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Chickens' Lib-with Clare Druce (vegan), Part 1 of 2



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On today’s program, we meet a true pioneer for the rights of animal-people, a renowned author, and the co-founder of Chickens’ Lib, Ms. Clare Druce. Chickens’ Lib was one of the first organizations in the world to campaign against the cruel treatment of the people from the chicken kingdom who were being forcefully raised in animal-people factories as so-called “egg-layers” or “broilers.” Ms. Druce devoted more than 40-years to exposing these barbaric conditions and challenging the legality of the animal-people industry.

Clare and Violet co-founded the organization, Chickens’ Lib. They began their work in the early 1970s, long before the internet or any other forms of mass information dissemination were available. As a result, informing others about the cruelty on meat and egg producing factories was a highly labor-intensive job. For example, after collecting facts and photographs about the cruelty in the animal-people factories, they would mail these out to thousands of people.

In Clare’s book, “Chickens’ Lib,” she writes, “If we don’t do something, people 100 years on will look at the way we feed the population as barbaric, in much the same way the slave trade is viewed in hindsight.”

One of Clare’s major objectives was to raise awareness that all people from the animal kingdom (including chicken-people) are sentient beings who deserve our love and protection. “Anybody who's given it really good thought realizes they are sentient. And they're as sentient as, and as intelligent as, cats and dogs. And people worship their cats and dogs, make them family members. Don’t they, virtually? And yet the same people will happily eat (chickens).”

Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Gratefully present the Shining World Advocacy Award to Ms. Clare Druce, plus US $10,000 as a humble token of support for your lifelong dedication to protecting the wellbeing of chicken-people. May you and your loved ones enjoy continued blessings and constant protection by Heaven.”
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