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In today’s news, France donates €1.5 million for child nutrition programs in Madagascar, World Meteorological Organization says we may exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius threshold of warming in five years, Australian conservation group restores ex-grazing land for 20 years and will transfer it to rightful Indigenous owners, research indicates house plants can reduce indoor air pollutant by 20%, children in Canada sew teddy bears for refugees, US footwear brand seeks sustainability and equity through veganism, and veterinarian couple in Ukraine care for animal-people victims of war.

France supports child nutrition in Madagascar.

The government of France has donated a further €1.5 million on top of the €3.2 million given in the past three years to assist the United Nations World Food Programme’s efforts in Madagascar. Over 39,000 children under five years of age will receive specialized nutritious foods across the more disadvantaged southern districts. The funds will also help establish vegetable gardens in the region as part of the “MIARO” (which means “protect” in Malagasy) initiative. The interventions seek to provide a better, more diversified diet to prevent chronic malnutrition during a child’s first thousand days of life. Our warm gratefulness, France, for your generosity in supporting the well-being of our global citizens. May God forever shower the loving people of Madagascar with prosperity and an abundance of resources.

World Meteorological Organization (WMO) warns we may exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming soon.

A new WMO report cautions that there is a 50% chance that we will exceed the 1.5 degrees Celsius threshold of climate change in at least one of the next 5 years, and the probability has been rapidly rising since 2015. The WMO stated that since 2021, the world has experienced a temporary cooling effect due to La Niña; however, when the El Niño weather pattern returns, the planet may heat up quickly again and set a new record for warmth, as it did in 2016. Thank you, World Meteorological Organization, for warning of the increasing threat to our planet posed by climate change and the real risk of warming exceeding 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels. In the love of the Divine, may humanity soon wake up to the urgent need to go vegan to ensure the planet cools and a stable climate is restored. Vegan: See how many lives u save!

Up next, Australian conservation group restores ex-grazing land for 20 years and will transfer it to rightful Indigenous owners. We’ll now thank the vacuum cleaner repair technicians who help make their customers’ vacuum cleaners fully functional again. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more munificent news.

Hi, selfless friends, it’s me, Marlon, a vegan nobleman from the Maned Wolf kingdom! As your trusted friend, this is what I want to share with you: The gentle medicine that we so much need in our world right now is loving plant-based living. This will heal our world and bring so much contentment into our lives. Here is a little cleaning tip for you. You can clean the baseboards in your home to give them an aesthetically pleasing finish. For painted or stained ones, it is recommended you use a vacuum with a bristled brush hose attachment to get rid of the dust. Then use a microfiber cloth or a sponge to clean the baseboards with a 3:1 mixture of warm water and dish soap. Please wring out the sponge well to ensure you don’t get an excessive amount of water on the wood. For extremely dirty baseboards, allow the water to sit on them, and then wipe them down again. You’ll have spotless baseboards in no time with this cleaning method! Thank you for tuning in, and much love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all of us humans and all co-inhabitants alike. Now, the weather around the world!

Australian conservation group plans to return land to Aboriginal traditional keepers.

Trust for Nature recently agreed to transfer Neds Corner Station, a 30,000-hectare property in northwest Victoria state, to the Ngintait traditional owners in February 2024. The Ngintait managed the land for thousands of years before the animal-person livestock industry began using it for grazing and made it barren. In 2002, Trust for Nature purchased the space and began to restore it by reintroducing native vegetation. Now, after 20 years, Neds Corner Station provides a vibrant habitat for almost 1,000 species, including 21 previously unknown ones. Wow, Trust for Nature, we are so grateful for all your dedication and collaboration to rejuvenate this beautiful part of Australia to its native verdant beauty. Congratulations, Ngintait traditional owners, on regaining this area. In Heaven’s shelter, may many more lands return to their bountiful state, thus allowing more beings to live abundantly and in serenity.

United Kingdom researchers show house plants help remove indoor air pollutant.

The University of Birmingham joined with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) to test whether the peace lily, corn plant and fern arum helped to decrease levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in offices and homes. Each plant was put into a test chamber that had NO2 levels similar to a regular office located near a busy road. Within an hour, the amount of NO2 in the test chamber was reduced by half. People with animal companions must be careful as all three plants are toxic to cat- and dog-people. According to the team’s calculation, placing five house plants in a poorly ventilated office of around 15 square meters will reduce nitrogen dioxide by 20%. Our appreciation, University of Birmingham and RHS, for sharing this insight into this beneficial effect of houseplants. May we all live in healthy environments in harmony with the Earth’s flora and fauna, in the goodness of the Providence.

Canadian children create teddy bears for refugees.

A class of sixth-grade students from the Westmount Park Elementary School in Montreal recently undertook a project to handmake teddy bears to distribute to refugee children around the world. The endeavor was started by their teacher Sabrina Pianese, who read a historical novel called “Refugee” that details the lives of three 12-year-olds who were displaced from their respective nations. She had the class also read the work. Over 100 teddy bears have been made and sent to the Dolls of Hope non-profit in the United States, which will distribute them to refugee children around the world. Big cheers, students from Westmount Park Elementary School, Sabrina Pianese and Dolls of Hope, for helping to bring love and encouragement to beautiful youngsters in need of comfort. In the grace of the Divine, may the world’s future be bright and full of peace, as we nurture and care for all beings. Don’t choose vegan: languishing in the hospital is ur choice vacation.

