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Heaven is Beautiful - Near Death Experiences of Reverend Peter Panagore, Part 4 of 4

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On today’s episode, Reverend Panagore discusses how he came to understand that God’s existence extends far beyond any religious dogma. “When I was ‘dead’ I perceived that God was beyond all religion because the Divine Being is beyond all concept and understanding and containment. The word ‘eternal’ itself or ‘infinite’ means that it can't be contained within concept. There's no gender; there's no physicality. There's no matter whatsoever. And all these words of definition aren't adequate. They don't even come close. One God, Oneness of Being is beyond capacity for humanity to understand and comprehend. And so, I came back without faith or belief, because I came back with knowledge. I know God is real.” We asked Peter about his personal mission in life, and he shared the following thoughts. “I have two missions in life. One is to be grandfather to my granddaughter, to be a substitute father, to help her adjust the best that she can in the world. That's my physical mission. But my real mission in life is the mission of everybody, which is to become channels of light, to become another node of the presence of the Divine in the world, to bring more light into the presence of the world, by getting out of the way of the light. And I think that everybody's mission is to love each other, love each other. That's the mission of life. And for those of us who are more spiritually capable, maybe born that way, or find a way to become that way, to simply become a beacon. If we can each become a channel of light, a presence of the Divine, then we have an opportunity to evolve spiritually.” At the conclusion of the interview, Reverend Panagore had one final thought to share with our global audience. “All you need to do is love. It's built into humanity. Love each other is the simplest thing there is. You just have to love the people in your life. That's all. That's a very simple thing, just love each other.” Reverend Peter Panagore, thank you for sharing your experiences and your inner wisdom. May you be blessed abundantly for your great generosity.
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