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Inspired Doctor and Clairvoyant Michel de Nostredame, Part 2 of 2



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In the mid-1540s, Michel de Nostredame returned to France to continue treating plague victims. He researched and prepared plant-based remedies, such as “a sovereign scent powder to drive out pestilential odors” which could only be made once a year during the rose season.

During 1548 to 1549, Michel de Nostredame journeyed through Italy. Nostradamus began experimenting with treatments based on vegetable jams. By this time, he had published two books on medical science. One was a translation of “Galen, the Roman Physician,” and the second was “Traité des fardemens et confitures,” meaning “The Treatise on Makeups and Jams,” containing recipes for foods, treatments, and cosmetics.

Increasingly, Michel de Nostredame moved away from medical science and focused more on the occult. He would spend hours meditating at night in front of a bowl of water with special herbs. In deep meditation, he was transported into a trance where he had a multitude of visions. Those visions are believed to have been the basis of his predictions.

Yearly almanacs were a popular publication at the time. Michel de Nostredame saw this as a perfect vehicle for his predictions and published his first almanac in 1550. Nostradamus continued to publish almanacs, but the book that made him the world-famous prophet we know today was his book “Les Prophéties,” or “The Prophecies.” Nostradamus himself stated that his prophecies extend “from now to the year 3797.”

In 1994, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke of Nostradamus’s predictions. During a conference in 2018, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai mentioned how Nostradamus and many of the beloved beings have suffered on this planet.

His bones were first buried in the church of the convent of the Friars Minor, known as the Convent of the Cordeliers, as he had wished, where the epitaph was engraved: “Greatest God. Here rest the bones of the illustrious Michel de Nostredame, alone of all mortals judged worthy to record with his almost divine pen, under the influence of the stars, the future events of the whole world.”

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