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Dashdondog Jamba & His Mongolian Traveling Children’s Library, Part 1 of 3

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Mr. Dashdondog Jamba was born in the Bulgan province of Mongolia and achieved fame as a children’s writer at just 17 years of age. He published more than 100 books for young readers, and 24 of these have been published overseas. He also translated more than 50 books by foreign authors; for example, the stories by Hans Christian Andersen. Dashdondog Jamba served as an editor of children’s newspapers and magazines for 20 years. He founded a mobile library in which he traveled around Mongolia with books of his own. He dedicated his life to providing the children of Mongolia with opportunities to experience high-quality literature.

“He wrote children’s stories all his life. He wrote around 100 books and translated around 50 pieces of children’s literature from foreign languages. He was a journalist and did publishing work. He worked as a chief for many years for the newspapers, ‘The Truth of Pioneer’ and ‘The Truth of Youth.’ There are associated books there. As far as I know, his books are published in over 30 countries. Published in Russia, England, Japan, and even in America. In Korea also. The most famous one among these is the book ‘Dad, Mom and Me.’ The idea of this story is… exactly through a child’s mindset.” In “Dad, Mom and Me,” one poem is entitled “Me.” A boy draws one of his ears smaller and the other ear bigger. When asked why, the boy says that his ears become smaller when he hears a grumble and bigger when he listens to a tale.

Mr. Dashdondog Jamba was invited and presented his poem “The Ox Cart.” Let’s all enjoy this poem to close today’s segment of “Dashdondog Jamba & His Mongolian Traveling Children’s Library.” “The mobile library was on an ox cart The ox cart seems to be speaking The wheeling cart seems to be singing The roads came together as they went up The high pass rose steeply The Mongolian oxen struggling hard The wooden cart creaks sadly Please oil me, please help me! The cart rushes down the hill It sways over the pass The large oxen trots bouncing, bouncing The strong cart leaps, jolting, jolting Who cares if it’s oiled or not? Who cares if there is help or not? Who cares if it’s oiled or not? The ox cart does speak The wheeling cart does sing!”

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