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Oscar and Lora Center: A Haven for Bulgarian Street Dogs

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Today, we are going to meet an extraordinary person who grew up in orphanages. Despite the adversity in his childhood, he has managed to channel his negative experiences and transform them into something positive and constructive. With a compassionate heart, Boyko Grenzke established the Oscar and Lora Center in Bulgaria to help injured, unwanted and abandoned dogs. Boyko’s purpose for founding the Center is to better the life of abandoned dogs. Besides taking care of and finding forever homes for them, he works very hard to bring needed resources together and runs the daily operations. Although it’s not an easy task, his childhood background has strengthened his mind and will to overcome the challenges he has faced. "In general, I am the manager of the whole center. There are currently about 70 animals here on-site. We have been here, at this site, for 12 years; it was given to me by a friend of mine, who loves animals and respects my cause. The dogs that are on this site are ours; they belong to our organization and we are responsible for them. Before they came here, they were in poor condition; they were sick, injured. We have cured them with the help of vets from the veterinary clinic we work with; they are now healthy, neutered, chipped and ready for adoption. My goal is to integrate more such people from orphanages to take care of stray animals together, especially those animals that are here in our place. The purpose of our organization is - in addition to rescuing and helping animals in trouble - is to look for adopters." So far, the Center has rescued approximately 320 dogs, and around 250 of them have already been taken in by caring people. Although Boyko doesn’t have a human family, he has the most unconditionally loving beings - rescued dog residents at the Center. The canines have become Boyko’s very best friends. He often speaks with the dogs because he feels they understand him. He always tells them not to worry and that there will always be a solution. He says he will never leave them alone as long as he can walk. We are deeply touched by Boyko Grenzke’s self-sacrifice and loving care for our canine friends. Despite a rough start in life, he has a heart of gold. We thank you, Boyko, and all the volunteers of the Oscar and Lora Center for your full-hearted efforts to help our abandoned and stray animal friends find forever homes.
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