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The Magical Book, Part 3 of 4



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In the previous episodes of the drama entitled, “The Magical Book,” we learned how a young princess destined to be heiress to the throne, had begun to realize many truths during her eye-opening journeys into the world outside the royal palace. “The people have to toil from dawn to dusk to earn their living. But, as the royal court residents, where do we get the money to live in such luxury and comfort? (From the citizens’ tax money!)”

“The government is not the lord of the country. The governments are the employees of the people, because the people pay taxes in order to keep them in office. That’s topsy turvy. If you work in any company, you have to work hard, you have to be diligent, you have to be respectful. And fulfill your duty well. Otherwise, you are scared to be fired. So the government should have that attitude. Any government at all.”

“This is country An Lạc. (The King is looking for a wise sage as his successor. We heard that in this village there is such a person who makes a living selling potato.) I hope you can help answer my questions. (I am not sure I can answer all of them, because what I know is mostly from the books, and that is the problem. Because the knowledge of the mind is limited while the problems in the world are unlimited. If a potato seller makes a mistake, it wouldn’t cause much harm, but a king making mistakes can harm tens of thousands of people.)”

“So it's better not to be greedy for positions with big responsibility. If we don't have talent, abilities or wisdom, we'll truly harm ourselves. We'll also harm the world and obstruct the evolution of the universe. The best thing for us to do is to improve our virtues and wisdom. When the Bodhisattva wants us to do anything, we'll do it, because we're ready.” “We can’t afford not to practice spirituality. It’s because regardless of the kind of work we do, be it in the artistic, political or economic fields, we still have to develop our wisdom to its greatest potential so that we can achieve perfection in our careers and serve the world.”
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