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Selections from “Songs of Kabir (vegetarian)”: Songs 77 – 100, Part 1 of 2

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Kabir was a great Indian poet who was fully devoted to the Creator. He was a Saint who not only endeavored to live the Truth, He wrote about it through His divine gift of verse. Kabir’s writings highlight a synthesis between both Muslim and Hindu thought. He described himself as being, “at once the child of Allah and of Ram.” Let us hear the story as told by Supreme Master Ching Hai during an international gathering in France in 2008.

“So after Kabir died, Muslim and Hindu fought with each other who will take the body to where. So then, after discussing for a long time, the body was still laying in the coffin waiting. Until next morning when they decided both to come there to debate about who will take the coffin home, the Master’s body. Then they open the coffin, they see nothing in there. He only saw one rose, in the coffin. The body’s gone, just one rose. The symbol of love, unification. Love is only one. There is no Muslim, there is no Hindu. The Master wanted to leave the message like that.”

Today, we would like to introduce you to the wisdom from “The Songs of Kabir.” The selections from Songs 77 to 88 reveal the importance of seeking and practicing with a perfect living Master, and the genuine path to God realization.

“O my heart! Let us go to that country where dwells the Beloved, the ravisher of my heart! There Love is filling her pitcher from the well, yet she has no rope wherewith to draw water; There the clouds do not cover the sky, yet the rain falls down in gentle showers: O bodiless one! Do not sit on your doorstep; go forth and bathe yourself in that rain! There it is ever moonlight and never dark; and who speaks of one sun only? That land is illuminated with the rays of a million suns.”

“This day is dear to me above all other days, for today, the Beloved Lord is a guest in my house; My chamber and my courtyard are beautiful with His presence. My longings sing His Name, and they are become lost in His great beauty: I wash His feet, and I look upon His Face; and I lay before Him as an offering, my body, my mind, and all that I have.”
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