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Kate Strong, Surpassing Barriers and Leaving Footsteps of Love, Part 2 of 2

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Although Kate lived a privileged life of comfort in her youth, her first sight of others in famine brought her to tears, and a deep-seated passion to serve and improve the quality of life for all beings was deeply instilled in her life values. Kate Strong has a befitting name for a motivation speaker and coach, but Kate explains that mental flexibility is also a strength, or even placing oneself in a situation that we haven’t experienced before and following our hearts. “Being strong isn’t being forceful. Being strong is actually a shift in consciousness. So, we need to step away from the win/lose model. We need to step away from telling, you know, forcefully doing things. I think the strongest thing we can do is pause, reflect and start listening to our heart. Everywhere in the world, we’re seeing more logical ways of being. We need to start feeling things, we need to go with the hearts leading, rather than our body being used as a vehicle to carry our all-important heads.” Supreme Master Ching Hai also agrees that even after enlightenment, one must make an effort to help the planet and all beings in every way possible, whether it be sharing good news or contributing in any positive way possible. “Sometimes, I go to a different restaurant outside, Thai restaurant, something special, I bought a lot, bring home to the staff. And every day I give some $100 Hong Kong Dollars to the cleaner in my room. I hide it inside the towel. So, whenever she takes the towel, ‘Ah!’ Surprised. I said, ‘Thank you for cleaning my room. God bless.’” “Make the best of your time when you’re out, smiling to people, strangers. ‘Hallo,’ ‘good day,’ whatever. Say hallo to your taxi driver, ask him if he is OK, wish him luck for his business. Shake hands with your doorman, your concierge, where you live, in your building. Say hallo, smile big. Bring him a piece of (vegan) chocolate or something. Make the best of your time. Spread love. Don’t be afraid. That’s what you should do.” Kate Strong takes these words to heart as she makes it a daily habit to lift people’s moods and bring a smile wherever she may be.
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