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Heaven Does Not Accept the Killing of the Unborn, Part 8 of 8, Oct. 22, 2021

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I just pray to God that they all listen. (We also.) I pray to God to give them the power to understand what I’m saying. To believe what I’m saying and just to do what’s God’s will, because God says everywhere in all the religions, “Thou shalt not kill.”

This is truly hypocrisy from the pope, because remember, a long time ago, he condemned same-sex marriage. (Yes.) And didn’t give them any blessing that was requested for their marriage, remember? (Yes, Master. Yes, we do.) It’s kind of like he denied them. (That’s right, Master.) Like, disowned them. (Oh, yes, Master.) Like they are the worst sinners, or something untouchable.

They only marry each other. They harm nobody. (Yes, that’s right.) And many of them are very charitable. (Yes.) Very kind people, very artistic also. I know many of them. (Yes, Master.) And they do it out of love also, for each other. And love is what counts. (Yes, Master.)

And condemn them, oh, until the ultimate, deny them communion, deny them their union, and excommunicate them. (Yes.) Deny them and hurt their feelings, and sabotage their psychological wellness and mental tranquility. And destroy their emotions. (Yes, Master.)

In the long run, it has a very big psychological effect. (That’s right.) Because they trust these priests and pope, and they let them down. Instead of giving them their blessing and telling them to be more abstinent. Even if they think they are sinners, then tell them to repent. Right? (Yes, Master.) No! Condemning them.

And here, murdering children, babies ‒ cannot condemn! He said, “Don’t condemn them, treat them with tenderness,” these murderous politicians. Isn’t that hypocrisy? (Yes. Definitely.) Or not? (Yes, it is. For sure.)

What else then? It makes me sick to my stomach. I feel sick to my stomach. (Yes, Master.) How these kinds of people, sitting at the top, and misleading the world. (Yes, that’s right.) Damaging the tenet of Jesus, (Yes.) and God’s commandments. (Yes, Master.) This is not a small thing. (No, Master.)

I condemn all these people. They are not good for the world. (That’s right, Master.) If they don’t repent, they should be condemned. (Yes, that’s right.) They should do the opposite, then maybe I will have compassion. Maybe I will pray for them. But right now, they are devils. I don’t pray for the devils to prosper. I don’t pray for the devils to continue to harm innocent human beings and babies. Do you hear me? (Yes, Master.)

I don’t pray for these people. (Yes, Master.) Because whatever they do, they just have to go to hell, no matter I pray or not. And I don’t want to pray for these people who are murderers. Murderers of innocent babies. Got that? (Yes, Master. That’s right.)

I don’t have compassion for the devils. Because who will have compassion for humanity? For the innocent babies. (Yes, that’s right.) (Yes, Master.) My compassion is for the humanity. For the erring humanity, for the badly-influenced- by-the-devils humanity. I have compassion for the helpless babies but not for these evil. (Yes, Master.)

That’s my response to the pope, if he even has enough intelligence or humane quality to listen.

I just pray to God that they all listen. (We also.) I pray to God to give them the power to understand what I’m saying. To believe what I’m saying and just to do what’s God’s will, because God says everywhere in all the religions, “Thou shalt not kill.” There is a reason. You see? (Yes, Master.)

It’s very sad, but has to be said. (Yes, Master.) Has to be said. Nobody says anything. I don’t see any newspaper talk about that. Except to print what the pope said, they have not said anything against it. (That’s right, Master.) Or surprise or shock, nothing. Too powerful. (Yes, Master.)

Woe to whoever uses their power for the wrong end. Satan and devils will be waiting for them. That’s what they tempted them for, so they have more to torture in hell. (Yes, Master.) They are bored down there, waiting for these kinds of people. First, they send some subordinates to get them because they’re greedy for power and gain. So, some of the subordinates of Satan go to them and possess them or influence them, (Understand. Yes, Master.) day in, day out. And then, they are happy to wait for them in hell so that they can have something to do. Someone to torture, so they can hear their screams.

