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Between Master and Disciples

Diligent Group Meditation to Protect Ourselves and the World, Part 2 of 6, May 2, 2022

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Even if these subvariants of Omicron seem to be mild, but they’re not. They are a silent killer, a slow killer, in different ways. (Oh. Wow.) Oh my God, people don’t understand, for the future generation. My God, they better repent. Repent. Pray, repent and turn vegan. That’s all the solution I can offer – for themselves, for the future, their future generation and for the planet.

This work we do is unconditional. (Yes, Master.) And because of that, we have to empower ourselves more. Not just rely on Master, because Master is already very overburdened. (Yes, Master.)

Sometimes I work so hard, I don’t know what kind of life this is. You see how much I have to do, right? (Yes, Master. A lot.) A lot of extra work, right? (Right. Yes, a lot of work.) You have only your work. OK, sometimes scramble, because of Fly-in News, that’s OK. Sometimes because of the situation. (Yes.) Normally, we don’t always have to do Fly-in News. Before we didn’t have a lot of Fly-in News. Did we? (No, Master.) Yeah, lucky for you, now you can have more work.

In the whole world are billions of people, how many people have such a fortune like you, doing such a top, noble job? (Yes, that’s true. True, Master.) You work even more than a president. I mean your meritorious job. (Yes, Master. Yes.) More meritorious than the job of a leader of a country. (Wow.) The leader of a country, he takes care of only his country. No? (Yes, Master. Right.) Mostly. And he contacts other countries just for diplomatic or commercial purposes. Or even with war or peace purposes. But you help in this team to take care of the whole world. (Yes, Master.) At least you are like presidential assistant. (Yes, Master.)

So, do not look down upon yourself, thinking whatever you do is OK, it doesn’t matter. It does matter. You have to empower yourself. You have to take care of your own spiritual and physical health. (Yes, Master.) You must take care of yourself, so I don’t have to. I couldn’t even take care of myself already.

You just think we have time, but we don’t have time. Many times, many things I want to do, it had to be put off, put off for many days. (Yes, Master.) Until it cannot be put off anymore, even for dogs’ comfort or for humans and for some disciples who have problems overseas, etc., etc.

I just seem to not have time. Because I take on too much work. (Yes, Master. Understand, Master.) It’s not that I want to, but it seems like it’s better when I do it. I tried to avoid much work already, I don’t even write “Thank you,” “God bless” to you anymore, I just make a “v” shape. (Yes.) A “v” check. Just to save as much as I can, a few seconds even.

I’m telling you guys, if you are sick you must go to a doctor. (Yes, Master.) Above all you must meditate. (Yes, Master.) You strengthen your protection armor outside your body. (Yes, Master.) The invisible one. Oh, there is some disciple who can see that. I don’t know if you saw the heartline about that. Any of you saw that? (Yes, Master.) The heartline? (Yes, Master. It’s airing today.) Oh, airing today? (Yes.) I saw that because I had to edit, but I didn’t see it today. Because once I edit already, read already, I don’t have time to look at it again. (Understand. Yes.) Unless it’s something really important.

The protection that you have is given to you, but you must protect it as well. (Understand, Master. Yes, Master.) Just like Master gives you food and gives you a house or gives you a roof to protect you, but you must stay in your house. (Yes. Right.) When it rains, when it’s too hot, when it’s too cold, you must stay in your house. (Right. Yes. Yes, Master.) And the food given to you, you must eat. Right? (Yes, Master. Yes.) You don’t make Master tell you every day, for every meal, “Please eat your food. Please eat so you have enough strength. Please go in your house, now is cold.” Do I have to do that? (No, Master.)

I have too many disciples, that’s my problem. And now I have too many workers. We need teamwork. There’s not just you; business also, (Yes, Master.) and dogs’ helpers, etcetera. (Yes, Master.) And even abroad, some abroad disciples also have problems, and I’ve got to help them also, personally, even though sometimes through other responsible department, but I still need to tell them what to do and follow up. (Yes, Master.) And all this takes a lot of my time. And my peace, my health as well. (Yes, Master.)

Without food, you won’t go to hell. Without meditation protection, cleaning yourself – you will. If you use up all your very little merit left over from past lives, or left over from whatever in this life that you have done good, or whatever you have done for Supreme Master Television – if you use it all up and you don’t fill it back in, then you’ll be in trouble. And the more depleted you are, the nearer you will go to hell, nearer to the border. (Yes, Master.)

