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Sisu Refuge - A Safe Sanctuary for Saved Pig-people

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The Sisu Refuge, also known as Sisu, was established by two beautiful souls, Erika Lovato and her husband Joseph Purington, in North Carolina, United States. Since its establishment, Sisu has directly rescued or helped to rescue over 350 animal-persons.

Sisu’s story started on September 14, 2018, when Hurricane Florence hit the East Coast of the United States. The heavy rain and strong winds not only forced people to flee from their homes, but millions of animal-kingdom persons were also left behind and could only count on themselves to overcome the floodwaters. The kind animal-people lovers and vegans, Erika and Joseph, although at the time not animal-people activists, took immediate action to respond to the urgent calls to save the pig-persons. However, just when they thought things would be back to normal, they were notified that 42 piglet-people, all just 3-months old, were to be culled by a pig-person raising operation because they were either too sick or weighed less than 22 kilograms. After taking in the 42 pig-persons, Erika and Joseph worked to find permanent homes for them.

In 2019, the compassionate couple were able to secure a 19-hectare property, a pastured farmland with fencing. With this permanent home, they were confident to launch the Sisu Refuge, a non-profit sanctuary dedicated to rescuing animal-persons from animal-people factories and elsewhere. With the outpouring of endless love, these people from the animal kingdom can finally live free and happy lives. They also make friends with each other. Everyone has their own incredible tale.

Marley was a piglet-person found after being in an accident. She fell from a pig-people factory truck. When Erika and Joseph heard the news about the poor piglet-person, they immediately rushed to the local animal-people shelter where Marley had been brought to. The compassionate couple took Marley home and gave her tireless care and endless love.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Gratefully present the Sisu Refuge the Shining World Compassion Award, plus US$10,000 to humbly further its love-filled mission, with much appreciation and admiration. May God forever shield you and the sweet animal residents.”
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