What do you think the devils do? What do you think? (They’re just torturing.) That’s their job, they like it. (Yes.) Just like sadistic persons on this planet, they like it when somebody else suffers. That’s what it is. (Yes, Master.)

So, that’s what awaits them, because Heaven cannot welcome this type. (Yes. Yes, Master.) There’s no such quality in Heaven. (Yes. That’s right, Master.)

I cannot emphasize it enough. They don’t understand this. Whatever you do, it will be done to you. And ten-thousand-fold, hundred-thousand-fold, or millions-fold more. And more painful than on Earth. (Wow.) You don’t die quick. You don’t die quick, you’ll be tortured day in, day out, all the time. It depends. Mostly you don’t have a respite, if you yourself do it, or condone it, or make a law of killing. (Yes, Master.)

Even meat eaters, they have some respite in between. But these murderers, they won’t. (Wow. Unending suffering.)

Meat eating only, innocently eating. Because the meat, they make it into a very neat and tidy package. (Ah, yes.) So people don’t connect with the animal-people that have been murdered or tortured in the slaughterhouse. (Yes, that’s right.) Not just dying, but dying in such agony. They don’t connect it. And even then, they have to be punished. But less than those who did it themselves, or who did it for selling, for making money.

Even just eat meat, you are tortured like that. (Yes.) Because they never went to Heaven or hells, they know nothing. (Right.) And even they professed to be Catholic or Christian or Buddhist, they know nothing. They don’t listen to the Buddha’s teaching or Jesus’ teaching. (Yes. That’s right.)

(And even during like Christmas, when they’re supposed to celebrate Jesus, they’re killing more animal-people to eat.) I know. Supposed to celebrate birth. (Yes. And life.) The holy, pure birth, and they stained it with blood all over the world.

Every Christmas I feel sick, I mean physically, ever since I can remember. Since I was young already. Every Christmas I was very, very sick. And after a long time, after Christmas has gone by, then I get better. (Yes. But then you’re followed by other celebrations. You got New Year and then Thanksgiving, and all those.) I was sick a very long time, until after Christmas was long gone. That included New Year and all that.

I was often sick, before. (Yes, Master.) And now, I’m practicing, but if I’m more going out with people and all that, I also get sick. I have always been sick. Only when I’m in retreat, then I’m well. (Yes, Master.)

I didn’t do retreat just so that I feel well. It’s not like that. It’s just the byproduct. (Understand. Yes.) Or a good side effect of it. (Yes, Master.) Whenever I do retreat for a long while, I have no problem. Not sick physically, just emotionally, mentally, psychologically, because of the sickness of the world, because of the suffering of the world. (That’s right, Master.) They make me feel pain, but not physical. Sometimes physical, but not so bad like before. (Yes, Master. Understand.) Not so bad like have to be hospitalized, and operation and all that kind of stuff. (Yes, Master. We hope that never happens again.) Never mind, whatever happens, will happen.

I just wish I am well and live so that I can do my work. That’s all. (We wish that too, Master.) Not that I care about when I go. Sometimes I really wanted to go also. (We understand. Yes, Master.) Go back Home, go to Heaven, because it’s too much suffering to bear sometimes for my little heart. (Yes, Master.) But I know I won’t do that. It’s just a feeling. (Yes, Master.) It’s just the thought one normally has. But of course, I won’t do that. I won’t go home just yet. (Thank You, Master.) Unless it has to be. (Master, Thank You.)

All right, my love. Ciao now. (Yes, Master.) (Goodbye, Master.) Be well. Be blessed. Pray to God. (Yes, we will.) (Thank You, Master.) And thank God. Thank Heaven. Thank all the Protectors, for all of us. (Yes, Master. Thank You.) For our luck, for our safety, for our fortune, that we are better off than a lot, a lot, a lot of people in this world. (Yes, Master.) All right. Talk to you another time. OK? (Yes, Master. Thank You.) God bless.

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