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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 189 - The Roerichs (vegetarians) on the Epoch of Maitreya

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“The black Lodge does exist and is very powerful, because it acts through the masses, and its best servants are recruited from the feeble-minded, the lukewarm, and the wavering.”

Many of the ancient scriptures and prophecies that we have explored so far in our multi-part series have spoken of a decisive Armageddon, or Final Battle between the Forces of Light and darkness that would take place at the end of a time known as the Dark Age.

The same kind of foretelling can also be found in the spiritual literature of Nicholas and Helena Roerich of Russia, who founded the Agni Yoga Society for the very purpose of raising awareness about this critical period for our planet.

“…We are approaching the great decisive battle between the Armies of Light, led by the Archistrategist Michael, and the hordes of the Prince of this World (Satan), approaching the Great Day of Judgment, when the whole army of Gog (Satan and his subordinates) must be exterminated.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai has also confirmed that the Day of Judgment and the Final Battle are now upon us, and that She Herself has been working with the Godses of the Original Universe to stop Satan’s army and banish them from this Earth.

“I ordered all the Godses to hunt down all of the zealous demons, or harmful. Here I only say, ‘Zealous demons; locked them in hell forever.’ (Wow.) (Thank You, Master.)”

“‘All troublemakers must go, go, go, go, go. Go where, accordingly, not here, except good angels, protectors, saints, sages and all the harmless can stay. But all the harmful beings must also leave within three days.’ I said to the Ihôs Kih. That was on May 3rd (2020). […]”

“Zealous spirits returned to hell 93%.”

The turbulence during the Final Battle serves as a means of purifying, or screening out the elements unfit for the new era.

“These processes at the end of Kali Yuga cannot be stopped on command. They must be outlived… The seeds must be separated from the chaff! … The manifestation of unfit elements is great at the end of Kali Yuga. The fiercer Armageddon is, the better it serves as purifier of the dross (tainted matter).”

However, Satan’s subordinates, including the zealous demons, constitute a powerful force that is hard to get rid of quickly, especially as they have enlisted many of us humans in their ranks!

“The black Lodge does exist and is very powerful, because it acts through the masses, and its best servants are recruited from the feeble-minded, the lukewarm, and the wavering.”

If you’re pure and innocent, demons cannot touch you. (Yes. That’s right.) So, these people, they are not humans anymore. Maybe they were before, but they are contaminated by power and fame. So, they are possessed by demons. They’re allowed to be possessed by demons because they’re not good, they’re not morally protected. (Yes, Master.) They don’t have any morals in their heart, that’s why. So, you cannot blame the demons, either. (Understand.) That’s their job to get those who are not pure. (Right.)”

“The epidemic of (demonic) possession is a phenomenon that characterizes the time of the Great Battle. … Amidst humanity can be found unusual diseases of the brain and nerves, as well as every sort of perversion.”

(Are there still many around, demons?) Oh, yes. (Oh.) Of course, and they are hiding in humans’ life as well. (Oh, no.) […] Many of them are also COVID[-19] victims. (My goodness.) […] They turn even people into zombies. And the soul is pushed out, forced out. (What happened to those souls?) Don’t worry about these souls, I caught them and sent them up to Heaven. […]

And tell you what: Alzheimer’s disease, (Yes.) it’s not truly a disease per se, it is some half successful zealous demons’ doing. (Oh, my goodness!) […] So they don’t remember anything. They don’t recognize their own wives and kids even. (That’s unbelievable.)”

“The vacillations of the spirit may be truly astonishing. [During Armageddon] one may feel indignant about the way in which the finest people are greeted with threats and hatred. It is as if the soil itself were speeding to destruction!”

(Master, President Trump seems to do all the good things for America.) It seems so. (But why are people still against him? […] )

What’s the reason? Why? Why? Why did they kill Jesus? Why did they try to assassinate the Buddha? Why did they assassinate, or torture or persecute so many of the Masters or many good people since time immemorial? Why, why, why? People, they just do that because they are under influence of the demons. I told you, the zealous demons, they want to cause trouble so people will quarrel with each other, and then it may result in killing each other and then they can eat the corpse. Not physically, but the energy mixed with that corpse. […] That’s how they can survive, the zealous demons.

