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Heaven is Beautiful - Near Death Experiences of Reverend Peter Panagore, Part 2 of 4

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On today’s show he describes how his second NDE re-directed his life. “When I cause people pain, I now know that I'm going to be forgiven, which doesn't give me permission to hurt people. It's just the opposite of that; knowing that God is all love makes me aspire to be the best that I can be. It makes me understand that every time I love someone else or have an action of kindness, it's an accumulation inside myself of the treasure of Heaven. So, I, in my body now, I reoriented my life completely. I changed the course of my career. I changed the class, the graduate program I was going to go into. I ended up going into ministry, which is, from my point of view, a servant sort of living; it's a profession of compassion. And so, I try to live as compassionately as I possibly can. I'm willing to stand up when I have to stand up to be courageous, but only in the servanthood of love, not for self-serving purposes.” Reverend Panagore says that life here on Earth is just an illusion. He next shares why he believes this is so. “The whole universe is an illusion. It's a place where we live, but it's not what we are. And it seems to me, it doesn't seem to me, it actually is to me, that the only reality is the Divine itself.” Reverend Peter Panagore has had two near-death experiences during his lifetime. In both instances, when he returned to life on Earth, he suffered through a long and difficult period of adjustment. “My second near-death experience put me into a bit of a tizzy. When I first came back, I had no idea what this thing was anymore. I went into a long-term depression, probably ten years of utter sadness and longing for the Oneness of Being. And so, it took a long time to readjust. And I ended up going to divinity school, that architecture school to study mysticism. I dove inside myself. And I guess the biggest way that I learned to readjust was by diving interiorly. I found that Jesus was right, that if you seek Heaven above all things, if you focus on the oneness of being, you get access to it. And so, I wanted access to it. I wanted to strip away as much of myself as I possibly could, to create a larger channel inside myself, so that I could have access to the Divine. Through meditative practices, I opened myself up to a rapture of grace. I lifted outside of myself and brought in the Divine presence of the Oneness of Being and visions. I have visions of Heaven and light. It's the power of the Divine itself, uplifting me out of myself and sending me back to my body and giving me the gift of a series of gifts of reintegration, helping my feet be here.” Many thanks, Reverend Peter Panagore, for sharing your inspiring story with us.
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