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Dashdondog Jamba & His Mongolian Traveling Children’s Library, Part 2 of 3

Language:English,Mogolian(Монгол хэл)
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We are very honored to have Mr. Borolzoi Dashdondog, the son of Dashdondog Jamba, share with us his father’s story. “Another thing he was doing was the children’s library. How it was started is that, during the period when my father was young and lived actively creating his creations, it was a socialist period, before 1990. He said that it started from the year 1991. From then till the year 2016, this nomadic library operated for 25 years. There’s a note: the total distance it traveled is over 150,000 kilometers (93,200 miles). During his travels, not only did he let children read his books, but he also recited poems and gave lectures.”

Dashdondog Jamba traveled to the remotest parts of Mongolia to get nomadic children to read. In the Gobi desert, when his car could no longer move, Jamba carried his mobile library on the back of a camel. He would ride a motorcycle or a horse where the steppes would not allow for any other type of transport. Let’s enjoy a recitation by Dashdondog Jamba of his poem, “‘The Mobile Library on Camelback.’

Dashdondog Jamba wrote “The Stone Legends” on behalf of wild animals, and it was published in 2001. The stories were inspired by stones in the Terelj region of Mongolia. Many sad events happen because people do not comprehend the language of animals. Worried about wild animals becoming rare, Mr. Dashdondog wrote “The Stone Legends” to help people better understand and appreciate them. While learning about the pains that the animals endure, readers feel a deep compassion for them. “The Stone Legends” created a sensation in Mongolian society, and a voluntary association for the protection of wild animals was established by children.

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