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Between Master and Disciples

Heaven Does Not Accept the Killing of the Unborn, Part 4 of 8, Oct. 22, 2021

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Children, when they were young, when they were in the warm womb and outside until four, five or even up to eight years old, they are directly connected with Heaven. Directly connected with God. (So they’re purer.) Yeah, very pure and connected with this Divine energy. (Yes.)

Whatever excuse, killing is never the tenet of any religion and they profess that they are Catholic and even the head of the Catholics, the pope, acts against the tenet. (Yes.) The number one precept: “Thou shalt not kill.” Even five-year-old children know the Ten Commandments if they are Catholic or Christian. (Yes, Master.) Buddhism also says the same, “Thou shalt not kill.” Jainism, Hinduism, Taoism, Confucianism, any top religion advises us not to kill. (Yes, Master.) I got a headache.

(Communion is supposed to remind everyone about Jesus and the things he’s done.) And he taught. (Yes, and the compassion he had for everyone. If it’s a reminder of Jesus, why are they going against all of that?) I know, you’re right. Even have to treat these murderers with tenderness. I saw that in the article. (Yes.) Can you believe that? (No.) And who is having compassion and tenderness for the babies who are just murdered immediately the day they’re born or before that. Nobody’s there to talk for the babies. (Yes, Master.) Nobody defends for it even if he cries, nobody hears. (Yes.) The whole world is deaf when it comes to goodness and compassion, and when nothing is important, they talk big. I will see how they react when they’re in hell. They probably cannot react to anything, just burn, burn, burn and screaming, screaming. There’s no chance for anything else. No chance to remember God even. (Wow.) They don’t know hell, that’s why. I know.

(Master has mentioned that the babies when they’re inside the womb, they know and they can feel the fear ahead of time) Yes. (what’s going to happen.) Yes. (But people don’t know that; people don’t think that babies can feel so, that’s why…) Oh, they do.

“Abortion documentary film excerpt, Narrator(f): When the back is stroked, it (the fetus) shows a sensitivity to touch ‒ and his well-developed sensitivity to feel the excruciating pain of abortion.”

“Interview by March for Life, Dr. Ingrid Skop(f): If any of the viewers have ever seen, for example, a YouTube video of a baby of about 16-18 weeks, those babies, if you stick them with a needle, for example, when we used to do amniocentesis, they withdraw in the same way that we would expect to see an adult human withdraw from pain. Studies have shown that they release catecholamines, that’s the stress hormones, if they undergo something painful in the uterus at that point, and endogenous endorphins, the hormones that the body releases to try to counteract pain. The inhibitory system is not working yet at those early gestational ages, which means that those babies probably actually feel pain more severely than an older baby would.”

How can the baby not feel? Many people have babies. Even if they don’t see, they see their baby, they react when they’re first born already. They know the mother. They even smile inside the womb already. (Oh, wow.) There are photographs from the ultrasound. They can photograph babies inside the womb. (Yes.) People know that and there are many books saying that if you want your babies smart, then you read the books to them. (And play music that is good for them.) Yeah, all that.

They are human beings, just smaller, younger. We all go through this period. (Yes.) Fetus, and then babies born and then child and then adolescence and then adult and then get old and then die. We all go through that. (Yes.)

My God! Imagine. Imagine if it’s you. (Oh, yes.) Being chopped apart so that they can get out, or pull them out, so that you can kill them. Or poison inside and they die in agony. (Yes.) Cannot even cry. (And so much fear.) Yeah, they know everything in advance that are discussed in front of them. (Yes.) Even though they’re in the womb, they know everything already. They have souls, man. (Yes.) They understand.

And the thing people don’t understand is that you have to keep the children for your own countries and your own merit also, because it’s like saving a saint. Children, when they were young, when they were in the warm womb and outside until four, five or even up to eight years old, they are directly connected with Heaven. Directly connected with God. (So they’re purer.) Yeah, very pure and connected with this Divine energy. (Yes.) So the more children you have, the better for you. Imagine if you even save a lot, millions of them. How much merit you earn? (Yes.) You save like angels, you save saints, because at that time they’re very pure, and if you nourish them with vegan food also, then they continue to be like angels. (Wow!) Growing up like angels, and you have all the best citizens in the world. They can keep the connection with Heaven longer, (Yes, understand now.) and Heaven can continue to guard over them.

If you are vegan you have at least one or two angels with you. (Oh, OK.) The five precepts: not kill, not steal, not tell lies, no drugs, and no sexual misconduct. Each precept you keep, you have one angel (OK.) protecting you, helping you, whispering to you wisdom so that you can do the right thing in the society, in your job and everything. (That’s incredible.)

Yeah, it is, so if you kill children, you are really chopping your own head. (Oh, yes.) You really condemn yourself to hell and no one can help you. (Yes, Master.) That is the thing. People don’t know all this. I’m trying to teach them. I hope they listen. I hope they understand. I hope they really can listen. (I think they will. I hope so, yes.)

I have no reason to lie to you or anybody for this. (No, Master.) What is it for me if they save their children or not? I don’t even know them. I will never know. (Yes, understand.) I do my job and they grow up, they work, they live their own life. I would never know who they are or what they do. (Yes, Master.) I will never get even a “thank you” from them. (Yes. Understand.) I’m just doing it because it’s our duty to save our own people. (That’s right.) We are human. We have to help each other. (Yes, Master.) Even animal-people, they don’t kill their own. (That’s right.) In Âu Lạc (Vietnam) we say, “Hùm dữ không ăn thịt con,” meaning even the vicious tiger- person won’t eat his own children. (Yes, that’s right.) We humans, we call them beasts. (Yes.) Wild beasts and all that, and they have more morals than us. (Ah, yes.) Isn’t that a shame? We can learn a lot from animal-people, but not to talk all about that, we have a moral obligation to each other. (Yes, Master.)

