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Shining World Compassion Award Recipient: Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission – Tiny Homes and Big Hope for the Homeless

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Mr. Ken Craft is the founder and CEO of Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission, an exemplary caring housing and homeless service agency with 220 staff and 17 locations across Los Angeles, California, in the United States. Opened in 2009, this noble organization’s mission is to prevent poverty, hunger, and homelessness by extending dignified housing and life transforming services to the less fortunate. Responding to the deepening homeless crisis during the Covid-19 pandemic, Hope of the Valley collaborated with the city government in launching “Tiny Home, Big Hope” initiatives, which provide tiny homes and key services to some of the most vulnerable people in Greater Los Angeles.

“It provides a place for people to start over. It's safe, we have four security guards on site at all times. And then we also have a place where people can store their belongings and a place for those that might have pets. You'll notice the bright colors, and that's intentional. We want this to be a place of life and good energy. If you look inside of here, you'll notice that there are two beds, there's air conditioning, there's heating, there's shelving, there's two electrical outlets so people can charge their cell phone and other electronics. And most importantly, there is a front door that locks. And this is so important, especially for so many women who have been traumatized and sexually abused living on the streets. This is what's known as interim housing. And the next step from here is to then move people into permanent housing.”

Upon hearing about Hope of the Valley’s caring work, Our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Gratefully present the Shining World Compassion Award to the Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission, plus a humble US$10,000 to further your caring endeavors, with special thanks to the Los Angeles city government for your loving support.”

“In recognition of exemplary kindness, providing housing services to the vulnerable, courageously advocating for dignified living while nurturing hope, building shelters and a caring home, enriching spirits and saving lives through unconditional love. With compliments and gratitude for your wise, compassionate and benevolent commitment to uplift citizens.”
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