Coming up, US footwear brand seeks sustainability and equity through veganism. We are going to take a moment to appreciate some old family photographs that remind us of wonderful times with dear ones. We’ll be right back with more touching news here on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Responsible News for a Brighter World.

Popular shoe company in United States becomes 100% vegan.

According to a 2021 report by footwear brand Crocs, the brand has fulfilled its pledge to eliminate animal-people- derived materials from its products and is committed to achieving net-zero by 2030. Going forward, Crocs has started incorporating bio-based Croslite, a new substance made from plant-based waste and byproducts, into its entire shoe collection. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), a Shining World Compassion Award recipient, praised the company’s decision and presented Crocs with a Compassionate Business Award in 2021. Way to go, Crocs, on your benevolent and sustainable vegan way of achieving eco-friendly goals. May your efforts inspire other companies to follow a similar example, in Celestial comfort.

Caring vets seek out animal-people companions left behind.

The war in Ukraine has caused many individuals to leave their beloved animal darlings at home because they had to flee for safety or go to serve in the military. Veterinarians Drs. Leonid and Valentina Stoyanov, the founders of the Vet Crew Foundation, are taking in their animal family members and caring for them. The dedicated couple have pledged to stay in Odessa, Ukraine, to look after all kinds of animal-folk. Leonid and Valentina also run the Vet Crew Hospital, that provides a lifeline for the animal-people victims of the war. The pair have shared a message with their co-citizens that if anyone cannot take their animal-person companion with them, they should write to the vets to see if they can take them in. Our hearts are touched, Drs. Leonid and Valentina Stoyanov, by your devoted care to our precious animal friends. May God always guide your way with Protection and Love. Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Tearfully present the Shining World Compassion Award to Drs. Leonid and Valentina Stoyanov, with appreciation and a humble, loving contribution of US$10,000 to help with medical needs of the intelligent animal-people under your generous protection, in Heaven’s immense Grace. May peace be restored in your freedom-loving country, bringing Divine upliftment and healing to you and your worthy co-citizens.”

The joke we have on hand is ready to bring some mood-elevating vibes into your day, so let’s check it out. It’s called “Take Care.”

The stubborn and strong-willed Jade is finally getting married. At the wedding ceremony, Jade’s father looks at his future son-in-law and says emotionally:

“Son, after marriage, you must…”

“I know, I will definitely take good care of her!”

“No son, I mean, after marriage... you must... take care of yourself!”


And now we have a heartline from Setia in Indonesia:

Some years ago, I visited my sister-in-law who suffered from cancer. I could hardly recognize her, as her whole body was swollen. I then meditated. Thereafter, a nurse came to replace the catheter. During the replacement, she said several times “Oh! Nice. It doesn’t hurt at all.” A few days later, she passed away. On cremation day, her brother’s wife told me that she said she was enlightened after I meditated. From then, she never had pain again. I was shocked and realized that it was Master who freed her from her pain.

I then remembered my mother who suffered for eight years following a stroke. Five months before she passed away, there were bedsores on her buttocks. My friend said that her aunt had the same condition for six months. Every day, she screamed in pain as if someone was torturing her. Thankfully, my mother did not feel pain at all.

Also, when my granddaughter was two months old, her maternal grandfather passed away. My daughter-in-law had to go to Jakarta (they live in Singapore). My husband and I were asked to help take care of her baby. She told us that every evening the baby was fussy. So we played Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Buddhist chanting every evening. Since then, she has never been fussy again.

I believe it’s all because Master liberated several of our generations at the time of initiation. Thank You so much, Master. Setia from Indonesia

Thankful Setia, Our appreciation for sharing your experience of how your initiation has already provided immense physical and spiritual benefit to so many of your family members. Truly, initiation is the greatest gift we can ever receive for ourselves and generations of our family line! May Heaven watch over you and all of majestic Indonesia, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has some wise words to share with you: “Dedicated Setia, the Grace of the Master Power not only blesses us but all our relatives and those who are close to us as well, when we are initiated into the inner Light and Sound Method of meditation. You can see clearly in your own life that this is so. The more we practice spiritually, the better the outcome for us and our family. Anywhere from five to nine generations can be liberated, depending on how well we practice. Continue to meditate and pray for yourself and your loved ones. Share the teachings with them and encourage them to go vegan as well, and you will see an ever more powerful transformation in yourself and the people closest to you. May the Divine forever bless you, your family, and the delightful Indonesian people.”

“Here, a noble disciple, having abandoned the destruction of life, abstains from the destruction of life.” ~ Anguttara Nikaya (Buddhism)

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal-people clips. Please send them via

It’s been a pleasure to have your company on Noteworthy News. May your days be blessed with Heaven’s bliss.

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