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A Journey through Aesthetic Realms

The Magical Book, Part 2 of 4



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Join us as we follow the princess on her next adventure in Part 2 today.

“This place is so peaceful! (Right. The world will be like this too, when humans and animal-people co-exist harmoniously.) Vegan food is so delicious! Why do we humans have to kill the animal-people [for food]? (They are sentient beings, just like us!)”

“They are living beings just like us. When you look into the eyes of animal-people, sometimes you will realize, ‘My God! We are equal. We are the same.’ And that feeling will send shivers all over your body, and give you an enlightenment that you would never dream of having. I told you that animal-people, can also teach you, flowers and trees and everything. In the Bible, God said that, ‘I made animals to help you, as your helper, as your friend.’ That's why we should never eat them, not mistreat them.” “When I become Queen, everyone has to be vegan! (I am with you!)”

“Just that bad officials can be replaced. But wars and natural disasters, how to avoid them? How?” “Killing animal-people, it’s the number one cause of war and famine and disaster and disease in the world. Because the animal-people, they also have souls. And when they die, before they die, they’re anguished, they’re lamenting, they’re calling to Heaven. In their own way, in their silent way, and the Heaven cannot just ignore their pleas. Even though humans are the best, but if we don’t behave as the best, then the karma still has to punish us.”

“This is strange! Some of these details aren’t mentioned in the books from the royal library. (Worldly history books often contain errors or are not complete because the historians were rarely wise, just and unbiased.)” “In fact, we need to read it again and reconsider whether the history was recorded as it really was. Besides, who recorded the history? He was just an official, a person. People had their own bias and their own shallow and flawed wisdom. They might include their own opinions, personal feelings or grudges in their writings. Therefore, sometimes don’t just read the history and then believe it simple-mindedly. We should use our wisdom.”
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