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Shining World Invention Award Recipient: Rishab Jain (vegetarian) – A Brilliant Young Inventor

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On today’s program, we visit picturesque Portland in Oregon, USA. This culturally diverse “City of Roses” is home to Rishab Jain, a 15-year-old vegetarian inventor and recipient of the Shining World Invention Award. Young programming genius Rishab Jain has developed a smart algorithm that enhances current treatments for pancreatic cancer. After becoming aware of the low survival rates associated with pancreatic cancer, and the fact that very little study has been done on its treatment. Young Rishab was awarded the US-based Discovery Education 3M’s 2018 Young Scientist Challenge award, along with a US$25,000 prize, for his diagnostic achievement. This inspirational young man hopes his work encourages others to focus on positive solutions. “I think that it's been really big for me to work at such a young age and in such a big area. And I think that my invention in the future will really help in the medical field because it opens up a lot of possibilities and a lot of ideas for applying a new field like artificial intelligence into medicine. My biggest wish would have to be to encourage everybody to continue working for things that are positive and not focus on the negative things in life.” Upon hearing of Rishab’s talent, Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Joyously present the Shining World Invention Award to Rishab Jain, with US$10,000 to further his lives-saving project. With congratulations, and lots of love and best wishes in God’s blessing.” The polite teen graciously expressed his appreciation. “Well, it's really amazing that I've been able to get recognized for my work and for my contributions in this area and this award along with the prize money that the Supreme Master has given, will be very helpful in the future for encouraging me to continue working in this area, and also funding some of my more inventions and developments. Thank You so much for the award and recognition.”
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