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Compassion Toward All of God's Creation: Interview with Rabbi Eliyahu Soiefer (vegan), Part 2 of 2

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Joyful viewers, let’s continue watching Rabbi Eliyahu Soiefer’s moralistic stories on today’s show.

“The children are very open-minded, children are willing to listen. They're not set in their ways, so to speak. So if at a young age, we introduce children to the idea, to the ideas of compassion for all of God's creation. And if we introduce them to some of the concepts that I was explaining to you a few moments ago about God's original plan for humanity.”

“And as we discussed a little bit earlier, one of the most important ideas of Judaism, is the fact, as we discussed, that the original diet of humankind was a plant-based diet. And that our animal diet is not the way that it was meant to be. We've gone off the path. And our whole job is to act in ways that bring us back to the original path so that we can create a form of paradise once again, on this Earth.”

Rabbi Eliyahu Soiefer is not only a vegan spiritual leader, but also an accomplished musician and composer. He will now open up about his passion for music and connects its miraculous power with a spiritual story.

“He said that since we were born inside of it, we can't hear it because we're so used to it, so to speak. In any event, according to that, we see that all the vibrations of the sound waves of the universe are really what we are living inside of. So (what) we're talking about is the very powerful, spiritually potent, spiritual power of music. And that is why you know, I could talk and talk and talk and talk, but not get to you, not really get to you, but if I play you a beautiful song or you listen to a beautiful symphony or you hear the strumming of a guitar, not only does it get to you somehow, it can make you cry. It can make you want to dance. It can make you have unbelievable revelations of the mind and the heart. What is this mysterious power? So this is the power of the musical note.”

“As long as we can find common ground, things that we have and build on and try to make a harmonious planet, a harmonious world, and it's up to us, really, who else is going to do it if not human beings? We were given the capacity and the stewardship, the stewardship of this Earth by God Almighty. And we should do it in a positive way.”
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