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Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan) on the Harmful Effects of Meat, Part 1 - The Tragic Toll on Health

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As a so-called food, meat is simply one of the most unhealthy, poisonous, unhygienic items that could ever be ingested by humans. We should never eat meat at all if we love and cherish our health and our life. We will live longer without meat, healthier, wiser without meat.

In our modern era, we are increasingly plagued by pandemics, chronic diseases, rising temperatures, intensified natural disasters, and environmental degradation − a planet in crisis. If we look closely, all these devastating issues can be traced back to the human habit of meat-eating. The time has come to turn away from what was long accepted as the norm and fully examine meat’s impacts on our health and the environment, as well as our moral and spiritual development. Over the years, Supreme Master Ching Hai has shared Her insights about the harmful effects of meat on many different occasions. In this series, we present a collection of Master’s enlightening teachings on this very topic and pray that humanity will soon awaken and embrace the vegan diet, so that we and future generations may live on, and in a more harmonious world.

Today, we will focus on the topic of meat’s tragic toll on human health, not only as a direct cause of some of the deadliest diseases, but also the very source of global-scale epidemics like the one we are currently facing now.

“(Master, all these zoonotic diseases are being transmitted from animals to humans because of our actions.) Yeah. (All the SARS, MERS, swine flu, bird flu… and the COVID-19, this coronavirus.) Yeah! This is supposed to be transmitted by some people who ate the wild animals. (Yes, Master.) And then it was transmitted to other animals and then transmitted to men, and then now even some animals are transmitted to, are also infected. I don’t know how we escape.

The truth is COVID-19 stemmed from the animals, wild animals, from that wet market. (Yes, Master.) And they’re carried by humans all over. All over China, all over the world, because there are always tourists. (Yes, Master.) Or exchanges of humans’ resources or humans’ manpower, or humans studying, or humans cooperating. (Yes, Master.) There are always humans running around the world nowadays. So, the carriers bring the strain all over the world, and it stemmed from there. (Yes. So, those rumors, because I saw on the Internet some media outlets were saying that maybe it came from a lab.) No. It didn’t come from any lab. It came from the wild animals from the wet market. And exactly from Wuhan. I checked inside with Heaven and with the gods of epidemic.

Sadly, COVID-19 is only one of the many series of epidemic diseases in modern times. Since the 1980s, Supreme Master Ching Hai has repeatedly warned us about meat-eating and its consequences to our health: “You see, aren’t the hospitals full of meat-eaters? (Yes.) We vegan monks and nuns rarely visit the hospital. The south raises a lot of chickens, pigs and fish. (Yes.) Now it is plagued with dengue fever. The north doesn’t have it. It’s only in the south. We didn’t have this plague until now, neither did Taiwan (Formosa) raise so many chickens and pigs and have this kind of untreatable disease. Now we have a lot of untreatable diseases in Formosa. (Yes.) Formosa used to be very clean. It was called the fairy island. Now because we eat so much meat and raise so many chickens and pigs, we have more serious diseases. This disease spreads very fast, I heard. So it’s obvious to see that the karma is working fast, you don’t need to ask me questions. The best is to turn the whole country into vegan. Then no one would get these kinds of untreatable diseases. Even if there is, it would be easy to treat.

When we kill, we will get killed unnaturally. When we take off the life unnaturally, our life will be taken off unnaturally also. See how many diseases in the world, not to talk about disaster. How much the hospitals are filled with patients, nowadays that people can afford more meat, more animal products, see how sick people have become, how filled the hospitals are. That’s the cause of what we have to reap when we kill animals to eat or indirectly kill because we eat, so somebody else has to kill. Therefore, I tackle this issue more than anything else because that’s the only thing that we can do faster. Faster than scientific development, faster than technology development, faster than governments reactions, just easy, simple, and just do it, for our sake, for the children’s sake.

Merciful viewers, we will take a moment for an important message. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television!

Welcome back to our program presenting excerpts from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s discourses on the detrimental effects of meat in relation to human health. “Now, if everybody doesn’t stop this meat-eating habit, our planetary fate is going to go into the toilet as well. Right now, it’s already frightening, but I don’t know in the future, even scientists would say this, that it could be more frightening when they mutate into a more deadly virus. Even with all the vaccines, we are helpless against it. I told you, we are helpless against bad karmic retribution. We pay for what we do. Even the vaccine now, people are scared of the vaccines; even the ones who developed the vaccines don’t dare to take the vaccine because of the terrifying side effects - they could be paralyzed forever. They could be dead from the vaccine. That’s why they refused it. This is a terrifying thing, it’s not like we can control it even. And meat industry is responsible for all of this! So we have to stop the root cause of all this trouble, not by vaccine, but by virtue, by heavenly quality, which is inherent inside of us anyhow. We just take it out and use it.”

Even to eat flesh is also the cause of all kinds of diseases and war in this world. All the diseases are the warning to us that we should go back to our virtues. As long as we forget this, we will stumble across different diseases in different periods of time. If we succeed in curing this disease, God will create another. I don't mean God; it is the lord of karma, it's the god of karma. It's the law of nature, of cause and retribution. Ninety percent cause of the (swine) flu is indirectly related to the swine factory in that province; they have calculated, they have researched. For example like, if in your country, in your area there are a lot of swine factories, then in that province have a lot more, 90% related to the flu pandemic, and from then spread out, of course, but slower than the native house, where the animals are breeding. OK, maybe you can cook the pork and say that ‘OK, the cooked meat is not contagious,’ but it’s not so. The viruses fly all over in the air: affects people. The workers who are in the farm are directly affected. And from then, it mixes with human and other flu from birds or other animals, and becomes more deadly. And then slowly or quickly spread out.”

“The health risks of eating meat are more and more evident these days. Livestock are routinely given excessive hormones and antibiotics, which then, when consumed as meat can in turn endanger human health. There are also toxic byproducts in slaughter places such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. These poisonous substances have caused deaths among workers due to their extreme toxicity. As a so-called food, meat is simply one of the most unhealthy, poisonous, unhygienic items that could ever be ingested by humans. We should never eat meat at all if we love and cherish our health and our life. We will live longer without meat, healthier, wiser without meat. Meat has been scientifically shown to cause all kinds of cancers, also heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and obesity. The list goes on and on and on. All these diseases kill millions of people every year. Millions of people die due to meat related diseases, and making millions others seriously sick and disabled as well. There is no end to tragedies caused by the meat diet. Meat eating is a no-no. We should know this by now through all the scientific and medical evidence. Please stop eating meat. Just even for your health’s sake. You want to live long for your children and your grandchildren, and live healthily.

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