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Selections from “Songs of Kabir (vegetarian)”: Songs 77 – 100, Part 2 of 2



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Song 90 “To whom shall I go to learn about my Beloved? Kabir says: ‘As you never may find the forest if you ignore the tree, so He may never be found in abstractions.’”

Song 92 “The woman who is parted from her lover spins at the spinning wheel. The city of the body arises in its beauty; and within it the palace of the mind has been built. The wheel of love revolves in the sky, and the seat is made of the jewels of knowledge: What subtle threads the woman weaves, and makes them fine with love and reverence! Kabir says: ‘I am weaving the garland of day and night. When my Lover comes and touches me with His feet, I shall offer Him my tears.’”

Song 93 “Beneath the great umbrella of my King, millions of suns and moons and stars are shining! He is the Mind within my mind: He is the Eye within mine eye. Ah, could my mind and eyes be one! Could my love but reach to my Lover! Could but the fiery heat of my heart be cooled! Kabir says: ‘When you unite love with the Lover, then you have love's perfection.’”

Song 96 “O friend, dear heart of mine, think well! If you love indeed, then why do you sleep? If you have found Him, then give yourself utterly, and take Him to you. Why do you lose Him again and again? If the deep sleep of rest has come to your eyes, why waste your time making the bed and arranging the pillows? Kabir says: ‘I tell you the ways of love! Even though the head itself must be given, why should you weep over it?’”

Song 99 “Oh Narad! I know that my Lover cannot be far: When my Lover wakes, I wake; when He sleeps, I sleep. He is destroyed at the root who gives pain to my Beloved. Where they sing His praise, there I live; When He moves, I walk before Him: my heart yearns for my Beloved. The infinite pilgrimage lies at His feet, a million devotees are seated there. Kabir says: ‘The Lover Himself reveals the glory of true love.’”
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