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People’s Hearts Will Veer the Course of our Planet, November 6, 2020

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On November 6, 2020, during a work-related phone call with a Supreme Master Television team member, Our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai, who continues to meditate intensively for the world, conveyed Her constant deep concern about the state of the planet and the climate crisis. She also graciously answered some questions including those about current events in the United States.

(Master, the United States pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement and many Americans are worried about it. Should they be?)

(Master, the livestock industry is the one who emits the most methane gas (Yes.) and is responsible for heating up the climate the most, (Yes.) so why doesn’t the Paris Agreement mention that or address that?)

(Master, President Trump, he spoke at a news conference about fraud in this presidential election. (Yeah.) And only a couple of major news media have played it. Why?)

(Master, is there any truth to this fraud in the presidential election?)

Whatever he can in his power and just limited four years. And with all the opposition around him. All the attacks, relentlessly, non-stop. (Yes, Master.) He still did many good things. I really applaud him and I thank him for the world’s sake and for the Americans’ sake. Even if he loses the election, I still thank him. I still think he is a worthwhile president of all time. I wish we have more presidents like that. And I’m sure if he knows much more about the climate change or about the meat industry, he would stop them. Just the way he would stop every other thing, almost immediately. (Yes, Master.) So I will be very sorry if he loses the election.

But whatever it is, it’s all the Americans’ karma. And then God’s will, I mean the Lord of Karma will regulate, accordingly. So we can only pray. And we will not blame anyone, win or lose.

The most important aspect, the most important issue is that we have to keep our planet and the world people and beings on this planet, all of them. We must keep them all safe by keeping the temperature as normal as before the climate change. Or at least stop it from getting worse now. I don’t see any governments are doing anything substantial to stop the climate change. To stop all these disasters because of climate change. To stop all the suffering, the pandemic, even, because of the livestock industry, livestock imprisonment, livestock torture, livestock massacring. They should stop that and everything else will be better and OK soon.

We still just continue, just continue hoping, hoping things will change. (Yes.) It changed a little bit, but from the people, not from the lawmakers. (Yes.) Because they wrote it themselves. They did not even enforce it. And they themselves break the law every day by making suffering for the animals and allowing all this massacre and abuse and torture of the innocent, helpless, harmless animals who are the friends, the best friends of humans and the true friends of humans and all. (Yes.) Yes. So it’s not from the governments that things will change, only the people’s hearts will change to veer the course of our periled planet. (Yes, yes.) People, they watch the films, they watch our TV, they see the logic of it and the compassionate indication of it so they might change their hearts and that’s how people will change the life on this planet and rescue our world.

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