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Buddhist Stories: Cinca the Brahmin Girl, Part 5 of 5, Sep. 27, 2015

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It looks like champagne. Looks very much like champagne. Beautiful and it bubbles and everything. Except no alcohol. All is good? (Yes. Very good.) Happy, happy? (Yes. Thank You, Master.) You know what, we’re going to eat some of this because always sweet, sweet, sweet. Oh, like it.

OK. Any questions at all concerning the lecture I just gave you? My God, so quiet. Suddenly. No problem? (No.) OK. Then that’s good.

We have champagne even, non-alcoholic champagne. Want to drink some? (Yes.) You still have your cup? No. (Yes.) Good. I’m trying. Careful. I’m scared. Somebody do it. I’m scared. Up there, not… (It will shoot up. It will fly out, fly out.) (Go easy.) (Go easy.) Otherwise, it will shoot up and make trouble. I’m scared! I’m afraid of that. (Or else, it will pop.) (Or else, it will pop. Go easy.)

Just do it if you know how, honey. Can you open it? I don’t have enough… (Open it gently.) I don’t have enough strength in my arm. I’m so scared, man. OK. You open one more. You open one more. And anyone else who knows how, open one more. Just don’t shoot here. Very nice. Just a little bit, everybody a little bit each. For fun, yeah? Right. Yeah. OK.

What is “Oh, oh, oh?” What’s that? Oh more, then we can have more. Yeah, after, after. Drink that first and then we may have a second round. Right now I make it more then. Where is yours? Pop. Pop, pop, pop, pop. (Thank You.) Welcome, my love.

(Let Master pour it. Give it to Master to pour in.) You do it, because I... I cannot keep reaching. Whom is this for? For the guy over there? (Yes.) How can he drink (non-alcoholic) wine while working? (He’d get drunk.) Bubbling. Continue, go. Give it. Go, go, go. Everybody, one cup. Right. There you go. Thank you. Here don’t have, here don’t have yet? Don’t have? Never mind. You pour out for yourself. All right. It’s good? Yep. (You drink, Master?) Yes, yes, yes. Boom!

Come here. Your cup. Whose cup is that? It’s frothing so much.

(Pour for Yourself too, Master.) Cheers. (Cheers.) Cheers! Cheers! (Cheers!) Oh quick, quick, quick, drink. (Drink it before it foams over.) (The cameraman.) (More, more.) What? What do you mean camera? (Give him one to drink.) Oh never mind, he’s on a diet! Where’s your cup? You have it? (Yes) Yeah. Good. He has it. Some girl takes care of him, don’t worry. Good-looking guy, everybody takes care. See, nobody takes care of me. See, I have to pour the (non-alcoholic) wine myself. Yeah, see that? And he already had it. Some more here, honey. Have some. I don’t want it. Sour.

It looks like champagne. Looks very much like champagne. Beautiful and it bubbles and everything. Except no alcohol. All is good? (Yes. Very good.) Happy, happy? (Yes. Thank You, Master.) You know what, we’re going to eat some of this because always sweet, sweet, sweet. Oh, like it. (It’s so exciting, so exciting!) Don’t like me, but like (vegan) cakes. Everybody. Give … give it to the other side. Everybody one. You have yet? (Not yet.) Oh, have two already, no. One is … (One, one.)

We don’t have a lot of people and time to go buy, not because of ... You know? We can’t always go shopping. This’s better to balance. It was too sweet before.

Have? No have? Anybody don’t have? (Thank You, Master.) Anybody don’t have? (More.) More. Anybody who did not have? (So exciting!) Oh. Have already, my God.

This, please bring to the Chinese. (People back there haven’t got it yet, Master.) And the other rooms. (Yes, the back room.) For the back rooms.

Don’t look at this here. Don’t dream about it. Maybe tomorrow, all right? (Yes, yes.) Looks good and keep it like that.

The Indonesians, very elegant. (Yes.) They even brought this. Basket and even basted some of this. (They’ve just made this afternoon.) Yeah. So good. (Yes.) How? How nice. A very big thing like this. Big beard, big antennae. Beautiful. Basket looks more beautiful.

(That animal shape, they brought the leaves with them.) I know. They said that earlier. (They brought the leaves from over there as well.) All the way from Indonesia, they brought these leaves and made it right here. Wow! Can I keep? (Yes.) Keep. I don’t keep the banana leaves, though. But it looks good here. (You can put something nice in there, Master.) It’s beautiful. I keep these good banana leaves, that one no, and I can put some stuff on it. I don’t know what stuff, but it looks beautiful.