“In the Puranas it was predicted that toward the end of Kali Yuga humanity would be driven to acts of madness. … But how do you explain to people that their leaders and their teachers are insane? How can you convince a nation that immediate measures must be taken for the restoration of its health?”

“And now, because of the pandemic, it’s like Armageddon now. So, the zealous demons, they are also behind whoever are their people, their team. (Yes, Master.) They run up and down, in and out, west, east, north, south, to support different big figures, like p Francis, like Biden, (Yes, Master.) Pelosi or like Putin. Oh, God. […]”

“He’s crazy. He should be in the asylum, (Yes, Master. Definitely.) loony asylum. […] Not in the top seat. (Yes, Master. It’s true.) And I hope Russian soldiers, other nearby advisors or government top leaders, realize that he’s crazy. If you listen to him, you will go to hell all together.”

“And the thing is, many big people, the top of society, are working for Satan. You can see that on the news. (Yes, Master.) […]”

“Because they rape children. (Yes.) And now they support killing children. Oh, how far will they go? How much further? There’s no other end. (No, Master.) […] Oh dear God! […]”

“Top powerful people on this planet are leading all to hell.”

“The battle is started by the dark ones because in their fury they are trying to destroy as much as they can before their days are over. From them, and from their best collaborators— the tepid and neutral ones— come all the terrors of revolutions, all the violence.”

“This is not karma; this is really bloodthirsty demons’ workers, (Wow.) who try to cause trouble to spill bloodshed to cause suffering and sorrow for the innocent.”

“The inaction from NATO, EU, and the whole world is also acting as an accomplice with Russia to kill Ukrainian people. (Oh. True.) Yeah, what else? (Yes, exactly.) […]”

“But, this seems like the devil is taking over, so it makes everybody to be in a daze or something. They don’t understand. Or they don’t listen or, they fear for… whatever. Looks like they’re under a spell. (Oh, right. Yes, Master.) […]”

It is humanity who enforced that spell. Because of their violent way of life. It’s not Putin alone who can do all this.”

“(Shortly after I started to meditate, in my vision I saw the transformation body of Master waiting for me. Master said, ‘We’re going to the underwater world.’ Then She quickly took me to a very deep sea. Master said, ‘A huge submarine volcano is about to erupt violently. We must subdue the poisonous fire dragon in this submarine volcano, who has just been released by evil beings.’ As soon as we entered the volcano, we smelled an indescribable stench. This is the poisonous smell that only evil beasts emit, signifying putrefaction and death.

When the demonic fire dragon saw us coming, it retreated and tried to hide. Master first spoke kindly to the demonic fire dragon: ‘Although your seal has been lifted by the wicked, who released you to harm the Earth, you can choose not to cause chaos and not to harm lives.’ As the demonic fire dragon had just been released by the evil beings, it was difficult for it to think clearly and listen to Master’s words. It just acted according to its previous evil habit and immediately spat fire at both of us! Master and I fought desperately against the demonic dragon. Until we subdued it, Master locked it again with new chains, and the demonic fire dragon could not do evil anymore.

Master said, ‘This evil beast is not extremely evil in nature, so we can spare its life. But if we don’t deal with it, I’m afraid the deep-sea volcanic eruption will cause abnormal tectonic movements, resulting to destructive earthquakes.’ In recent months, many of the evil beasts that were sealed by great saints in ancient times have been released by unknown dark forces to endanger the world. Master has been actively dealing with them. The Earth is now facing various tangible and intangible crises, including the possibility of being swallowed by black holes, invasion by evil asura forces, the frequent occurrence of sinkholes, chaos caused by evil beasts, approaching killer stars, and other problems.

Master is the legendary Savior. Not only does She, in the human world, fearlessly engage demon followers in ideological wars of justice and lead everyone to establish concepts and actions of fairness and justice; in the invisible world, She is also tirelessly fighting evil forces from all directions to protect Earthlings who are unable to defend themselves.

Thank You, Master! I hope everyone can recognize the greatness of Supreme Master Ching Hai and follow Her compassionate teachings to embark on the correct Path of Love, and to build a benevolent world of pure kindness!”

According to the Agni Yoga prophecies, in time, there will be only one outcome of the Final Battle: “The victory of the Forces of Light.” But the question to each of us, remains: Which side are we on today, the Light or the dark? That determines where we will go tomorrow. Will we be the discarded chaff to be burned, or the salvaged seed deemed fit for the bright new era?

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