde van Nederland route, to raise money for the nonprofit UK-Med. The organization is running a Ukraine Appeal, and has established medical clinics across the nation so that their volunteer medics can treat people injured by the war, and train local physicians when necessary. Mr. Stafford managed to raise over £3,000. During his trip, he encountered various hardships due to the weather, but he persisted with the thought that he was inspiring so many people to support Ukraine. Much appreciation, Joe Stafford, for your noble and altruistic efforts. May the war immediately end so peace and stability can return to Ukraine, in God’s abounding Mercy. Vegan: awaken our real love inside.

Coming up, vegan comfort food restaurant brings delicious meals to Portland, USA, residents. Now let’s take a minute to pray for the safety of humanitarian aid volunteers in Ukraine, who are on the frontline to help war victims. More wonderful news when we return! Please stay with us here on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Happy News for a Thriving World.

Vegan comfort food delights residents of Portland, Oregon, USA.

The new restaurant Vegan Junk Food provides diners with well-known comfort dishes, such as plant-based nachos, chick’n nuggets, fries, burgers, milk shakes, pizza, three types of desserts and more, while protecting the planet. The premises opened during the COVID-19 pandemic, but without a dining area, and during that time the owners experimented with their recipes. Since then, the restaurant has become a fully established casual, fast-food eatery. Co-owner Jay Vance said, “…vegan is playful and there’s a lot of fun stuff, tofu and vita wheat gluten and soy products that really mimic meat in a great way.” Way to go, Vegan Junk Food team, for bringing delicious, plant-based meals to the kind-hearted people of Portland. In Celestial light, may the citizens of our planet quickly switch to the benevolent lifestyle, as they help to heal our home through their loving choices.

Biologist honored by United Kingdom-based conservation charity for her efforts against plastic pollution to save sea turtle-people.

The 2022 Whitley Award, which is given annually to support conservation leaders globally, was given to biologist Estrela Matilde for her work that protects sea turtle-persons in the small African nation of São Tomé and Príncipe. She is the executive director of the NGO Fundação Príncipe, and has been dedicated since 2015 to preserving the island’s biodiversity and conserving wildlife, especially achieving success in safeguarding turtle-people who nest on Príncipe’s beaches. When Ms. Matilde realized the increasing amount of plastic that detrimentally affects the turtle-persons, she initiated a project for community residents to gather the plastic waste, which is then used by women-led businesses to create trinkets to sell to tourists. Bravo, Estrela Matilde. May your noble mission keep on achieving good results in protecting the precious sea inhabitants, in the radiant love of Heaven.

We have an amusing joke waiting for you entitled “Airport Placement.”

Windsor Castle, outside of London, is directly on the flight path of Heathrow International Airport. While a group of tourists was standing outside the castle admiring the elegant structure, several planes flew overhead at a relatively low altitude making a tremendous amount of noise. One particularly annoyed tourist complained:

“Why did they build the castle so close to the airport?”

And now we have a heartline from Ingrid in Munich, Germany:

Dear Beloved Master and Supreme Master TV team, In a meditative state, I had a vision how angels are helping Ukraine in the war: The angels showed me that Putin and other leaders in the Kremlin and the military have a very dark energy. I could see vampire-like demons behind them who thrive on the suffering of humans, sucking up their blood and anguish. These demons are using Putin, tempting him, giving him the incentive of wanting to conquer the world. Thus, the dark forces try to keep their power on this planet to oppress and enslave humankind.

Then, I saw a map of Russia with many spots of light. Just the Kremlin was enveloped in dark fog. But in Russia at large, there are many upright spiritual people, which were the light spots. It was revealed to me that the war might lead to a lot of destruction for Russia and that Putin did not care about this.

Then, I was shown a huge army of angels aiding Ukraine. I saw images of mighty, radiant angels standing next to the Ukrainian soldiers, protecting their tanks, helping the Ukrainian people in many ways and also the aid workers. I also saw several tall angels standing behind President Zelenskyy in his presidential office and more angels around other people in the Ukrainian government.

At the end, I was shown an image of Ukraine on a map, dazzling with light. The light had a transformative energy that was spreading, raising the world to a more elevated spiritual level. May peace reign soon, Ingrid from Munich, Germany

Lucent Ingrid, We sing the praises of the angels who are invisibly protecting the noble Ukrainians in their battle for justice. The war waged by Putin has seen ruthless killings and shaken the lives of many. Let us all pray that the bright Celestial Light rekindles spiritual awakening on Earth. May you and the fine German people forever be showered with God’s Blessings, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master shares Her thoughts with you: “Soft-hearted Ingrid, it saddens me to see the suffering of humans and animal-people in our world today. Russia’s war with Ukraine really comes from an evil force that is trying to oppress a nation that has done nothing wrong to provoke or deserve that. Putin and his gang are not believers in God; otherwise, they wouldn’t have brutally attacked the innocent Ukrainian people. I’m glad the Ukrainians have faith. I want them to continue to have faith in Heaven. I want President Zelenskyy to know that the world is supporting him, and we are supporting him. May God save Ukraine, and may all humans wake up to make peace with humans as well as the animal-people for a Paradise on Earth. May the pure-hearted Ukrainians soon rejoice in victory as darkness vanishes from their land. Wishing you and robust Germany spiritual prosperity always.”

The mark of a great human is not 2 oppress, but 2 uplift n protect the weak n the innocent. Animal-people need ur protection; choose vegan now.

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via

Thank you for your company on Noteworthy News. May your path in life be filled with an abundance of joy and compassion.

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