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The Spanish Flu of 1918: Preventing Such Events in the Future

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In today’s program, we’ll examine the origin, extent, and impact of the 1918 influenza pandemic, and also learn about the change which, if implemented, can prevent such a disaster from occurring in the future. The Spanish Flu was one of the most devastating pandemics ever recorded. Starting in the spring of 1918, it eventually spread to almost every corner of the planet. Approximately 500 million people, or one third of the world’s population at the time, were infected by the virus, and 50 to 100 million had died. In the USA, approximately 675,000 people perished. What was the cause of this pandemic? Like COVID-19, the Spanish Flu was a zoonotic disease, meaning it originated in animals and was then transmitted to humans. In 2005 a genetic analysis was done for the 1918 virus, obtained from the preserved tissue of a victim, concluded that it had an avian origin, coming from either wild or domestic birds, such as chickens, turkeys or geese. What can we do to prevent such pandemics in the future? Dr. Gauden Galea, World Health Organization Representative to China, explained the primary cause of these viruses. “As long as people eat meat, there is going to be some risk of infection.” Supreme Master Ching Hai frequently reminds us that there is only one solution to all pandemics: we must stop all killing, both of our fellow humans and our animal co-inhabitants. Both the Spanish Flu and COVID-19 were caused by the accumulated karma from killing others, and humanity must suffer a “lockdown” as a result. Master explains why this lockdown is both necessary and karmic. “Remember the so-called Spanish flu? (Yes.) Because the lockdown, the curfew had been re-opened so early, they had a second wave of Spanish flu, which killed millions of people. (Oh.) Therefore, the close-down is very important. It’s very necessary to save lives. (Yes, Master. Master, how long do You think this lockdown will last?) My God. It’ll last as long as the karma – the consequences of our actions, of our killing actions have not been leveled out. (Yes, Master.) We have to pay the karmic consequences of treating each other wrongly. Like we imprison prisoners of war; we just start wars for any reason and imprison people. And the animals, you can see they are ‘locked down’ all their lives, and then die a horrible death at the end. (Yes. Yes, Master.) So this karma cannot be escaped. You got it now? (Yes, Master. Is there something more that we can do to help people lessen the karma somehow?) Yes, you can change it by taking dramatic counter-reaction. OK? (Yes. What’s this counter-reaction?) It’s GO TOTAL VEGAN! So simple. (Yes.) GO TOTAL VEGAN.”
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