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Dr. Kwane Stewart – The Street Vet

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Dr. Kwane Stewart, who goes by Dr. Kwane, is an American veterinarian, compassionate animal-people lover, and a Shining World Compassion Award recipient. He received a doctorate in veterinary medicine from Colorado State University in 1997 and has been a practicing veterinarian for 24 years.

The non-profit American Humane (AH), through its No Animals Were Harmed program, supervises productions to ensure the humane treatment of animal-people actors in filmed media. In 2013, Dr. Kwane joined AH as Chief Veterinary Officer and National Director of the No Animals Were Harmed program, protecting around 100,000 animal-persons acting in movie productions every year.

Out of love and compassion, Dr. Kwane decided to further help the most vulnerable and relieve the pain of their furry friends. He started his undertaking by providing free veterinary care to those on the streets. He traveled around with his medical supplies in California’s cities to look for homeless people who might need veterinary care for their animal-person buddy.

To help change misconceptions of homelessness, Dr. Kwane decided to make the TV series, “Dr. Kwane: The Street Vet” in 2017. It is a program about Dr. Kwane’s basic care and, in some cases, life-saving assistance to the animal-people companions of some of the most disadvantaged groups in society. It is an international show and has been aired in 30 countries.

In April 2020, along with presenting Dr. Kwane Stewart the Shining World Compassion Award to recognize his benevolent work, Supreme Master Ching Hai also made a humble contribution of US$15,000, “in support of your noble efforts, with all love, gratitude and praises. May Heavens shine on you and all those you help with forever blessings and protection.” Additionally, Supreme Master Ching Hai also offered US$3,000 for the treatment of the blind homeless dog-person under his medical care.
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