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A Delightful Mid-Autumn Festival 2019, Part 1 of 4



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On the auspicious Mid-Autumn Festival, September 15, 2019, our Association members from around the world once again gathered at the New Land Ashram, Taiwan (Formosa), for a joyous celebration. Apart from the colorful and uplifting entertaining programs, our Association members also offered a sincere prayer for the animals, plants and other beings affected by the Amazon forest fire as well as for the healing of the planet. Although Supreme Master Ching Hai couldn’t be there due to Her extremely busy schedule, She sent “infinite love and blessings” to all the attendees. Ever so considerate, Master even prepared special gifts for children on this special occasion. It’s our pleasure to present this event in our 4-part series of programs. We hope you enjoy Part 1. Thank you very much, fellow initiates from Hualien, Formosa (Taiwan), for bringing us a brilliant aboriginal dance of the Ami tribe, and starting our program with joy, happiness, and praying for Heavenly blessing. In Âu Lạc (Vietnam), on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival, in the cool air and under the full moon light, the children are excited to go on their lantern parade. The villagers happily play drums for the dragon and lion dance, singing or performing folk dances. With warmest applause, we welcome a dance performance from northern Âu Lạc (Vietnam). “Attending the Full Moon Festival.” Beautiful dance! Now let’s enjoy a dance: “Heavenly Maidens Sprinkling Flowers” presented in collaboration by six centers from China. The story that they want to convey is: The sweet fragrance of osmanthus signifies the arrival of the Moon Festival. The moon, the people, Heaven and Earth, are all in perfect contentment. Chang’e sends her eternal blessings. Heavenly maidens sprinkling flowers to the human world. Let’s enjoy this performance from China. “Heavenly Maidens Sprinkling Flowers.” That was so graceful and elegant. Thank you very much. Next, I’ll introduce a very special guest. Nominjin is a Hollywood-based, Mongolian-American singer-songwriter, and an Association member since the age of 14 years old. She has been an animal rights advocate and environmentalist since a young age and was nominated as one of PETA’s sexiest vegetarians two times. Next, she will perform “Eternal Romance,” for which she wrote the lyrics and composed the melody as a dedication to the unconditional love of God. Let’s welcome Nominjin.
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