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Shining World Hero Award Recipient: Milo – the Guardian Angel Pitbull

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On today’s show, we travel to Minnesota, USA to meet Milo, a heroic dog who saved his family from a house fire. Minnesota is famously known as “Land of 10,000 Lakes” because of the many magnificent and shimmering lakes spread out across the entire state. It is also a state with vast and untamed nature where humans and animals live peacefully and happily among each other. One night when the Hansen family was peacefully asleep, a fire sparked in the garage. Milo noticed the danger and immediately ran into the bedroom of his human caretakers, Carrie and Dave Hansen, to alert them. Thanks to Milo’s quick actions, all three of them were able to escape the big fire which eventually engulfed the entire property. Bravo Milo for your incredible intuition and life-saving actions! Last year, we had the privilege of meeting Milo and interviewing his caregivers. Dave and Carrie shared stories with us about how active, intelligent and lovely Milo is. His presence not only brings happiness, but also gives them a sense of protection, thanks to his keen senses. “We just saw that Carrie you just did high-five with him before giving him food.” “Yeah, he’s smart.” “Really cool like friends, high-five or high-ten. In what [way] if any [does] this event change your perception on the intelligence animals?” “You’d be amazed how smart he really is. He can go from one thing to another but I mean he's pretty smart, especially with that ball. You’ll hide it from him and he will come into a room he hasn’t been in 3 days and he knows that ball is under something.” Animals have incredible intelligence and Milo is no exception. We’d be surprised at the knowledge and wisdom of our animal friends. Dave and Carrie Hansen, despite losing almost everything, are grateful that they still have each other and especially their beloved Milo. Upon hearing about the smart actions of the canine guardian, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai: “thankfully confer the Shining World Hero Award to Milo, with US$2,000 for goodies, with all love and many hugs, plus US$3,000 for the Hansen family, with much sorrow and prayers for a speedy recovery, in God’s love.” Thank you Milo for your caring vigilance over your human companions. May you and the Hansen family live a healthy and happy life full of Blessings from the Divine.
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