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Inspired Doctor and Clairvoyant Michel de Nostredame, Part 1 of 2

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Michel de Nostredame, better known as Nostradamus, was a widely read prophet during the Renaissance period. To date, he is said to have accurately predicted such events as the rise of Napoléon Bonaparte, the atomic bombs in Japan, the death of US President John F. Kennedy, the events of 9/11, and even the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nostradamus was said to have an almost divine memory and a cheerful, pleasant character. His classmates called him “the young astrologer” because “he would point out and explain to them the celestial phenomena.” Records show that on October 23, 1529, Michel de Nostredame was admitted to the faculty of medicine in Montpellier to earn his doctorate in medicine. He nicknamed himself “Nostradamus,” which means “We give what is ours, we pass on our knowledge.”

Nostradamus was passionate about the study of medicinal plants. Throughout his travels, he concentrated on courageously helping victims of the plague. Michel de Nostredame was very innovative. He also created herbal treatments, one of which became known as the “rose pill.” His cure rate was so good that he became quite famous for his novel therapeutic approach.

Somewhere along the way, it is said that Michel de Nostredame attended ancient mystical schools and experienced some type of psychic awakening. The first account of his psychic abilities occurred in the late 1530s, while in Italy, when he met a group of Franciscan monks and addressed one of them as “His Holiness,” thus identifying him as a future pope.

During a lecture in 1994, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke about how Nostradamus attained his prophetic insights. “He led a life of a very, very busy physician. But even then, all day he took care of the patients; in the nighttime, he meditated. People said he would sit all night and stare in a bowl of water or the black mirror – called “black mirror.” Probably he put a black mirror on it, probably he looked at his black mirror here, the way we do. That was how he saw things far away from his period of time even, and many things he saw have been proven accurate. Is that not so? Also, he predicted the present savior of the world. It was very accurate, very accurate.”

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