The law of the physical universe doesn’t spare anyone. I repeat: the law of this physical universe spares no one. Even the Master has to meditate.

I used to have too much work before, I mean, more demanding of my physical body, seeing the disciples, having group meditation, a lot, a lot, a lot. And did not meditate well enough. So, I always got sick. And sometimes fatally sick even, almost. (Yes, Master. Understand, Master.) You have to pay the price of helping others. It would be so nice if I could tell you, “Oh, you just help others and then you will pile up your merit, and you will become a saint in no time. Nothing can touch you.” Oh, I wish it was true like that.

But if you went into the sea to rescue somebody, you will get wet. (Yes, Master.) And if you don’t have enough equipment or the wave is too strong, it will overwhelm you, and you will drown. Even if you save others, you might drown. Some people are like that. Some people have been drowned because they have saved others, but then when they are too exhausted, they drown. You know that. Or not? (Yes, Master.) (We know that.) A true story.

This world is like a big ocean of contamination, karma, pollution and bad, bad karmic influence. Even if you’re clean, the karma of the world can also overwhelm you. That’s why you can see nobody fares well in this world. (Yes.) Even many rich people or famous people, they confess that they’re not happy. (Yes.) And many of them are sick. Ah! By the way, you know, Mr. Osbourne. (Yes.) He claimed some time ago that because he worshipped the devil, Satan, so he doesn’t get COVID. He is in the hospital and I think had an operation or something like that. (Oh.) Serious. I’m telling you.

Only God can protect you. (Yes, Master.) The devil, even if you worship him, he still persecutes you if you don’t do the law of the universe well. If you don’t respect the law of the physical universe. (Yes, Master.) Alright.

You see, your brother and sister initiates, most of them have to travel long distance, either driving car or riding train and buses to go for group meditation, because they realize the power of meditating together. (Right.) And you guys, who work together in the same place, don’t have to travel – then you must treasure the opportunity to meditate together, because it’s immense blessing. (Yes, Master.)

If you don’t feel anything or you feel less, it’s because you don’t concentrate well, or your level is less than favorable. So, you must continue to be diligent in spiritual meditation, if you want to progress, and help yourself, your family, and the world at large. (Yes, Master.) Even now they could not go to group meditation. They have to do it at home, whether or not they have somebody or are alone. They cannot even go to group meditation. And you guys, you have everything, favorable conditions for spiritual progress. So, you must make the best out of it. (Yes, Master, we will.)

I mean, during pandemic, and even now still, they say the pandemic is like dying down, but it’s not true. It’s flaring up, in different countries. (Right, Master.) Even, Taiwan (Formosa) before used to have very much less with infected persons. And now, it flared up. Before, it was very much under control, very few, and now, a lot more. It spikes up more, a lot more than ever. (Yes, Master.)

And even if these subvariants of Omicron seem to be mild, but they’re not. They are a silent killer, a slow killer, in different ways. (Oh. Wow.) Oh my God, people don’t understand, for the future generation. My God, they better repent. Repent. Pray, repent and turn vegan. That’s all the solution I can offer – for themselves, for the future, their future generation and for the planet. (Yes, Master.)

What else did I want to tell you? What was it before? Can you tell me? It’s more important to meditate than even to eat because we need to keep our merit. Even if you don’t have food, you will not go to hell. (Yes.) But if you don’t cover yourself with the power of Heaven when you’re connected every day, you’re not covered up, you’re not covered. Then you can go to hell also. (Yes, Master.) Evidently, some of your initiated brothers and sisters got COVID. (Yes, Master.) You knew that? (Yes, Master.) We talked about that before. (Yes.)

So, don’t believe me, if you want to try. Good luck. (We believe You, Master.) You don’t have to believe me. You can try it, until you get sick, or die, or agonize in the hospital, or go to the lower level, then you will know what I’m saying. I hope you don’t have to experience that.

When I was in the hospital with like 10% survival chance, (Oh.) I was tied up with all kinds of tubes and IV (intravenous). And surrounded by other patients. Some were screaming, some were saying all kinds of stuff. I wished I could have been alone like before and meditate on the (Inner Heavenly) Sound Method, because I knew it would help me recover quickly. (Yes, Master.) I wished so much, so much in my heart that I could. But I could not.

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