That’s why I’m working hard as a human because we live here. We have to protect each other. We have to give each other wise counsel as much as we can and help save each other’s lives. (Yes, Master, and thank You for Your wise counsel.) I just hope they listen, otherwise my words would have just gone to waste and life will still suffer. (Yes, Master.) All these beautiful, innocent babies. Imagine if it’s you. You can’ t even defend yourself and you cry, nobody listens, nobody cares. And you suffer in agony. (Yes.) You don’t just die like that. You suffer before you die. (Yes, Master.) And all this fear before that, knowing your fate and begging for life, but nobody cares. Imagine it’s you, so helpless like that. (Yes, Master.) Just imagine that, then you just want to save them. (Yes, for sure. Yes, we have to.) Alright, because it’s just like you are. (Yes.) So, they are humans.

They’re humans and to kill a human being, no matter what size, is a great sin against God, against all the principles of any religion, against your own moral standard. So I can only conclude that they work for Satan or they are possessed by Satan (Yes, they must be.) because their hearts were not pure. They’re so greedy for gain and fame and for that Satan can take hold of them and then influence them or possess them all together. (Oh, right.) Or anytime they need to possess, they will come to possess them, to say something, to do something that is harmful to humans, that makes the humans further and further away from God. (Yes, Master.) Jesus was crucified on the cross, and can you imagine how painful it was for him? (Yes.) They do similar things to the babies in the womb. (Yes.) It’s very painful to them, whatever they do. (Yes, Master.) Either poison or kill them or injecting things or cutting them apart to get them out. Cutting them into parts to get them out, whatever they do. This is painful. (Yes.) You see, excruciating pain. (Yes, Master.) Especially for the tender baby. (Yes.)

And here, the pope gives tenderness, advises to have tenderness for these murderers. For these who cause pain to these innocent babies. (Yes, Master.) Tenderness. (He would end up paying in hell for causing that kind of pain.) Sure. They don’t know it yet. Because right now, their life is too good. (Yes.) They live in luxury, in security, in safety, in abundance and in extreme respect from all sides. (Yes.) They don’t know the pain they are going to get in hell. There’s nowhere they can go except hell. (Yes.) Because Heaven doesn’t have these kinds of people, (Yes, Master.) doesn’t have this kind of quality. How can Heaven accept them? (That’s right, Master.) Just like in the world, if you’re a criminal, if you’re a murderer, you’re in jail. You cannot be in the good society or any normal society even. (Yes.) Same. They don’t know this.

My God, they study the Bible for what? I keep telling you King David killed only one person and then God punished the whole country even. (Yes.) Imagine how many babies, millions of babies they kill in the world? And people trust the pope. (Yes. They do.) People believe in what he said and worship him like God’s representative. (Yes.) And he utters things like that. It influences the whole world. (Yes, they will. That’s right.) So how many more ignorant government officials or vulnerable government people would decide the same like Biden or Pelosi? And more babies, helpless will die painful, excruciating death, (Yes.) agonizing death without being able to utter any word. Crying for help even. (Yes, Master)

“US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee Hearing – Sept. 9, 2015 Gianna Jessen(f): My biological mother was seven-and-a-half months pregnant when she went to a Planned Parenthood and was advised, and they advised her to have a late-term saline abortion. This method of abortion burns the baby inside and out, blinding and suffocating the child who is then born dead, usually within 24 hours. And there should be a photo there. Yes, this is what I survived. Instead of dying, after 18 hours of being burned in my mother’s womb, I was delivered alive in an abortion clinic in Los Angeles on April the 6th, 1977. Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, said the following: ‘The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.’ Planned Parenthood is not ashamed of what they have done or continue to do. But we will have to give an account as a nation before God for our apathy and for the murder of over 50 million children in the womb. Every time we falter, encourage as individuals, and fail to confront this evil, I wonder how many lives have been lost in our silence while we make sure we are lauded among men?”

How come the law is not to protect the innocent and helpless. Why does the law protect the criminals like Biden and Pelosi and his group, (Yes.) and Harris. (Yes.) And the pope condones it! He has to tell even his pastors to treat them with tenderness even. My God! I don’t know whether I should cry or laugh. It’s terrible. It’s terrible. I feel that… I feel for the babies, who are murdered in such an agonizing way. (Yes, Master. Understand.) They don’t just die quick and die simple. (No.) Even if they die quick, they don’t deserve to die like that. (No, Master.) It’s not their fault. (No.)

And there are many solutions. They can make orphanages. (Yes. Adoption centers.) They can give them away. They have so much money to do that, especially America or Europe. (Yes, Master.) They can do it. Instead of protecting humans, they are killing humans in war and in peace as well. Because if the government has an orphanage, and every woman who has an unwanted pregnancy, or unexpected pregnancy, but could not keep the child for any reason at all because life is sometimes really not very kind (Yes, for sure.) to women or to people. (Yes.) And she will be feeling very relaxed and secure because she knows the government will accept her child. (Ah, yes.) Then, she would never want to kill her child. (Oh, yes.) I think 99.9 percent of women would never want to abort a child in their body. (Yes, understand.) She can give it to the government orphanage. (Yes.) Or maybe even an NGO (non-governmental organization) will run it for the government. The government would just back them up. (Oh, OK. Good idea.)

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