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Visits to Hell, Part 8 – Master rescued animal meat business owners from hell who had a bit of repentence because of watching Supreme Master Television when alive

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“Most Respected Master, At 3 am today, I was woken up from my sleep by my Inner Master and given a list of names. I was to help rescue the people on the list from hell.

Upon arrival in hell, I was told by the venerated Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva: ‘These sinners in the Avici hell (incessant hell) have incurred extremely heavy karmic debt and are beyond pardon. Their only recourse is if your Master personally bails them out.’

I reported accordingly to Master via telepathic communication. As I did so, Master’s transcendental body appeared and hurriedly led me to an Avici hell. Here, the wrongdoers were hung upside down naked; their bellies were being slit open in the same way cow-people are in slaughterhouses.

Master released one of them, who then knelt before Master. Master tucked him inside Her sleeve and hastened to another hell.

There, people were force-fed until they weighed over 1,000 kilograms. Then they were hung upside down and slaughtered, causing them extreme pain. These people, during their time on Earth, had force-fed pig-people for competitions, winning the award for having bred the biggest and heaviest pig-person.

Among these offenders, Master found a person who had been forcibly fed until he became a huge lump of meat. When he was released from the hook, he fell heavily onto the floor and cried to Master.

Master told him, ‘This is the consequence of your vicious and merciless actions. I come to save you only because you show a tiny bit of repentance.’

Before they died, these two persons had watched ‘Master’s URGENT Message to All Animal Meat Business & Livestock Factory Owners, also Fishing, Egg, Milk, Fur, Lab Test, Cosmetics and Leather Industries’ on Supreme Master Television. But they did not believe it.

When they recently fell into the Avici hell, in their extreme sufferings, they remembered Master’s words and had a tiny trace of regret. Therefore, the compassionate Master came to save them from hell.


After that, Master gave me two small round and radiant name discs and told me, ‘There are two more. Go and save them.’ Master’s Power then brought me to another Avici hell.

The offenders here were forced to bite down on an iron rod at the front of an iron cart and pull the cart with all their might. They were like the horse-people that have a bit inserted into their mouths and are forced to pull the carts. The offenders who could not get the cart to move were whipped repeatedly until their skin and flesh were ripped open.

These were the offenders who, when they were alive, forced horse-people to pull heavy carts and whipped them brutally. When I took out one of the small round discs, one of the horse-people abusers was freed by Master’s Power. I quickly tucked him away safely and quickly proceeded to the next hell.

In this hell, beings were repeatedly scraped on their skin by sharp knives, the way pig-people are scraped until they become a bloody mess and are then chopped into pieces on the chopping board. These offenders used to be butchers who sold pork, and it was their practice to scrape the pig-people’s skin repeatedly with a knife. I took out the other small round disc and one of them was released. Master’s Power let me quickly fly out of hell carrying these two persons.

These two – a man and a woman – had become unrecognizable due to too much punishment. They crawled before me and said, ‘We had watched Supreme Master Television when we were alive, but we didn’t heed Master’s advice. We didn’t correct our errors, so we ended up in the Avici hell. We are fortunate that Master sent you to save us.’

I asked them, ‘When you were being punished, did Supreme Master Ching Hai ever appear in your mind?’ They replied, ‘The image of Supreme Master Ching Hai did flash across our minds for a millionth of a second. Therefore, Master sent you to save us.’

This is a testament to what Master said in ‘Moses and the Ants, Part 5 of 13.’”

“I worked with the Heavens to put that rescue area there. Like a refugee camp (Wow.) outside of the black hole. That’s for the hell beings, whoever can just one split nanosecond remember God or remember the Saints, or repentant, or calling for help. Then we can use that raft, to take them up to that area.”

“I asked further, ‘How long have you been in hell for abusing animal-people?’ They said, ‘Not long, so there was still hope to be rescued by Master. If we had been in the Avici hell for a long time, we would have completely lost our sanity and would have been unable to remember Supreme Master Ching Hai or any Saints.’ No wonder Master was in such a hurry to save them. If the offenders had been punished for a long time, they would have completely forgotten Master’s image and have no hope for release. It would have been too terrible!

We are grateful that Supreme Master Television broadcasts globally, so that people who have watched the television programs but still make mistakes, can think of Master when they are in danger and thus be released from hell. Its influence is indeed inconceivable! We are grateful to Master for Her infinite compassion and selfless vows! Recorded with gratitude and respect by Lioyin, Taiwan (Formosa)”

Vegan, no? Imagine if u r tortured n killed!

Vegan: choose it 4 ur future.

Each of Master’s disciples has similar, different or more inner spiritual experiences and/or outer world blessings; these are just some samples. Usually we keep them to ourselves, as per Master’s advice.

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