That grapefruit looks beautiful. Yes, that’s right. Ah yeah. OK. Yeah. Some of the (vegan) cakes around here. Make you beautiful. OK, right. (It’s cute!) (Add one more.) (Too many, it will crush the four animal shapes.) Here they are. They’re at the bottom. Good, good, good. There are only three, not four.

This maybe you don’t have in India, try it. You just press it until it’s open, eat the white thing inside. And don’t eat the nut inside the white. Eat the flesh only.

Canadian. Brazilian. French-Brazilian. (Mauritian.) Oh, Mauritius. Australian. Yes. Don’t have any more of that. Belgium, Belgium. (Thank you.) French. Just for fun.

Oopsy. You can take it. If it runs to you, means it wants you, it likes you.

Aulacese (Vietnamese) don’t need. Korean, maybe. Korean. Mongolian. How many Mongolians? Raise hands, Mongolian. Mongolian. Mongolian, Mongolian. Korean, Korean.

This is a special grapefruit from Asia. Not the same as grapefruit in ... Do you have them? Green like this. (In India, yes.) Same. I give to you then. Oh, sorry love. You peel it. It’s still clean if you peel it. Don’t be jealous, no. Âu Lạc (Vietnam) you eat a lot. No, no, I give him this one. (There. That lady, that lady. There.) Grandma. (There, that’s right.) OK. (Mongolian.) You Âu Lạc (Vietnam), Indonesian, they have. Never mind. Eat it.

Because you don’t know it mostly, so I gave it to you. The Asian people, they know all this. (Mangosteen.) Mangosteen. I caught it. Sorry, I can’t give everybody this. Can open this and everybody else can have. Do you have another one? No, just this one? (I have some.) Mongolian did not have? Have? (Yes.) Everybody have? (Yes.) Korean? Singapore? (Thank You.) It’s not fair. Singapore has a lot of this. (Yes.) (Imported.) Thank you. (Thank You.) Thank you for the coconut sugar. It’s very good. I tried it. Very nice. Nowadays, they make all kinds of sugar, more environmentally friendly. Like coconut, coconut sugar. Make sugar out of coconuts. Very sweet.

(Should I peel that one too?) Yeah, yeah. Please do. Give me a knife or something, so everybody has half to try. If not, then I eat all by myself.

Not for you, you don’t have to come here now because… (Where has He been, He’s just now coming in?) He was lying on His bed out there. You want (non-alcoholic) champagne? No, you don’t. You just like to have fun. Why did you bring it now? You should have it before.

OK, you ate up all the storeroom today already. Tomorrow we have nothing. Yeah, understand? (Yes.) Don’t think every day is like this. It’s good, it’s good... Don’t eat the peel just because Master touched it. Who doesn’t have? It’s OK. Next one. (Thank You.) (Be quick.) Oh, you have already. Then don’t need, don’t need. (Thank You.)

Oh, sorry. You found it? Oh good, it’s on your body, no problem. OK, then.

Don’t have also in Mauritius, right? (Yes.) Rare, right? (This one, we have.) You have? This you don’t have. (Yes, this one we don’t.)

(Does) India have this? Have? Imported? (We have this but it’s bigger size.) (Bigger.) Bigger one is lychee. (Yes. Lychee.) Lychee is more famous. (Yes very famous.) This is called dragon eye. I don’t know which part of the dragon eye it is, but they call it dragon eye.

It’s good. I’m going, guys, because we just sit here eating. I’m not doing any job here.

Let me see whom I give. (Does) Indonesia have this? (Yes.) Then, you don’t. Here, Canadian. Australian. Brazilian. No, Belgium. Mauritius, one more of this because you don’t have it there. Sorry love, sorry love. Take it, take it, I give you. Some more, Indian? Bombay, Bombay, yeah? Both of you Bombay? (Yes.) I have not been to Bombay.

I don’t know how to give you this, so forget it. Forget it, it’s difficult. We have to cut them.

Mongolian. (Thank You.) Take it, one each. (Thank You.) Mongolia also difficult to have this, right? Desert land.

OK, I’m going now, really I’m going.

OK, you cut this, small, small and then give it to people. (Share it with everyone.) Share it like we did earlier. Where is the knife? Ah, here it is. You go to the kitchen. You make it into segments, and then smaller pieces, so everyone can have. Don’t give it to anyone who already has it.

Good Love, I’m going home now. You want to stay? (Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome. Sorry, sorry. You want to stay, or you want to go home? (Your spiritual book?) No, I leave it there.

Want to go? (Thank You, Master.) See you. Let's go! You only eat, drink, and play around here. After this, you guys go out meditate, OK? (Yes.) Party’s over. (OK. Thank You, Master.)

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