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A Vegan Journey for Love: Interview with the Reverend Father Donatello Iocco (vegan), Part 2 of 2

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In today’s episode, we will continue the inspiring story of Father Donatello Iocco and learn more about his method to bring together vegans and those who are considering embracing the plant-based diet. “And I would begin with some scripture and just kind of leading it and kind of emphasizing, God doesn't want animal sacrifices. And I would try to answer the best that I can, then we would watch the documentary and I kind of made it so it kind of progressed to prepare you for some animal slaughter footage that I had.”

“Speaking from reading from enlightened Masters and from the past and present, I think, I always call it, we have that veil. We want to remove that veil. So, really, those who are doing a regular meditation understand what that veil is. I think it just becomes a blocker. And it might not bar you from progressing in a sense, but I always call it a stepping stone, if eating a plant-based diet can help you do that next step into opening up your prayer life.”

Father Donatello also praised Supreme Master Ching Hai’s urgent messages to spiritual leaders and meat eaters. “Those are powerful words, they’re true words (to spiritual leaders). And as She's speaking, I know, She's saying it to the leaders and saying, you tell your congregation or the faithful, the followers, but again, it's also directed to them. It’s saying, are you being that example? Most people won't think this, but is it contrary to what you're saying about loving and caring about the outcast, about the poor, but then leaving out all the rest of God's creation that are suffering, and not only that, this devastation upon the Earth that's happening before our eyes. The extinction of animals as well, that we're never going to see again. If you see an extinction of a species, it's not going to be long till we're part of that too.

It’s a very powerful statement (for meat eaters). Actually, it made me emotional reading it. I think that who heard that and took it to apply it obviously to themselves, if that did not move them to really reflect on how they contribute to that. And every time you take a bite (of meat) and it destroys a part of the planet, I mean, that's a big responsibility. We are responsible.”

“For the fate of humans and the fate of animals is the same. As one dies, so dies the other. They all have the same breath, and humans have no advantage over the animals. For all is vanity.”
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